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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Tragedy In The Sea

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This day began with nice notices: Researchers found different new species of fish -a new catfish between them, an alive fish was found on the depth of 2300 meters (I think that meters),
in India were found new caecilias (photo in the bottom -more avout them in my post Mother-caecilia as film-star). Imagin, the man in the video I've seen tells that they, 2 caecilias, come to him, in his house and live now there.

But the bad notice made me very sad:

Federal officials in the U.S. have confirmed what biologists have long thought: The Caribbean monk seal has gone the way of the dodo.

Humans hunting the docile creatures for food, skins, and blubber left the population unsustainable, say biologists, who warn that Mediterranean and Hawaiian monk seals could be the next to go.

The last confirmed sighting of a wild Caribbean monk seal was in 1952 (NatGeographic)
I know, some of you will be really sad about it. JB for example that is always touched with tragedies of friends-animals . And I thought, that I have not to give all you this notice. But the very sad thoughts don't leave me: Till when will humans destroy everything around them?????

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Monday, 28 July 2008

About Firefighter's Battles

Fire on this photo is what happend about 150 m from our house a year ago. Every year the hills in this region are burned by the sheep herders -he fact that is known even for newborns. There are letterally some of them that do this job -very old men. But every year nobody can find the delinquents. The only case was when the fire came very close to the villa of one great boss over here. The boss found that incendiary in a minute and the fire on our hill was finished for 2-3 years. Till the year ago.

Now I found a video about heroic firefighters in BBC:
Firefighters are battling to control a forest fire close to one of America's most famous wildlife reserves, Yosemite National Park.
EVERYBODY, even the newborns, know that these fires burn the same firefighters to have work and to receive greatest money for their work.

Italian civic protection opend statistics about who burns the forests. About 1% are piromans, about 1% are not attentive persons that throw burning sigarettes, about 1% are the herders -something like this. I don't remember precise numbers. ALL THE REST is burned by firefighters to recive retribution for their work.
The HEROIC FIREFIGHTERS. Like in the video of BBC.

Americans tell about it for many years.

BUT every year nobody can find the delinquents.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

More About Foxes

You know, I have special passion for foxes in the last period.

Remember my posts
Two Marry Foxes Visited Our Hen-house
Serial Killer Caught
A Very Very, A Terribly Sad Story
WWF And Love
By the way, yesterday night we heard 2 foxes swear under the our entrance door...

Today I passed some time in YouTube and look here what I found about these "children of a good mama" as italians say:

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Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Most Dangerous Animal For Earth -Quitz

To introduce the theme of the post I have to give you a little help:
One of the last scientific research results that the drinkable water will finish on the earth in about 2030.

Now the most important question:
what animal (except humans) is the most dangerous on the earth?

Is this your answer? (photo)

«Динозавр» на Яндекс.Фотках

You are wrong.

Is THIS your answer?(photo)

«Акула.» на Яндекс.Фотках

You are wrong this time too.

Is here your answer? (photo)

Местный комар
«Местный комар» на Яндекс.Фотках

You are wrong once more.

Here is the answer:

«Ку-ку» на Яндекс.Фотках

The number of the cows is enormous.
They eat actually 90% of different aliments that produces USA.
70% of the soil in Amazonia received by disafforestation is used for cows.
I don't remember how much water they drink, but the numbers are more or less the same.

And the number of cows grows and will grow...

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Sunday, 13 July 2008

WWF And Love

I did not tell you about the last notices here. We had an other little fox in the trap 2 days later the first of them. It was much more little and probably a female.
I asked my husband to live it go, but he said: because it's a female and it's too little to understand, she will not go away from here and we will have next generation of foxes in short time. So it will be better to call WWF once more.

From that time we find only the same stupid hedgehog in the trap.

And Murka will always see what is happend in the trap this time. She is terribly afraid of it. Maybe because we took her with the trap to the veterinarian. But she comes every time to see.

Because we saved lives of 2 little foxes and not killed them (we did not say to the man that came to us to take away the foxes that we did not kill the mother but took her in an other place, so we saved 3 foxes this time) the man took us these stuff about national park that we have here not so far from the house.

The park is great enough and is situated on the hills that are around our little hill.

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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

I Need Best Dog Products

Dog-About-Town is one of the most pampered beings in the world, I think.
It begins when you buy your first dog.
I would never be able to describe what happens to you in that moment. A day before you looked at your neighbour with his/her dog so as you look at a mentally insane person. Than you took home a puppy and... something happened to you. The life changed completely and forever.

