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Tuesday, 27 December 2011


I don't know how it's for you but I still can't accept the death. Specially, the death of those who thinks you are a kind of god, you can everything, it's enough to stay near you and all the deseases will pass and all the problems will be solved. Well, it's not only about animals.

So, I don't understand some persons that like to assist  on "great" events. The death among them. Yes, it's the way the things exist in this world. But it's the Great Suffer. I don't think, it's humanely -to wait for the death and to laugh. Someone who is dieing passes different terrible stages of emotions. He suffers from the pains, he is afraid, he feels bad. I don't say he is afraid of dieing because I believe all us hope to go out of this situation till the last moment, animals, too. And all we -we hope these spectators are here to help us. They, spectators, will immediately understand that we feel bad and they will help.
This is what the dieing animal thinks. Feels. Hopes.

But those humans want only look at our sufferings. Only this. And ...they laugh.

Somebody tells us that we could not help that little elephant that remained without his mother and was fighting against the pride of lions. He noticed the car and neared it looking for help. But the documentarists went away and left that courageous child. They want only to look how he will be killed. They can't intervene. They want to watch the process of killing to show other spectators the process of killing.
They do not have soul. The do not have mercy in their souls. They do not have humanity.

We all those who want to watch it have not a soul.

Lion has to kill other animals because it's his way to survive. But lions do not watch and enjoy the process of killing just to see how an animal dies. To enjoy the process of dieing.

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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Clever Cats and Santa Claus

Did you notice that the cats occupy always all the best places in thte house?
Did you notice that the cats like to look at fire?

I think that the cats have very sensible eyes. They can to see in dark places and in the night and -I thought- they have to have problems with the day light.
Than I noticed that Basja sits for the table lamp sometimes and looks at the lamp. It's strange, no? Try to look at the lamp. You can't do it. How can cats, nocturnal animals, look at the lamp? She can look at the light for minutes.

It's interesting to observe her. The God created them with incredible perfection.

Бася у Камина

But the cats have their problems and wishes, too, and, since they live with us, they learned that they have to ask Santa Claus for help. That is why our cats speak with Santa Claus when we do not see them. Who knows,what they ask...

Дедушка Мороз! Пусть в следующем году  МАРТ наступит с боем курантов!

Смотреть ещё!

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Monday, 19 December 2011

Russian Bears Emigrate in Finnland

The notice I read yesterday struck me: broun bears run away from Russia in Finnland. There were different cases in the last period. Boarder guards try to send them back but the animals become often agressive. Both Finnish and Russian soldiers found a bear female that tryed to cross the frontline and wanted to send her back. But the bear become to dangerous for humans and they killed her. Everybody knows that animals remain in their territory if there is not something that sends them away from their houses. I think, the board guards had to alarm scientists of forest rangers and control the situation. Instead of kill the animals. Specially a mother with a cub.

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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dog Training

The positive videos about animals can change our mood and give us many lovely minutes.
I had a very difficult day today and really need something that can make me laugh. Fortunatelly, I know some places where I can always find some good fotos and my friends knowing that I love them send me videos from time to time. Hope, you will have a good week!

-Шарик, это - для фотографии... Ты же понимашь, что это ничего  не значит?!...

Смотреть ещё!

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Friday, 2 December 2011

I Hate Computer!

Writing a text using the keyboard of computer is a very very VERY difficult task the problem that everybody who has a cat knows perfectly.

I want to add some photos telling you about the problem with clarity. Is it possible to write without mistakes if there is the cat that walks on the keyboard all the time you have to write???

Бася и компьютер Бася и компьютер

Бася и компьютер
Бася и компьютер

Бася и компьютер
Бася и компьютер

Бася и компьютер

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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Guard Dog

This is the prove that the dogs are excellent guards for your house: even if they want to sleep litterally to fall from the legs, they remember that they are guards and have to protect you in this moment. :-))) Oh here is the other very interesting video

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

In the Neighbour Village

There is a new built village not too far from us -about 6-10 km, I think. I wrote different times about it here because it is the most lovely place in all our zone. There are not only resident houses but all the necessary shops and small restaurants, pizzerias, ice-cream shops -everything a modern person needs to feel happy. All this was built around a little park with some ducks and gooses that lived free and without an owner. They were for all people.

