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Sunday, 30 March 2008

A Mann And A Bull

All the day of Saturday we passed in the agricultural show in Bastia Umbra (North of Italy if you see it from us). We go there sometimes, because we can go there and turn back in one day. There are 400 km one side. I wanted to write some posts about animals I saw there, and today I wanted to begin with this story that I hope you will like.

This beauty is a bull of a Chianina breed (breed from Chianin is better as a translation). It's a champion, and his master took him in the center of the place to attract persons to visit his agricultural farm. They are very popular now in Italy.

The man was sooo little near this beast, and you could not understand who allows him to stay here in center of the crowd with this potential bomb. Nobody of other cattlemen remained with their animals out of the special places. If they had, they took the animal away with all possible speed. But not this man.
There were so many persons there with little babies near them. Everybody was some afraid and stand about a meter far from them (as it could help, this meter if the bull wanted to do something).

But it was absolutely incredible to stay with them even some minute and to hear this man speaking with the bull and -the animal that did everything the man wanted from him. Like this:

- Look here, you stay too near to this line. It's not good. Go back! -and the bull makes a step back! -No, not so, more back, more, go! -and the bull makes a step back!!!

- He is so quite, I said, with all these persons.
- He is accustomed to stay with people all the day, answered the man, he is the main attraction of our farm.
- How old is he?
- 3 years.
- How many years can he live?
- I don't know. He is a champion and we will give him in the other farm now.

I could not resist to make a photo with this Power. Even if I was a little afraid the same. When I watched the photo now, I said, animals are incredibly tolerant with us. Imagine, everybody wants to touch him all the day, everybody makes photos... And he has so quiet "face".

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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Kittens or Babies?

This is one of funny stories I'v read now in " Aaaugh!". I agree with the author and think it's possible to ad here many numbers more.

Top 10 reasons why kittens are better than babies:

10. Veterinarians have evening hours.

9. Your kitten won't be able to disturb the whole movie theater with its crying. Hell, you don't even have to take the kitten with you, and if you don't, you don't even't have to worry about whether or not the sitter is available tonight.

8. Your kitten won't grow out of those cute but expensive clothes within three months.

7. Kittens look cute if they haven't had a bath this month.

6. You probably don't have to lie awake nights wondering how you are going to finance your kitten's college (or high school) education.

5. No one will accuse you of being an unfit mother if you don't want to breast feed your kitten.

4. No one will accuse you of perversion or sexual abuse if you fondle your kitten.

3. Dan Quayle can't accuse you of destroying the moral fabric of the country if you aren't married to the father of your kitten. In fact, nobody will ever ask you if you know who the father is.

2. No one will question your abilities to function normally at your job when they hear you just got a kitten.

And the Number 1 reason:

1. You only have to change a litter box once a day.

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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Two Marry Foxes Visited Our Henhouse This Morning

This morning was very sad even if the sun decided to show us it's face.
When I went in the henhouse I found all our hens killed. There was only one alive, she was in the nest making the egg, when 2 foxes found the way to enter there.

The poor hen is now so much afraid of everything, that she doesn't want to return in the henhouse more. She is very fortunate. Because she is old. All the young hens are dead.

What is the most interesting in this story, that the foxes not only could enter, they went out and ... took one hen with them. All this we could read on the fallow field that is covered with the steps of great entertainment. They played with the hen, ate a little, played more, ate and at the end took it home, because foxes have cubs in this period, we think.

The way of happy game:

They came from there. And we think they have their house on that hill in front on the right. My husband had seen once a fox that runned behind a cat on the path there too:

And this is the fence about 1,80 m high that the foxes found possibility to climb over. Taking with them a hen. That had about 3 kg.
Foxes are not too big here. We think not more than 5-7 kg, they are a little bigger as cats. But soooo clever and powerful...

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Saturday, 22 March 2008

New-killer or StingRay's Attacks

I will be not surprized if the next action film of the Hollywood will be about stingray-killers that organized an enormous military force and attacked humanity.

This photo is from National Geographic's article about stingrays. I did not think that it's a fish, you know. And that they can live so long, till 25 years in wild...

So, this an... pardon fish is an other time a protagonist of a killing story (, photo too ). An other person is dead from it's attack. Practicaly it was not an attack here. Stingray jumped out of the water and fall on the woman in the boat. It's a big animal, about 2 metrs large and they can weight till 350 kg, so it's possible that the woman banged her head on the boat.

The most known case of stingray's attack is the story of Steve Irwin. But he was under water.

A year befor Steve Irwin's death, an 81-old man was in the same situation of the woman in the boat, he was punctured by the burbs, but that man could survive, fortunatelly.

