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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Yeti Found Finally

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(photo from this article If I look at it, I think it's not yeti but the macaca of Japan)

There are different species of misterious homo living in the mountains.

It can be that I heared about it brfore that time, but the first memories are from my study at the university in Caucasus. I had not possibility to become an alpinist, but I wanted always to meet persons that did something like that. And these persons used to tell stories about strainge things they and others lived in the mountains.

The mountains of Caucasus are young and high enough, Elbrus was not so too far from our city, Beshtau was some km far from there, and we had our student-home directly on Mashuk. What do you want more?

One of the species has so many names! Bigfoot, Yeti, Man of the Snow ecc. You know about it. Sincerely, I believe in it's existance. Because -as for me- it's unpossible that completely different nations from all parts of the world had perfectly identic legends about this event. Eschimos and Tibetans, Americans and Caucasians. All ethnos living in the mountains have this character as a neighbour. For example: russians have not this legend, italians have it not too. Germans, as I know, too.

I read that in 1920 more or less, the residents of one of the places like that called soldiers to see some of Yeti that they caught and had closed in a great hole. Here in the bottom of this post you can see the video about a Bigfoot found dead not so far ago in US. The notice is from August 14.

Ah, forgot, there was an other very misterious specie in the stories told us at the time of university. Black Alpinist. But this is homo sapiens and I can't write about it in this blog.

Forgot: this year Yeti ate all the macaroni and chocolate of a group of alpinists from Ukraina in the base situating on 6500 m on the mount Everest (alpinists found steps on the snow near the base)! They waited for him for some days without macaroni but he said that without them did not want to come there more.

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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Do You Know The Name Your Dog Or Cat Gave You?

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This afternoon was dedicated to the world of dolphins. I began with the story about a female that teaches her group to do the tricks she saw in a dolphinarium probably (Is It Servility Or Wissdom?), than I found notices that the dolphins of Chang Jiang are extinct and 2 species of the dolphins in New Zealand will be extinct in the next 25 years. The most great problem for them are the fishing nets. The help can come from ... military industry. On the photo from is a ball with gel that can reflect sounds and doesn't need batteries ecc.

What you see on the next photo is a boucket to impress females presented in the zone. Dolphins in Amazon and Orinoco do it when they are in the places where many of them have meetings and where there are adults of both sexes.

By the way, the scientists demonstrated that the dolphins have names. They call one other by name and answer if somebody calls them. I'm very happy about this because I said many many times that the dogs have names and they give us names too. I know what was MY name: when our dog male was alive he called me with this name many times. But nobody wants to believe me.

Well, finally last notice. This animal has to be the ancestor of wales and dolphins. An animal similar to a little deer that lived on the earth but could hide itself in water if was afraid of something. The name of the animal is Indohyus.

All the sources of the photos and information of this post :

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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Death In The Office

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She was soooo young and had all the life before her, Friday was so near, but she could not survive Thursday...

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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Piglet With The Face Of A Monkey

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This photo is from the article of
In one of the farms in China was born this piglet. It has a head of a "monkey" and very long back legs (excuse me, I don't know how to call them) so that it can't walk, jumps only. It has a little nose, big eyes and thin lips.

The animal avoided the bad destiny because the little son of the farmer loved it.

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That Terrible Storms Of Birds

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This phenomenon seems very interesting if you look at it from the side and maybe film it

If you are under these storms of birds the story becomes other color.
We walked sometimes under the trees where the birds use to sleep in Saledrno. If you walk under these trees without paying attention to their voices and do not understand in time what it means for you ... Well, you know how it is nice.

Now imagin the population of Rome that lives for years under these storms. They experience it every evening. The stories they tell and the expressions they use make your hears get up.

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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Skydiving Dog

"I said to myself, 'if he doesn't like it, he's not doing it again'. But he loved it."

This photo and words are from the article of about this skydiving dog. After his 2-nd jump the dog took part of the skydiving animals all over the world.

Dogs are strange beings. To be together with you, they do anything. I live and lived with different animals, but I think there is no other animal that is completely dedicated to it's human "god". You can kill him every day, but he continue to love you.

You know I adore cats for their perfection. But the cat is an independent being. It can love you, stay with you, but it lives from it's head, it has it's own opinion and it never does something if it not approves you.

The dog's life is not it's own life. It is a part of it's owner. The only important thing in it's life is to be together with you. Do you think, they are discendants of the wolves? As for me, they are something completely different. A separate part of humans soul.

С мамой...

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Saturday, 2 August 2008

How To Walk On The Water Better As On The Earth

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There is only one word to say about this picture:
It's the better photo I've ever seen.

It comes from the collection 10 pictures shot at the perfect time

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