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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Country-Life In May

Our life is signed by the natural events according to the seasons. In this period everything is turning around the cherries. Last week we passed on the trees and I'm completely exhausted now because I normally do not make much physical work.

But not only we are living near the cherries. ON them, practically. The animals like them too. The only problem this year is that the air is now too hot and they prefere to sleep in a fresh place.

Those who is much more happy about the cherries are the hens. On the photo here you can see that they are all black now. Better. They are dry-blood-red. First they picked the cherries from the tree up. The branches of the cherry that is near the house are very low and the hens go there and eat the fruits directly from the tree.

Now, when we pick up the best cherries, the hens go to eat them in the boxes. So we have to close them, boxes, to have the chrries alive for the dealer.

The other interesting event in our life is the behaviour of Stassi towards Kotik. Well, she loved him from his first days, he was always "her" baby. But she was never too indulgent with the cats. She has to show them who is the head of the family. In the last period Kotik began to sleep on the place of Stassi. Once it was the place of Imir. After his death Stassi began to sleep here. But now Kotik began to sleep on this place sometimes. And ... Stassi says nothing to him!!! She do not catch him from her place. She lays nearby. Incredibly. We canot beleave our eyes.

Стасси и Котик

«Стасси и Котик» на Яндекс.Фотках

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Friday, 15 May 2009

Beautiful Photos Of Our Friends

I like to see photos of the animals and somertimes allow me this peasure.
Here you can see the photos I loved. 

Now, could you say, what specie is the animal on the second photo? Write me, what did you think first. I did not recognize it, when I saw it. The answer you will find after the last photo.  

On the second photo is one of the oriental cats (I do not know precisely the name of the breed)

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Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Princess On The Pea -A Fable Read By Me

Well, you know just that I read sometimes old good fables. Not so much time ago we read the fable About Ugly Duckling. Today I want to tell you the fable about the princess that slept on the pea. The author is Hans Christian Andersen, as you know.

So, Once upon a time there was a Queen who had a beautiful baby daughter.

«Бася» на Яндекс.Фотках

The bad fairy said: you will injure yourself with a spindle and die! A good fairy quickly chanted a magic spell to change the curse. When she hurt herself, the girl would fall into a very deep sleep instead of dying. (from Sleeping Beauty)

Развешивание Белья
«Развешивание Белья» на Яндекс.Фотках

Many years later the sleeping princess woke up and wanted to find her prince, and made many many km-s at feet till she found a castle where lived a prince with his mother.

The old queen did not want to believe she is a real princess.

“Well, we’ll soon find that out,” thought the old queen. But she said nothing, went into the bed-room, took all the bedding off the bedstead, and laid a pea on the bottom; then she took twenty mattresses and laid them on the pea, and then twenty eider-down beds on top of the mattresses.On this the princess had to lie all night.

Принцесса на горошине
«Принцесса на горошине» на Яндекс.Фотках

In the morning she was asked how she had slept.

“Oh, very badly!” said she. “I have scarcely closed my eyes all night.

Принцесса на горошине
«Принцесса на горошине» на Яндекс.Фотках

Nobody but a real princess could be as sensitive as that.

So the prince took her for his wife, for now he knew that he had a real princess; and the pea was put in the museum, where it may still be seen, if no one has stolen it. (from The Princess And The Pea)

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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Baby-Seals -Victory In Europe

Baby seals protection
«Baby seals protection» на Яндекс.Фотках

My first activity in internet was partecipation on the internet projects fighting the barbaric killing of the millions and millions of baby-seals. I opend a forum (I don't post there more because I had problems with it, but you can find else interesting photos and information there) and posted there different appeals of the animal protection organizations. I'm proud that some visitors of that forum signed that appeals. So I could help.

In the time I am in internet there were hundreds of appeals -and I rarely partecipate now. It's because they say all these internet appeals do not serve, they are zero, only words.

This morning I received a mail from baby-seals protection organization in Italy

Baby seals protection
«Baby seals protection» на Яндекс.Фотках

The mail told about great victory of the baby-seal protection: 500 000 persons signed that appeal and European Parlament forbot to sell sealproducts in Europe from the next year.

We can to speak about 2 great results:
First, dear friends, our partecipation on the nature protection and other projects serves to make the life on this planet i bit better!!!!!

Second, we WON!!!!!
If you want and can, pass the word. Go to the page under the photos and you can find codes if you open "Код для вставки на сайт или в блог" on the right side of every page.

Baby seals protection
«Baby seals protection» на Яндекс.Фотках

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Birds In Spring

This is an example of how is the "audio" near our house in this period.

Unfortunatelly I'm not able to create podcasts so I have to use the videos of YouTube.

This is very interesting period in country life. There are many birds and all they chant all days long. If you wake up early in the morning, you can hear all the birds together. Than, later, someone sings other is busy.

Maybe I'm not right and the main singers here are not nightingales but blackbirds. We have many of them. Interesting is that they like to walk. (and the cats like it too). I noticed that many birds like to walk. Sometimes our pigeons made all the road till the henhouse walking, when I wanted them to turn back in their place.


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