That paradise was alive for about 2 or 3 years when the birds were probably cought by somebody.
It was very sad. There was not more water in the pond and there was not the wish to visit that place.

This year the situation changed. The pond was cleaned, the park was restructured. There are new beautyful birds in it. They pass nights in a shed. All the area is closed inside the fence and there are videocameras around it.

Over all the park is the statue of the S. Maria that has to protect the new paradise from those evil-minded persons that are not afraid of people and videocameras but still believe in God. Here are some photos of the modern idea of the Paradise.

В соседней деревне

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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Talking Rabbit for your iTunes

Rabbits are among the animals toddlers love to play with. That is why Apple created a Talking Rabbit to help the moms: infact, this app of  iTunes has different educational tasks but the principal is to teach the children with fun and love. Download the program from App Store and beginn the exploration together with your toddler.

Talking Rabbit likes when the little fingers of your toddler touches her. She will tell your child about it. This way, the parts of the body and their names are so easy to remember! And the fun continues because when your child says the word, Talking Rabbit repeats it with her lovely voice that attracts the attention of the toddler and the desire to continue the game.

But Talking Rabbit will help you to teach your child much more! Every parent knows how difficult is to learn ABC’s and 123’s with the toddler. This app of iTunes is created to change this hard task in a pleasure for both, the kid and the mom. Open the page and view the Talking Rabbit directly in your iTunes. The best notice is that it's free as many of available apps you will find in App Store.

Present Talking Rabbit to your family and begin to have fun!

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Friday, 18 November 2011

Basja Drived Away from Our Yard

БасяBasja is our stray cat. We live in her territory. And she is the last remained from all the dogs and cats we had, you know it. As a stray cat, she allowed us to occupy place here for the food we give her and the duvet we offer her when it rains.

She is week and never could protect herself and her territory.

But she is a very brave hunter and adores mices and even rats that populate our henhouse and eat our hens and cocks. So, she is a very precious help in the house.


Как Кошка С Мышкой

In September, a young cat came to us. he was half dead from hunger and cryed always. I gave him to eat and now he lives here.

Бьёндо и кактус

What is happend now when he thinks he is the owner of this territory? He catched Basja from here and she does not come more. Could you imagine what has to happen in the next days? I'm sure, my husband will send away this cat.

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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Cats' Emotions

All my last posts were about our "factory life". This time I want to gift you some smiles. It's Saturday today and you need them to continue a happy weekend.

Можно вас попросить объяснить вооон той мышке, что я - кошка!

- Господи ! Ну до чего же когти чешутся !!!!

 - Раааз... Ддд... Мурка, вот честное слово, чтоб мне язык прикусить, вчера 20 раз подтягивался!

НЕ-НА-ВИЖУ ТЕБЯ...  шерстяной!

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Friday, 4 November 2011

Hunting a Fox: the First Result

Foxes that live not far from our house create many problems to us. First of all because we are always worried about the hens. Our hens walk all the days outside the henhouse or they can stay inside the fence but not closed in the henhouse. Normally, the foxes do not go out to find their food before the twilight. And so we are relatively sure that nothing can happen.

But sometimes they are tooooo hungry and in these cases they forget the fear.

All the foxes and other animals know that we have a trap, and nobody can be caught with it more. From time to time my husband decided to put something tasty there -a piece of cheese or meat...

Yesterday, he calls me to come with my photocamera because he caught the fox. It's unpossible, I sad. Foxes do not go around in the daytime. Specially if humans are in the yard.
You come here, he says. I caught my fox!

Surprized, I take my photocamera, go down to the henhouse and... see the "fox" in the trap. A stupid, stupid "fox". Hope, he will not go in it more.

