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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Is it a Snake?

Snakes are numerous everywhere, I think. I did not see much of them in the nature before I come to live here. First of all, I've seen a very great snake, about 2 m long, in the first months of my life here, and than, in the years that pass, different species of snakes. I think, there are about 5 or 7 species of snakes here. I wrote about them in this blog much too. They are: black, grey with 2 black lines long the body, grey without lines, sand-yellow, viper and grey with pictures. The first 2 can reach 2 and more meters. Viper is the only dangerous snake here and is till 60 cm long.

There were some years when it was unpossible to live here. Snakes were everywhere. Those black mostly. They loved to stay in the henhouse. But we met them on the ground too. Once I killed one little black snake and it was very bad. An other time I found a yellow snake on the road and took it far from the cars. I don't like that the people kill them. One time I've seen a black, I think, snake fly. Yes, it's true. It was on the rock, and when I came nearer, it saw me and was afraid so much to jump very high and disappear in the grass about 20 cm over the place where it was.

Quitz: find a snake on the photo.


I wanted so much to make some photos of the snakes to show them to you but I did not see them. About a week ago I turned home from Salerno and saw somebody running away on the road for me. They are stupod, the snakes, you know. They have to stay where they are and nobody will see hem but they want to run away ... under your feet! It's always so.

So, I've seen it crossing my way.
This time I was more clever, I took my cell and made some photos.
The only thing seemed strange to me.
The snake had a head similar to a lizard.
Could it be a lizard without legs and not a snake?


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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A Cock that Thinks to Be a Dog

There are many stories about different species of animals that behaviour is similar to that of the dog. Maybe you heard about pigs. I thought that the paesants do not love their animals, do not see them as the residents of the cities that often do not have or have time for other company than a pet. Humans know, they have to kill these animals to eat or to sell them and do not see them in other way than food. It's clever because how can you kill your friend?

But I was not right. Recently I've watched a documentary about one part of Italy where the paesants grow pigs for special quality of meat. They grow these pigs with great care. So, the pigs feel members of the family. It was very interesting to watch how they sit near the entrance of the house. The woman caresses and scratches the animal. They all are happy and love one other.


We have some cocks actually. My husband likes them very much. He gives them something tasty every day and goes to them every time he comes home after job. Every time we have at least one of them that follows my husband everywhere. Sometimes they wait near the gate that he has to come back. They even want to stay near him in the house.


As you can see on this photo, the cock has all the head black. He likes cherries very much. And he goes with my husband when he picks up cherries. So, my husband is on the cherry-tree and the cock is under the tree to eat the cherries that fall down.


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Friday, 11 June 2010

Crocodile Attack

The most interesting is the last here. :-)))
I watched a video made by a turtle that found a underwater camera lost by a Datch tourist. It's an amazing story and you can watch the video here:

The camera clinged to a turtle and followed it for 6 months and 1100 miles. After that the turtle lost it on the beach of the island Aruba not far from Venezuela where a policeman found it perfectly working and with the video of the travel of the turtle registered.

After that I found a video you have absolutely watch now. Don't miss it! It's GREAT!
Crocodile Attacks a Drunk Man

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