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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Need Positivity? Here It Is

This is a story about a kitten that someone abandoned near the door of a family where there was a dog.

The dog grew that kitten up and lived with it all the life. The dog died at the age of 13 years and the kitten that actually (writes the comment of the author) has 14 years is now alown. So many similar stories about the friendship between different species we now today...

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Monday, 23 May 2011

Teaser Fox

Foxes became our great problem from that time when our male dog died. We never thought about them before and did not even know that they live so near to us.

When you watched this video, you probably smiled and were happy to see the kids playing. But these kids want to eat. And Mother-fox and Father-fox discovered a "supermarket" where they can easily go for shopping. This year, as I just told you, we left just 4 hens.

Now, my husband does not want to put the alive quail in the trap more: the quails are our great entertainment now, so he decided to leave the door of the henhuse open (external fence) with the trap directly in the door.

Two days ago he told me that the fox looks for the food: it drilled the died cock. Yesterday, I went to open the hens in the morning and could not near the henhouse for the stink of the urine around it. The fox come for the hens, found the trap in the door and urinated around it to show us how much stupid we are.

What will be the next episode in our soap opera? Will we catch this teaser fox one day?

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Thursday, 12 May 2011

New Members in Our Factory

Well, the life is not always roses and flowers. This spring began with the foray of the robbers-foxes that took the life of 2 hens as you will remember, and it was just the second case. It was MY fault because I left the door of the henhouse open for the night. The foxes came in the very morning and killed two old hens that laid eggs. Than they took one young hen but she has the new pens and the fox did not take it good, I think. So she could escape the terrible fate.

Here what we have today -the rests of the happy family.

My husband decided to take and to kill the fox this time. And he wanted to attract the fox in the trap with an alive bait. A Quail.

He bought one male and one female. Took them home... and decided to buy other 2 females to have a complete quail family and to eat quail eggs that are healthy and without cholesterol. So, we have a new toy now. Yesterday we went to the sea to take sand for them and everybody goes to observe them how they pass time in the sand.

Very interesting was to see hens and cocks standing in circle around the cage of the quails and observing them playing in the sand. Unfortunatelly I had not the photo camera with me to show you this circus.

The quails are very calm, they allow you to take them, to do everything you want. But they jump all the day like the fleas.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Animals' Babies

What can be more touching than the photos of the babies of any specie of living beings.
I had a day full of frustrations and decided to stumble some sites about animals. Practically the first I visited was a collection of cute babies. Like these ( Source)

(Source of the last photo)

Looking at them makes you smile, and, even if you do not forget the problems of our adult life, you become surely much more relaxed looking on them.
This cure, you can assume it in great quantities every day. :-)))

good morning kitty by luciana on WeGIF

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