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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Useless Pandas

Photo is from here

Yes, this is very nice photo of a nice animal that all of us are accustomed to know protected by biologists, governments etc. It's a symbol of organizations and -in our mind- is assotiated with a calming thought: the modern world is not completely degraded and there is a hope till they try to save all these useless animals like panda, kakapo etc. Even tigers are useless while they do not work for the wellness of the humanity and only eat meat.

Why I write all these futile words?

I'll surprize you, I'm sure.

I read an article that the scientists understood senselessness of their work to save these species, they are useless and give nothing to the humanity and !!! they are not interested to make baby-pandas. So, the scientists decided to renounce on their efforts.

Sincerely, I don't want believe in this notice.

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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Elefant Reanimating Her Newborn Baby

This video sent me by StumbleUpon is something I've never expected to see. At the beginning I did not want to watch it because I don't like such videos. Not that I don't think is good or natural but I ...I don't know.

Than that baby burned dead and the disperation of the mother.
And than a Miracle! A simple normal everyday Miracle!

Fil Dogum Yapiyor (Elephant is Giving Birth) - Watch the top videos of the week here
Incredible video, no?

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Friday, 16 October 2009

Shell Parakeet

Там, где волнистые попугаи
«Там, где волнистые попугаи» на Яндекс.Фотках

This scene, on the photo, I would like to live in my house. I like parakeets. By the way, could you write me the right name of this parrot in English ?

When I lived with my parents I had a couple of this parrots and thery were very interesting to observe. I had to pass many hours at work every day and that is why I had 2 parrots. If you have a couple they will never speak. If you want it speaks, you have to buy it when it is 36 days old. It's not necessary you cover the cage with black foulard or something like this. This parrots like to stay with the humans and they repeat every your movement and every word they hear. And they like listen to you. They will ask you you speak and will letterally look in your mouth. So, it's very easy that they begin to speak.

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Saturday, 10 October 2009

How To "Fish" A Crab

кокосовый краб «кокосовый краб» на Яндекс.Фотках

This giant animal is Birgus latro, the coconut crab, called the robber crab or palm thief, I've seen only in the cartoons. On the photo you can see it is really very great.

When I had about 10-12 years, my father took us near the Black sea and I've seen there men that hunt the crabs with special sticks. They bound meat near these sticks and put them between the stones. Crabs came out to eat this food and the fishers took them with facility. I think now, the crabs did not understand that it is danger and the only thing they wanted to have that piece of meat. So they took it very fast and the fishers coud take the crabs without any effort. It was like this on the photo but the crabs were red, I remember:

Вышел погулять...

«Вышел погулять...» на Яндекс.Фотках

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Friday, 9 October 2009

An Experiment Proved Ants Are As Humans

Maybe you remember my post about Terrible Ants that all wanted to come to live this summer in our house? Now I'll tell you hove I wanted to eliminate them.

My husband left one day a peel of the melon on the window. It remaind there all the moring and when I came in the kitchen to cook, it was full of the ants. I thought: till they will be busy to eat on this peel, they will not explore other possibilities to find something to eat. And I left them where they were.

Муравьи. Эксперимент.

Next morning when I came in the kitchen I had time to observe what they are doing. It was so interesting! All the ants (very little this time) were dead on the melon. I was surprized because nobody killed them. I left them to eat so much they want.

Than I noticed some of them moving a little. Than, some of those moving rised and began to go in the direction of their hole. I wanted to see more. Ans that is what I understood:

the ants ate so much they could and than fall on the same place with their stomaches full so that they could not move more. Than, they were able to eat more and they ate. One of the times they could rise up they remembered to turn back in their anthill. Anthole.
I laughd. The ants are so similar to us...

Муравьи. Эксперимент.

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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Terrible Lizards

We have different species of lizards here on the hill. I told you about their life once here in this blog. As you know I don't like insects and all these saurus and snakes. I don't know why. But I try to help them if I can.

As I said you we have 2 types of lizards. And I wanted to take some photos of them this year. I was not very successful but you can understand the difference.

There are very many green lizards her. Look at this one. The expression how it looks at me. "I see this one but I'm not afraid. I observe every movement she makes here! If I feel danger I will go away but till that moment I'll stay here on the sun because I'm not afraid of this stupid being!"


I was surprized when I understood the position it had there on the roof of the henhouse. Do you see how it takes it's back legs? Incredible! What is it doing? lizard-yoga?


This year we have not many other lizards. I don't know why. They were soooo numerous before... This is one of them. Very interesting is that these enter often in our house and even live inside. It's difficult to understand that they are on the wall because they take the color of the place where they live. In the room they are white. When they live on the walls of the house, they are gray. This year they live on the wall under the great whisteria plant ...and they are half green!!!


By the way, they are NOT LIZARDS! They are Gecko! This one is common gecko, Moorish Wall Gecko, Tarentola mauritanica. You can read about them in Wikipedia and from there I took the last photo too.

At the difference of those first that are too proud and don't think 2 times to difend themselves biting you, these gecko had never bite me or my husband. They prefere run away.

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