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Friday, 30 November 2007

Funny bull ?

I like these animals. The incarnation of the masculine incredibly beauty and power. Maybe for this reason men of all times like to resist them. But sometimes happen so funny stories:

I do not intend anything in rodeo, maybe it because I can't understand what are all they doing there. But if you see the face of the man after this show, he is content and so I think that was the same case as the first.

And this is culmination of beauty and power

This last video I post here to remember the stupidity of those shows. I don't like the idea. I perfere the last photo in the Related post.

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Simple- simple stupid sheep

What do you think about sheep?

"An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep."- Arab Proverb
"Without a shepherd, sheep are not a flock."- Russian Proverb
"The sheep has no choice when in the jaws of the wolf."- Chinese proverb
In order to be an immaculate member of a flock of sheep, one must above all be a sheep oneself.- Albert Einstein

Those are the proverbs and the the words.

And you think soo too. Eh? Or you are not from human flock?
You are. And this is why you never think about those poor animals, you accept them as something that exists. And you are not right.
Because sheeps are not so as you think. They are different. They are very intelligent.

For example.
Did you know, that sheeps are able to recognize till 50 sheeps after they lived in different places for 2 years?
And they recognize about the same number of human beings that they could see on the monitor of computer?

Are you able to repeat the same trick?

Oh, you are noisy!!! Watch this video, where a lion meets her friends after 2 years!

Female Lion Remembers Old Friends - Watch more free videos

This is friendship!
(the story: those 2 men lived in Africa and they raise this lion from his first months. Than they had to leave Africa for 2 years if I remember good. The lion lived wild all that time and has his group. In the video the other lioness, completly wild, accepts the caress, you see, seeing the first greeting the men)

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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Best offers of Laptops

Savebuckets is an online shop that offers you an interesting service: you can enter in the search box the name of a product you are looking for and you'll have a great list of what you need from all avilable shops with their prices.You have only choose what price is good for your budget.

For example you need a laptop. On this page you find first of all a short description of the product and can to learn in this case, for example, that the laptops are not worse as desktop computers today.
Than you have your list of 1661 products that you can sort by name or by price.

When you choose what you like and click on the name, you pass to the description of that laptop with the prices of different shops and ... surprise: if you don't like the prices you see, you can suggest the price you would like and the team will contact you when this becomes avilable by one of their suppliers.

On the homepage you find the 4 best offers of the week, all categories of products and a simple guide to help you to choose what are you looking for.

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Thinking about kittens

Because i'm suffering for my poor girls-kittens else, decided to post here some cute cat-photos collected surfing the internet.

This time -as it was with Murka when we had to take away her kittens- the mother, Basja, seems to be quiet and happy. Yesterday she wanted to play with me and "hunt" me and today she is sleeping all day on my knees so that I can't work at all. Have to type with one finger. I try to turn her on the other side but she returns back every time. Seems all cats are satisfied that the little are not here.

This first photo is as came from my life. I can to see Kotik in this position every day when I don't want to open the door for him. He sits on the bord of the terrazza, looks in the window of the kitchen like those kittens from the photo and makes with a voice of a dying cat "Ooooh! Oooooooh! Open the door!"

But this last is the best, eh? I could not believe that it's a real cat sleeping.

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Sea cows seen from this part of the internet

family Trichechidae, genus Trichechus comprise 3 of 4 living species of the order Sirenia. The name comes from caribean word "breast". They are similar to Dugong (on the left), but their tails are paddle-shaped. They are about 410-545 kg and 2.7-3 m long, females larger as males.
There are West Indian (Florida, Gulf of Mexico), Amazonian and West African manatees.
They live about 60 years and speak betwen them using a wide range of sounds and are very intelligent like dolphins.

Exists Save the Manatee club ( Click the photo to access) where you can eve adopt one of them, read many interesting things and photos.
They are rare species today (about 2500 in the USA)

I liked this video. Pay attention on the "hands" of the manatee, how it touches the boat. And that they are so great near it!

And till here you know everything - more or less, yes?

What I was surprised to know about these animals, that there are Dwarf Manatees. They were found in Brasilian Amazon by Marc van Roosmalen
He found males of this specie, they measured 130 cms long and were about 90 cms in circumference, weighed 60kgs and they were very dark.

Interesting is that it's possible to meet somebody completly unknown on the earth else.

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What do you know about discovering of new species of animals?

Oh yes, this is the question. Don't be surprised.

Do you think it's unpossible to find something new on this earth, eh? I thought so too. Till this morning when I wanted to write a post about manatees (I'll write about them lately).