Is unknown why the stingrays jump out of the water. Somebody says they are afraid of something and that is why they punctured the persons in those boats. But there are very spectacular photos of flying mantas (links in the bottom). Why stingrays could not like to "fly" from time to time too?
Flying Manta Rays
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a flying mobula ray soaring high off the Mexican shore

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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Mother Walrus And Her Calf

Photo WikimediaWe watched a documentary about walruses yesterday and I wanted to learn more about these animals. I looked for videos and found this that is a part of the film I've seen. I was touched how this mother huges her cub. She was very patient with photograph too and became nervous only when he came practically close to them. And they say that walruses are extremely impatient!

So, what I learned about them.
First of all there are 2 (maybe 3) types of walruses. Atlantic (Odobenus rosmarus) and Pacific (Odobenus rosmarus divergens). Those atlantics have more fine tusks. Odobenus means "tooth-walking sea-horse" because walruses help themselves to go out of the water with tusks sometimes.
Did you know, that they can "walk" better as some seals?
And did you know that they are NOT seals? Only relatives.

In the middle of the 20-th century they were practically extinct because of hunting. Different sources tell it different, but I understood, that the number of these animals is growing today.

Now, some numbers.
Walruses are about 4, rarely till 5 meters long. They say, they were longer earlier, till 6-7 m.
Their weight is about 1000 kg (earlier it was till 1500 kg)
Tusks arrive till 80 cm and grow always.
Their skin is 4 cm large and the fat arrives till 10 cm.
They can make 24 km/h and emerge till 80 m -so they don't sweem more far than 90 m from the earth.
Walruses live till 40 years
they born 1,5 m long and have 45- 65 kg, sometimes there are 2 calves.

Interesting is that...
Very great (maybe greatest) problemof the life for walruses are all sorts of internal and external parasits.
They like to take the sun and become red when feel hot.

Walruses have hairs. More the animal is old less hairs it has and the eldest are completely nacked.
There are cases when walrusses assailed narwhals, belugas and seals.

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Friday, 14 March 2008

Shih Tzu puppy in your house

One of the most "special" little dog breeds is Shih Tzu. We see them often in the dog shows and we are always surprised how can they move with this so long fur.

Interesting is the origin of the breed. They come surely from Lhasa Apso and Pekinese dogs. The texts tell about Shih Tzu first time in 1643, when Dalai Lama gave them as a gift to the Chinese Emperor. For the first time they come in Europe in 1930 when Lady Brauning took them in England.

Shih Tzu are very active and indipendent. They like to be in the center of attention very much. They are gay, gentle and kind. But they hate solitude and suffer it very much. That is why their character needs persevering soft training. Other peculiarity of these dogs is that they don't like heat.

If you look for Shih Tzu puppies for sale, you have to understand, that these dogs need special treatment every day. You have gently brush them and take away hairs from the eyes. This last is particularly important because you can prevent different problems if you take care about your dog's eyes.

From the first day when you take your Shih Tzu puppy home, you have to train it to stand all the cures. The best way is to do all manipulations every day even if the puppy don't needs some of them. It will know this is it's routine and you will never have problems with it's care.

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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Pygmy Hippo still Alive

Different times I wrote about dwarf and pygmy species of different animals. I like them, they have that interesting view of "always a pup" that many of us wanted from our domestic animals.
Some days ago I was surprized to read a notice about pygmy hippo found alive in Liberia by a group of researchers of Zoological Society of London ( I ignored even existence of this organization -so I learned this notice too).

Here I want to share with you what I learned about this interesting animal.

There are 2 existing species of hippopotamus today.

In the pre-historic period there were dwarf species of hippo on the islands of Mediterranean Sea, on Cyprus, Creta, Malta and Sicily. Dwarf means, they become smaller as size because they lived on the island. But originally they descend from largest species.
Hippos were the biggest mammals there. They were 76 cm high, 121 cm long and about 200 kg of weight. Extinct in Cyprus, killed by early humans.

There were different pygmy species in Africa till modern time. 1 in Nigeria and 3 in Madagascar extinct not too much time ago. So, the only existing pygmy specie lives today in West Africa, in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Ivory Cost. Till this capture on the automatic camers traps scientist thought that they are not survived after 2 long and destructive wars. That is why see pygmy hippo -just on the 3-d day of traps (from 1 to 15 Februsry)- was the greatest joy for all -scientist and National Park dependants.

The country was virtually devoid of animals - domesticated or wild - after the wars. (Source)
Pygmy means that they are not big common species become smaller.
Did you know that they are nearest relatives of ... wales?
Common hippopotamus is
from 2,8 till 4,2 (!) m long, and has 35-50 cm tail (:)) )
Weight 2268- 3629 kg
lives till 40 years
passes 16 hours a day in water to protect his skin from sun
travels about 10 km a night and can run with the speed of a man (I thought much more)
eats 35 kg of grass
and has 1 calf every 2 years

Pygmy is about half of his common cousin.
There are about 3000 wild animals.
Photo from Nat.Geogr. post PHOTO IN THE NEWS: Pygmy Hippo Caught on Camera

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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Why Pet Rat? Easy Way to Make Friends

Photo from «Кристиночка помылась :-)» на Яндекс.Фотках

What is the simpliest way to attract attention of everybody?

