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Tuesday, 27 December 2011


I don't know how it's for you but I still can't accept the death. Specially, the death of those who thinks you are a kind of god, you can everything, it's enough to stay near you and all the deseases will pass and all the problems will be solved. Well, it's not only about animals.

So, I don't understand some persons that like to assist  on "great" events. The death among them. Yes, it's the way the things exist in this world. But it's the Great Suffer. I don't think, it's humanely -to wait for the death and to laugh. Someone who is dieing passes different terrible stages of emotions. He suffers from the pains, he is afraid, he feels bad. I don't say he is afraid of dieing because I believe all us hope to go out of this situation till the last moment, animals, too. And all we -we hope these spectators are here to help us. They, spectators, will immediately understand that we feel bad and they will help.
This is what the dieing animal thinks. Feels. Hopes.

But those humans want only look at our sufferings. Only this. And ...they laugh.

Somebody tells us that we could not help that little elephant that remained without his mother and was fighting against the pride of lions. He noticed the car and neared it looking for help. But the documentarists went away and left that courageous child. They want only to look how he will be killed. They can't intervene. They want to watch the process of killing to show other spectators the process of killing.
They do not have soul. The do not have mercy in their souls. They do not have humanity.

We all those who want to watch it have not a soul.

Lion has to kill other animals because it's his way to survive. But lions do not watch and enjoy the process of killing just to see how an animal dies. To enjoy the process of dieing.

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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Clever Cats and Santa Claus

Did you notice that the cats occupy always all the best places in thte house?
Did you notice that the cats like to look at fire?

I think that the cats have very sensible eyes. They can to see in dark places and in the night and -I thought- they have to have problems with the day light.
Than I noticed that Basja sits for the table lamp sometimes and looks at the lamp. It's strange, no? Try to look at the lamp. You can't do it. How can cats, nocturnal animals, look at the lamp? She can look at the light for minutes.

It's interesting to observe her. The God created them with incredible perfection.

Бася у Камина

But the cats have their problems and wishes, too, and, since they live with us, they learned that they have to ask Santa Claus for help. That is why our cats speak with Santa Claus when we do not see them. Who knows,what they ask...

Дедушка Мороз! Пусть в следующем году  МАРТ наступит с боем курантов!

Смотреть ещё!

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Monday, 19 December 2011

Russian Bears Emigrate in Finnland

The notice I read yesterday struck me: broun bears run away from Russia in Finnland. There were different cases in the last period. Boarder guards try to send them back but the animals become often agressive. Both Finnish and Russian soldiers found a bear female that tryed to cross the frontline and wanted to send her back. But the bear become to dangerous for humans and they killed her. Everybody knows that animals remain in their territory if there is not something that sends them away from their houses. I think, the board guards had to alarm scientists of forest rangers and control the situation. Instead of kill the animals. Specially a mother with a cub.

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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dog Training

The positive videos about animals can change our mood and give us many lovely minutes.
I had a very difficult day today and really need something that can make me laugh. Fortunatelly, I know some places where I can always find some good fotos and my friends knowing that I love them send me videos from time to time. Hope, you will have a good week!

-Шарик, это - для фотографии... Ты же понимашь, что это ничего  не значит?!...

Смотреть ещё!

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Friday, 2 December 2011

I Hate Computer!

Writing a text using the keyboard of computer is a very very VERY difficult task the problem that everybody who has a cat knows perfectly.

I want to add some photos telling you about the problem with clarity. Is it possible to write without mistakes if there is the cat that walks on the keyboard all the time you have to write???

Бася и компьютер Бася и компьютер

Бася и компьютер
Бася и компьютер

Бася и компьютер
Бася и компьютер

Бася и компьютер

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