Only to refresh your memory ( :)) ) there are -recognized by science-

4,500 species of mammals
5,500 of amphibians
8,000 reptiles (mamma mia!)
10,000 birds
30,000 marine species
15000-20000 species of butterfly

2 new species of fish are found every week
a few new bird species discovered every year
new species of mammal are still found occasionally
(jety is not found till today)

a new Genus of monkey in Tanzania
a new parrot and forest mouse on a small Philippine island
a 'hairy' lobster ( a whole new family)
a new snake in Vietnam
5 new frogs and a new newt in Laos
a new stingray in Thailand
a new monkey in India
an unusual spitting spider in Madagascar that lives in family groups
new sharks off Mexico and Indonesia

What is the place where are more species found?

with 361 new species in 10 years:
260 insects, 50 plants, 30 fish, 7 frogs, 6 lizards, 5 crabs, 2 snakes and a toad

Do you insist else that we know all our neighbours on the Earth?

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Monday, 26 November 2007

Lcd digital photo frames for your Christmas gifts

One month is left to the most romantic feast of the year and you surely began to think about Christmas gifts to your family and friends. Do you think to visit some on-line shops? I have to confess, in the last year I like to do everything directly from my PC and that is why I present with pleasure an online shop. is a store that offers you an interesting and relatively new thing: digital photo frame. If you think ( as I did) it's a simple classic object, you are wrong. Modern frames are more similar to computer or TV. The presence in our lives of digital cameras and camera phones changed frames for family photos too. Today you can see -or gift to members of your family- entire slideshow, album of yur photos all in one digital picture frame.

Digital frames are very simple to use. The only thing to do is to transfere memory of your camera to the memory of the frame. And push buttons of your remote control (included in the price). All frames are compatible with JPEG, MP4, DivX, AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MP3, WMA, WAV formats and you can see even movies and hear background musik because they have built-in stereo speakers too. Don't want to disturb others? Use headphones! provides you with three months warrantee and asks you to choose insurance for your shipping that will cover lost or damadged during transit pieces.

Really fabulouse gift, isn't it?

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Saturday, 24 November 2007

Last time together

The poor girls don't know about it, but it's their last happy day here, with us, with their mother. It's sad, but we have to throw them because we can't have all them in the house. We looked for a new house for these sweety kittens and we are very unhappy for it, but after 2 months they will make their own kittens and their mother too.

The first cat, Murka, came to us after the death of Imir. Stassi was not very agree with this new presence, and theynever were friends. Than Murka made her kittens. We tool her for sterilization after that. My husband wanted to leave here one of the kittens and it was Kotik. In febbruar Kotik had 2 girls. One of them was sooo little and always hungry, it was unpossible to see what she did for a piece of bread stolen by the hen... We began to call her and to give her something to eat. She took us 2 kittens and ... turned out Murka.

Now the kittens have about 5 months. We asked all over the world to find house for them, but nobody wants to hear about it. And today is their last day with us. This evening we have to put them in a good place where there is water and many pizza-shops. And residential houses too. Maybe they will be able to make a good life there.

After that we want to take their mother to the surgerian...

Entire story about it you can see and read in these posts:
Imir and Stassi, rottweiler-family in photos
The short story of Kotik
Where can you find Kotik on Christmas?
For a walk with Murka
Where our kittens sleep
Nobody wants to play with Matilda
Basja and the Moon
Weather forecast for the next days

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Flying Manta Rays

I like to see photos of flying rays. There is something incredible in them. Something that is similar to "Jurasic Park", isn't it?

There is a new collection of photos in "Daily Mail" in the post
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a flying mobula ray soaring high off the Mexican shore
They come from the Sea of Cortez/Mexico. The Family Mobulidae there has 4 members + Manta Rays. Those jumps can reach 2 meters high.

Incredible, heh?

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Friday, 23 November 2007

Incredible news from Nothern Ireland

Killer wanted!

This is a portrait of the killer. It's name is Pelagia Nocticula second name is Mauve Stinger, jellyfish 3-8 cm large.

21 of November there was the first jellyfish attack in Nothern Ireland when 100 000 salmons of a salmon cooperative were killed by incredibly quantity of jellyfishes.
23/11, today, the notice is 1 hour ago pubblished by MoldyChum, and BBS News that there was the second attack on other salmon farm 5 miles far from the place of the first attack.

"It was unprecedented, absolutely amazing. The sea was red with these jellyfish and there was nothing we could do about it, absolutely nothing," Managing director John Russell said

One or 2 years ago there was a jellyfish attack on the persons near Liguria beaches, I think, in Italia. The wounds were terrible, and somebody was dead.
And to think that we see often babies playing with jellyfishes...