Поймалась Лисичка!

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Monday, 24 October 2011

Our new Virginia Quail

We have a new member in our "factory". It's a nestling of Virginia Quail. My husband dreamed to by them for much time, and we have 7 qualis now. So, he decided to buy this species of quail, too. There are not many amateurs of the not factory birds here but some "mad" men have them for fun,too. My husband found 2 of them in our region. One wil have the little birds to sell in December, other said we can come to take them.

We had to travel long enough till that factory. The man has all species of birds for the factory. But he has some species for hunting. And he really had some nestlings. We did not see that they were too little. And one of them was dead. Unfortunatelly. The other is in the incubator and seems to feel good. Here is our Virginia Quail

Виргинская американская куропатка

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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Biondo and Lithops

I had a very important day yesterday: my Lithops decided to flower after I don't know how much time it was without any sign of life. When I noticed that there was a flower, the sun was just away from my yard and there was only a little piece of lighted surface. I put the lithops in that part of the yard and ... Miracle 'the plant opened the flower once more.

Lithops Литопс

At that time, Biondo comes in the yard to see if I took something good for him. He became terrible, you know. He cryes and cryes under the door till we give him something to keep him silent. And we need a factory of sausages to fill his stomach...

Бьёндо и кактус Бьёндо и кактус Бьёндо и кактус

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Sunday, 9 October 2011

A New Cat in Our Yard

After the death of all the adult cats in our zone (Kotik and his rival -about a month later), the life of the females was calm this summer. I don't see them and do not know if they are alive else but I see their kittens -we have different young cats, some of them surely are the kittens of Kotik. But Basja does not allow any cat come here.

About a month ago one of them, a young cat, come in our yard half dead from hunger. My husband was in the hospital, and I gave the dieing animal to eat -thinking about my husband. Maybe you will think that I'm superstitious, but I could not see a sentient being die when my husband was in the dangerous situation, too.
I called him Biondo (Blond -Italians call one other sometimes this way) because Kotik was black 'and this son of the rival is some white.
Well, this sentient being become too insolent with time. He comes 3 times a day to request food now. Look at these photos:


Biondo is not only insolent. He became to hit Basja. Basja accepted him in the yard. It seems, she knows him. I think, he has  less than 12 month. If he will survive, he will become a king next year since there are not adult cats more. If he will survive. Because my husband said, he will burry him because he hits his beloved Basja.

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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Gooood Manners in a Zoo

Every zoo has meal times. And every animal receives it's own food that it needs for healthy and happy life. These beautiful giraffes appreciate their food so much -it's clear that these leaves are among their favourite. But the quantity seems to the visitor in the car not too big for all them...


Some of the inhabitants of the zoo have not developed good manners as you see on this photo: this ostrich thinks that stolen food tastes better...


But stolen food has not so good taste if nobody can notice how sly is the thief. So the ostrich -not satisfied with the leaves on the pick-up goes to giraffas and tryes to steel the same leaves from their pile. It knows they can't go out from their area and -in any case it is much more faster...


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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Tiger is the King

Tiger is so beautiful that you can not remain indifferent when you see them. В Клетках Хищников

...specially when theygo for a walk near your car even if they seem not interested in YOUR car... but it can happen that this cat wants to control if you like him and look at him in conformity with his royal status.

В Клетках Хищников В Клетках Хищников

 But tiger is always a cat. He likes company and he likes to rub against your legs -just like this tiger... even if 2 months of life only...

По Улице Водили Тигра. Почти 2 месяцев от роду По Улице Водили Тигра. Почти 2 месяцев от роду По Улице Водили Тигра. Почти 2 месяцев от роду

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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Goats Graze Everywhere




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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Once Upon a Time

...there was a very good animals trainer. Stepan Isaakjan. The rest you can see on this photo:

from the collection of the photos from the 60-s (Source)

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Exotic Animals in the Medieval Books

There are many fables about animals that we know and love till today. We understand that some authors of the books did not see some of exotic animals they wrote about. It's the case of the lions where females were represented in the same way as the males, dragons etc. Here I want to show you animals painted in a medieval book I've seen in the museum of Montecassino (Montecassino and Salerno Main Churches are Twins ). Enjoy and try to guess the species.


