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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Fantastic animals

Incredible,no? I was sure it's a pokemon -nothing more wrong! It's a real octopus!
And here you see a monkey? Noooo! It's a fish!!!
Go to meet

Animals in the depths of the sea

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Sleeping beauties

Have you ever seen how otters sleep? No? So it will be sure interesting for you.

Great love? Or they need to stay nearby when sleep?

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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Once more about tigers

Interesting photos about swimming tiger. Odin from San Francisco, 6 years old, likes swimming sooo much:
This baby is not too little.

When we went with our dogs at sea, many persons could not believe the dogs like swimming, but Imir was an excellent swimmer and liked it really. At the beginning he entered in water to "save" me. He took me by the hand and wanted I go out, but later he understood it's very nice and it was impossible to bring him on the beach to go home.

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Thursday, 24 May 2007

Educated cat

I wonder how the cats learn to do some things -like this

My half-wild cats know only to request something tasty. They do to be wild till the meal-hours.Then they become domestic.

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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Who's baby is this?

Now I want to ask you: do you know who's baby is it?

World Wildlife Foundation's news posted an entire reportage about the evolution of this nacked and blind cub of ...

I really like you try to recognize him.
... and then go to see all this photo-story, because it's very cute. You will smile - and this is the most important thing. With our smiles we can transform the world,I think.

I'm happy to present you PANDA

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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Tigers in the web

You know, I like cats and specialy tigers.
Today I found interesting info about these animals that post here.

On the photo here is Siberian tiger. There are only not more than 450 of them in siberian taiga today, but these dates are incouraging because the number is increasing, as I wrote in one of my posts befor.

Very grave situation is with other tiger family, South China tiger -there are only 10 to 30 of them in wild life and another 60 in captivity, the Chinese sub-species of the tiger clan is on the brink of extinction. China had initiated experiments to save the specie but they did not go very far. All hope in this young male, writes CNN in an article about them

I think, females-tiger will think: it's a very beautiful partner to make cubs with him....

Other tiger in crisis news you can read on this site,there is a blog about tigers there, the only problem is they are not very fresh. Maybe we have to leave our comments there that the authors can understand we wait for photos, news ecc.

Detailed info you can find about indian tigers. On the site dedicated them the number of tigers in India is valutated as 37761.

This specie can alow to feel more relaxed, like this one

An interesting video What the tiger thinks about indian tiger you can see in my previous post.

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Cute photos to make you smile

Dear friends, I post these cute things to wish you many smiles today. I know you love them as I do.

This is about bunnies. I never had them as my home-animals, I know only they can bite very seriously. But I don't know if they are so intelligent as other home-animals or they live their life without adopting to humans. If you know your storie about it,tell me pls,it's very interesting to know.

This and other photos you can see on this very interesting site I found today surfing internet

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