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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

If you are looking for ecommerce software you have to consider this one of the leading US providers -Ashop There are different reasons why these shopping carts are among the best in the internet.

This ecommerce solution is webbased and do not requies any installation. You can do everything yourself and see your eshop in the web just in some hours. It's because you don't need special knowleges to create your new eshop or to remake an existant but not very good. The design is easily made with the design creator and you can receive help in every moment because the customer service and support is always available as live online button on the site.

Very important is that all shopping carts are 100% optimized for search engines. You rceive the best possible platform and all necessary advises because the company is interested you become sussessful merchant.

Not the last is the integration of the shopping carts with the major banks and Paypal. You customers know that the shopping is secure and safe and they believe in you.

Ashop ecommerce solution is complete because is hosted and monitored 24x7 and is affordable with it's low monthly rates.
For more info visit Ashop

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Monday, 19 November 2007

Advertise your site or blog with photos

I like this idea and offer it to all you.

Click on the photo to pass to the site:

Advertising with photos.
If you like it, write to me and send me your photo and your address.

Want to try?

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Sunday, 18 November 2007


I don't know if it's really possible, but it was funny to see.

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Save New Jersey German Shepherd Congo from Unfair Death Sentence! Make a Call Now!

This post I copy from these blogs
Save New Jersey German Shepherd Congo from Unfair Death Sentence! Make a Call Now!
and this
Save New Jersey German Shepherd Congo from Unfair Death Sentence! Make a Call Now!
The post is from 14/11. If you can help, pls do it.


The governor’s office is taking calls and they are doing a tally of people who are for or AGAINST putting this GSD down. Plz take a second to call as his life is on the line here!!! O tell them wut state you are from!!!



For those not familiar with Congo’s case:
1. two illegal immigrants were gardening at the family’s house
2. they arrived an hour early
3. they were told by the husband to stay in their truck until he could
get out of the shower and get some clothes on
4. the husband speaks Spanish and spoke to them in Spanish so there is
no question they understand what they were told to do
5. they directly disobeyed the husband and walked into the backyard with
the wife, who had just pulled into the driveway)
6. the two adult gsd’s and their puppies came running
7. the gardeners panicked
9. Congo thought his owner was being attacked and went after the gardener
10. The gardener used his rake to beat at the puppies and inflicted some injuries on them.
11. the gardener changed his story three times (interesting note on official bias: when the owner said the gardener changed his story five times, the dog warden said “No, he only changed his story 3 times.”)


Gov.’s office is taking a numerical tally on how many people call - please call him
Office of the Governor PO Box 001 Trenton, NJ 08625
609- 292-6000
Email by going to his site: http://www.nj. gov/governor/ govmail.html

NY and PA residents also especially helpful…

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Saturday, 17 November 2007

Who is this?

Did you recognize it?

It's one of the most interesting animals on the Earth!

Tardigrades (Known as water bears or moss piglets)

Discovered by Johann August Ephraim Goeze, an aquatic zoologist, in 1773, today the scientists know over 900 species of water bears. They live in Himalaya over 6000 meters and in the oceans on 4000 meters depth.

Freeze them, boil them, dry them, expose them to open space & radiation - after 200 years they'll still be alive! -writes an article in They survive at -272 and +181 degrees Celsius and 5,700 grays of radiation (10-20 grays can easily kill a human and most animals.), for a decade with no water and in vacuum (space).

These tiny organisms can be found everywhere - in fact, there are probably hundreds just a few meters from where you are standing. -says the article. These animals are 1-1,5 mm long. They will be alive when all others will be dead.

And now you know it! Is it not amazing?

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Thursday, 15 November 2007

National geographic about most endangered bears

I have never seen this bear. Imagin you too. This is Andean bear, spectacled bear that lives from Argentina to Panama and is the last South America's remaining species.

In the post about the most endangered bears published by National Geographic there are 8 species.
Here I knew, that grizzly is a subspecie of a brown bear, and about the smallest (120- to 150-centimeter-long) bear, Sun bear, that lives in Southeast Asia, in Thailand, and write the article it's number was reduced by 50% in 20 years.

It's the first time in my life that I hear about these species of bear.

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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Speaking for those who can't

I found a very interesting article Tell Amazon to Stop Selling Dog and Cock Fighting Materials in Voice for Animals Human Society blog and thought to tell you about it.

Sincerely, I had never thought about it. I rarely buy books and never from Amazon. I don't understand how could it happen: aren't there laws forbidding everything about abuses? Maybe not. I see on Discovery, there are every day documentaries lauding Hitler and fashist's behaviour. So, what are animal abuses nearby?