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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Where is my Breakfast? Query Mark

В Миске Еда Будет? Вопросительный Знак

It's not so easy to understand: WHY is my breakfast still not in the pan? I'm just here and my breakfast is not. -Basja is surprised, and the tail expresses her thoughts so that nobody can have doubts about them.

But the silent query is not always clear to such stupid individuals.
In this case, you have to look them in the eyes and even jump on the keyboard. If this will not help, it's possible to try with the monitor. You have ardent hope to receive your breakfast finally if you use this solution.

В Миске Еда Будет? Вопросительный Знак
«В Миске Еда Будет? Вопросительный Знак» на Яндекс.Фотках

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Friday, 29 July 2011

Dolphin Baby Born!

These splendid photos I received some minutes ago. It's the great notice and I'm happy to share it. Even if I'm surprized that all these zoos and parks (you will remember, I published different similar articles in the last period) send me their notices -that means maybe that they appreciate to be published in my blog...
Yes, I'm a travel agent and can sell you vacations and other tourist packages in all the SeaWorlds and other great places to visit in US and all over the world, but the notices I publish here are only my delight the event these institutions make me know about.

Look at this first photo! The mother is so content! I feel really great when I see something like this...

A dolphin calf was born Tuesday morning at 9:36 a.m. at SeaWorld Orlando. The calf weighs 35 pounds and is 40 inches long, with the sex unknown at this time.  It was seen nursing and bonding with its mom, both a good indication that the calf is doing well. Park guests can see the pair at SeaWorld’s Dolphin Nursery. In the nursery pregnant dolphins, new mothers, their calves and experienced moms live together.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Dogs Biting a Wild Shark

How much stupid can be our best friends, dogs? My dog could bite hedgehogs and snakes. Most snakes here are not venomous but there are vipers, too. And that stupid dog could perfectly find one. But he was fortunate. This video shows much more stupid dogs than MY was. Watch it!

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Monday, 25 July 2011

The Cat and The Pool

Do you have a cat? I have this one. Well, it's a stray cat but because I live on her territory and because she is a female, we have to give her to eat. Among all the animals that lived in our house, this one is the most wild. She comes only when she wants to eat or the weather is so bad that the quilts are much more warm than the soil. She is so stupid that she is able to sleep on the grass or erth under the rain.

Well, it would be not interesting (for me) if she did not have particular predilection for my plants and pools.
It's difficult to understand WHY the cats like to sleep in the vases with flowers...

...but I can explain it to me so that the wet soil is efficient to make them feel cool.

This other case is a real problem for me

You will say, there is nothing criminal in this photo. Yes, you are right. The crime was happend a moment after. The cat turned on her back and began to slide round the pool moving forward with the help of ... clows.
Logically I have to throw the pools after such "marry-go-round". And because it's just not the first pool that finished it's existance this way, I would prefere to throw the cat...

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Pond with Swans

Once I wrote about a very beautiful place situating not too far from us where we like to relax Saturdays or Sandays. It's a residential area with a little pond where ducks lived.

Утки посреди города

After some time the ducks disappeared from the pond and the water, too. There was a nacked desert for about a year.We asked the merchants but they could not say anything about the situation. The ittle and very nice park became somewthing ... sad. And we did not come there more, too.

Some time ago we came for shopping in the supermarket there and -suddenly- discovered that everything is changed. There is a fanced and video-supervised area with many beautiful ducks and swans. And there are many families and couples and groups of visitors to enjoy the relaxing place.

We need not so much to feel happy. We need nature.

Что бы такого ещё съесть, чтоб похудеть?

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