If you have a dog, you have surely different problems. So you need best quality problem solving dog products. And they are for every necessity your four-legged friend can have.
The best means that the products are natural. All-natural. They are made from highest, better as human quality ingredients.

One of the common worries is dog itchy skin. A good product made with the finest botanical and herbal extracts can not only repel different insects from your dog. It can help against allergies and reactions to poisonous plants. Not less important is the protection from the sun's rays that can damage the skin and the fur of your dog.

Dog Shampoo is another important product that takes cure of your dog's fur. You can heal your doggies skin with it or maybe you want to brighten the colour of it's coat, easier brush it out or even calm your dog. Yes, don't be surprised, it's possible using a right dog shampoo.

What I wanted to say. Your healthy and cured from all problems doggie is your great satisfaction. So, be careful when you choose the products for it's necessities.

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Monday, 7 July 2008

A Very Very, A Terribly Sad Story

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It's the life, I know. The terrible cruel life. I'm afraid, you will hate me for this post. But it's the life. And evrything, every action has it's consequences.

You remember the kittens of Kotik? The stupid mother took them in a safe place, in a room of our neighbours that killed them a day later... This beautiful male... How is possible to blow out the life in these eyes?

Now we have to live the consequenses of the hunting the fox. I said you, it had it's puppies. Yesterday one of them came in the trap. It has milk-teeth and has to be about 4 months,I think. I don't know when they change teeth. He looks very good (eating our hens and cocks) and don't understand what is happend to it.

Now, what to do with it? It's unpossible to take it in the other place because it's too little. Today I'll try to convince my husband to free him. It's not a good idea for our hens, clear. But...
It doesn't eat and doesn't drink... It's stupid and beautiful as all children.

From other side, the children have the usage to become adult.

Happy End:
I called WWF this afternoon. A man came to us and took the poor fox-child to transfere it in the near National Park. The man said, the puppy is great enough to hunt lizards -and there are millions of them here.

The other good notice took us the man. I found once an ill buzzard. It fall me on the head pratically. So the man from WWF -and it was the same man- came to us and took the bird in the animal hospital that they have. Today he said us, the buzzard passed much time there but they cured it and free it in the park too.

This is really great end of this day!

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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Serial Killer Caught

Finally, after about 5 month serial killer is caught!
Maybe you will remember the tragedy we had once in march when Two Marry Foxes Visited Our Hen-house

We told about it to our neighbours and later the neighbours told us that the foxes visited their hen-houses too. With similar result. They say one person lose 29 hens in one attempt. I can't say you if they tell about the same foxes. But I know that these two made a round of all our neighbours.

We knew where they lived but we never said about it to others because the foxes had their littles, and my husband saw sometimes how they play there. There is high herbs there and he saw movement of it. He called me too, but I was not so fortunate.

But than they turned back to us and took away an other cock (we bought 6 new cocks and 3 hens). This happend some days ago. We did everything possible that the foxes could not enter in the hen-house in the night, but the fox came in the day-time.

In this way his days were counted. My husband had to catch him. It was clear that the road to our hen-house was straight and short. And the cocks young and tasty.

The first day there was a red cat in the trap. He is a rival of Kotik.

The other day there was a hedgehog. My husband threw him under our mountain, but the next night he turned back. Hedgehogs are stupid. They don't learn from the experience. Hens, cats, rats never enter the second time in the trap, but hedgehogs do.

Finally this morning we found the killer in the trap. He ent to the hen-house, found it closed and could not hold out the tentation of the hen head in the trap.

Stassi was very happy to remember the good times when they with our male, Imir, were masters of these places. She wanted to show who is the commander here.

But the cats were very afraid. Look at them on the photo. Kotik was not near the house, he turned back later. I wanted to show him the fox, but when I took him in the shed, he was mortally afraid and run away before I could make a photo.

Once I saw him, Kotik, patrol the part of plot where the foxes live. He went there but after some minutes run back with all possible speed and cryed to attract our attention (we picked up the cherries nearby).

Mz husband promised me he will not kill the fox and we will take him far from here in the mountains so that he canßt turn back here. Because if he will turn back we will never catch him more and our hens will live in danger. The other problem could be that our neighbours will put poison and many animals will die.

More articles about the life of our Hen-House:
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Visit My Site "Mystic Gemstones" I would be glad to read your opinion how can I correct it to be successful. Thank you.

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