The author writes that Amazon sells cockfighting and dogfighting books. He controlled the fact and it was true. So he wrote to Amazon that it's not good, sell books about animal abuses and received this interesting mail:

As you can see, Amazon is uninterested in being ethical. Please still email them. The more people who write and tell them they stink, the better. Follow up your words by not giving them any more of your hard earned money.

This is the appeal of the author to the readers:
It's time to tell Amazon that these materials of animal abuse are not acceptable. Please write Amazon Canada an email and let them know your thoughts on the matter.

Can we change something if there are great bucks in the middle?

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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Pro360 -online casino reviews

Sincerely I like this site's design. It's very nice for my eyes. No, I don't say that I like gambling, it will be not true,- I precise it for those friends that wrote me about it, but I was asked to write a review of this site and I say the truth: this site has a nice design.

Here you can find a list of online casino reviews for US and not-US players. There are editor's and player's ratings, links to casino sites and their bonuses. Attention, you can have greater bonuses if you sign up from this site than you can receive if you sign up directly from the casino site, so when you chose your favourite casino, think again and do't lose your chance.

What have you do? Click on the review button in the list, pass to the casino description page and get your personalized higher bonus. Very simple.

On the same page you'll find full description of the site, short comments named "reasons to play" and even contact information.

Do you prefere a particular game? No problem. On you will find casinos listed by games too. Click the symbol of the game in the navigation bar and you pass to this special list where you can read about this game too.

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Weather forecast for the next days

What do you hear or see for weather forecast? TV? Radio?
It's your great mistake. They don't know what to say to you in the most cases and play cards to chose the today answer.

I will advise you the best "weather forecaster" of all times.
Look at your cat.
He/she has never errors in this sense. If your cat looks for a warm place, it will rain in 2-3 days. If your cat does everything possible to sleep in your duvet -the temperature will be much more lower in some next days.

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Sunday, 11 November 2007


Some interesting photos stolen from other blogs only to make you smile a little

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Friday, 9 November 2007

The world's most endangered cat

I wrote about this poor animal some months ago in my post Quiz: do you recognize this cat?
There I repeated the appeal of the protection organizations asking about help. This problem is not resolved and I think it will be helpful to post this appeal once more. Here it is:

Amur Leopard Conservation support
We would like to thank everybody who supported our campaign to stop the terminal in Amur leopard habitat!

This autumn I read about some initiatives that maybe will help a little to preserve these beautiful cats. So for those from you who will enjoy this notices I write here about it. (think not everybody of you reads russian newspapers every day :)))

This photo is from the site of WWF-Russia

They say, it's important to save the forest from fire. Every year was possible to burn old herbs near it and the forest's area was smaller and smaller, but this year it is prohibited for everybody. This is a great victory of WWF.

The other important step was to plant new larch bands as protection from fire. This is an old idea, used by japonese befor second world war. ( photo WWF )

And at the end: american and english veterinars captured a wild leopard female for controls and did sonogram ( you know? I not) too to find reasons of the extinction. The results will be ready after one year.

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Thursday, 8 November 2007

Cats in Sochi

Cats and dogs in Sochi have a good life. Specially cats, because they enter where they want and feel completly free in every place. Here on this photo you see them in a post office. Why have I sleep on the cold ground if I can do it in a warm place and on the soft chair?

But the most incredible are cats that meditate near the banks with meat and smoked sausages. See that cat sitting under the window. You can find him in this position in every hour you come there. He don't wants to eat. We gave im a peace of sausages but he didn't eat it and turned back to the window and remain in this position without move.

Other place but the same situation: a sleeping cat under the bank with meat. (use I the right word? "bank" is it?)

You can see dogs walking in the streets. People are very tollerant with them and they don't care about persons that are around. They have their tasks to do and go where they need.

:))) I remember enormous rats I saw in Salerno walking near a very luxus shop.... No, I think cats and dogs are better to see as those rats.

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Best choise for you on Top USA Online Casinos

If you are interested to find safe and funny online casino or to add relative affiliate program to your affiliate progam's bouquet, you have to visit Top Usa Online Casinos I present you in this post.

This site with simple and cleare navigation and design meets you with very informative table that contains top 10 list of online casinos. You can see bonuses and payout% of every site presented on the page, short comments about their goals and read reviews. The rank is built from different criteria like pro poker and blackjack players and others. The table links you directly to the casino-site (in a new window) too.

This site is only for USA players, but you can find many important information about casinos on the Site Map page if you are interested in this theme. Open "Resources" from there. You'll find not only descriptions of casino games and general data. There is a list of casinos, top of different Rooms. If you are interested to join affiliate programs you can find a list of them too.

On the Site Map page you can find all reviews of presented casinos.

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