Adopt a rat as your pet-animal, train it to make some interesting tricks and go for a walk or visit your friends with it.

Sure, you can do it adopting other species of animals. For example, buying a 10-meter long anaconda (do you know, that you can earn an enormous amount of millions of dollars if you present to the public 10-meter long anaconda catched in Amazonia?) but you will never have so great success as with a little rat.

Now I'll explain you the reasons and you'll agree with me.

Can you put anaconda in your pocket and take it where you want? The answer is obvious. You will have problems even if you have a big dog or a not so big cat.
Than, can you put a guide-belt to your anaconda and go for a walk with it?

Finally, many persons are afraid of snakes too much and would never come nearer to somebody with this animal. Yes, they are afraid of rats too, but it pass when they see very funny tricks it makes.

Imagine, you see a person you like very much and want to attract his/her attention.
This person will maybe go away without seeing you because is very busy or do not makes contacts in the street.
Imagine now you have a pet with you. It can be a dog or a cat. And it is possible this person likes dogs or cats. And she/he looks at your dog/cat for a moment. But is very busy -and goes away.

Now, if your pet is a rat and it's able to do many interesting tricks? Even if this person is very busy he/she will stop near you and watch the tricks your rat does. And surely will speak with you too.
Do you think it's difficult, rat training? Not too much if you follow step-by-step guide of "Pet Rat Care And Training Guide"

At the end -but not the least- it's really important: if you have a little house, don't buy a rottweiler or shepherd or napoletan mastiff or greyhound. They need great space to live and will become stressed, depressed ecc in not too much time living in these conditions.
Buy a rat -and all you will live a very happy life together.

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Monday, 3 March 2008

What do you see on this photo?

This incredible photo I found in the site "Polls Boutique" It's not the first polls-site for me but I love it really and will sign up there. So if you are afraid of referral-links be sure it's not one of them. I really like the site and am not a member in this moment else.

So, now partecipate on the game, answer the question I posted in the title.

What is this? Where is this?

Before you look at the answer I tell you what I learned more in these polls today.
I learned about a traditional Asiatic meal called Balut that is nothing else that "a duck-egg with nearly developed embryo inside boiled alive."

No, I'm meet-eater and can't renounce on meat. We have to eat.
What I don't understand is this bravado of many persons: I ate alive snails, fin of the shark (that was then thrown alive in sea without fins), sushi. It's an other toy? Demonstration of own cruelty of persons that are cowards in their soul?

You will say I'm maximalist as a teenager.
Somebody has to kill animals that I eat. He looks in the eyes of the calf befor killing him. He has to do it. It's his work. I can't do it myself. I see these eyes many years after that film about abuses of animals.

To have good fur the polar foxes are killed inserting them an iron stick in the anus.
A person that works inthose farms has not have "special relations" with animals, because it will kill the soul of the person...

Excuse me if I am too philosophical today.

Here is the answer on the question you had:

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Saturday, 1 March 2008

Guys, Stop Producing Puppies!

This post originally is written by "The Reality Of What Humans Do". I found information about it in Pet Monologues
Pls write me if you have related posts to ad them to this post too.

This is two days worth of dead animals from a small shelter in California.

Every single one of those animals came from somewhere... a puppy mill, a back yard breeder, someone who 'just wanted one litter' from their dog. When you choose to create life, you are responsible for that life. Those animals didn't ask to be born, and they sure didn't ask to die in fear in the hands of a shelter employee. Shelters have NO CHOICE but to euthanize these animals, more and more come in every day. There are far more animals than there are homes.

The ONLY way to stop this wholesale slaughter of healthy, happy pets is to STOP PRODUCING THEM. 99% of pet owners have no 'need' for a 'pure bred' dog. They don't intend to show the dog or compete in breed specific performance trials. Getting an 'AKC' dog from the local paper is no guarantee of health or temperament or quality. In fact, you have a BETTER chance of getting that 'perfect' dog from a reputable rescue where the dogs are evaluated before you adopt them.
I hope the author will forgive me that I copy the text, but it's unpossible to write better.

We had a couple of Rottweilers, you know, but after we had 2 litters and have seen where have to go our puppies, we decided to avoid to give life to these poor beings. Now we have 2 stray cats-females and made them sterilize even all (doctor too) told bad about us. But they put their kittens to us, we grow them till 4-5 months and than... we had to throw them. We love these poor beings, and it was an enormous wound for us. We suffered for different weeks last time.

What can we do? The only way is to stop producing them.

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