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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The First Egg of Stone Partridge

The zoo my husband decided to create in our henhouse has a couple of stone partridges that lived free together with other birds in the great closed area. Everything was just good enough, they felt happy with their little neighbours but... In spring, the life changed for all of them. They live now in the cages and, probably, remember and cry their free happy life.

Наш Курятник

These birds were the most calm and easy to grow. The male, the biggest of all the company and with this sharp beal, was able to explain everybody the rules of living together right away.

Наш Курятник

I think, they were not happy in the cage but my husband did not want to know about "normal life conditions". At the end, when the weather became some better, he, my husband, has his great day: the partridges began to lay eggs. Here is our treasure!

The next challenge is to have chicks.

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Coupon Codes for Pet Products

Pet food, toys, accessories and medicines are really expensive. We want to see them happy but we want to have a healthy ambient in our house, too. And it means that we can't avoid shopping in different pet shops. For those who likes to buy what they need online, there is a nice notice: it's possible to save money with coupon codes for pet products. The word "save" does not mean, in this case, that you have to purchase bad quality aliments or objects. It means, you can receive discounts -and sometimes very huge even up to 40% discounts- from the best online pet industry representatives.

Frugal Dad is one of the reach provided with discounts and coupons sites. Pet coupons they offer do not concern only cats and dogs. Birds, reptiles and other species of pets do not cost less to us than their "big brothers". Contrary, since they are not so common, it's difficult to find what we really need, sometimes. That is why online shopping can be very helpful in such cases. Even if we have a good shop near the door, it's always useful to confront prices and offers online. First of all, because the assortiment is generally much more extensive online than that of the neighbour shop. Don't be afraid of the shipping costs -they are often the objects of the saving proposals.

Coupon codes offered by Frugal Dad are chosen by pet lovers, simple persons who live the described situation themselves, love their pets, want to provide them with the best available products, and who for this reason understand the desires of other pet lovers. Articles and descriptions you can find visiting the site are realistic and interesting to read to discover the ways that other consumers found to solve the dilemma how to match our desire to give the best to our pet friends and not to see our pocket empty.

In case you do not find the coupon code of desired product or shop in the moment you visit Frugal Dad, I advise you to leave the disperation: the team of the site adds the codes and discounts very often, the site is constantly updated. It is understandable because they always search for those nice coupons since they are consumers themselves. So, bookmark this site and control it frequently when you search for interesting prices. It's very probably that you will find one when you open it the next time.

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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Angel on the Duvet

Sometimes I become very, very'very angry and have the great wish to kill all the cats. Do you know how sly qnd clever they are?

Isuspected that this beast (on the photo) has special strategies to wake me up in the night when I sleep so sweet. Some days ago I could verify this suspect.

Ангелочек. или Умаялась

I woke up some moments before she decided to wake me up because she wants to eat. She comes to me and jumps on my chest landing on all 4 legs. To have more powerful impact. I continue to "sleep". So, she goes near my shoulder, takes a run and jumps on me the second time.

I get up and throw her out in the yeard.

An hour later my husband stands up and does not find his "angel". He opeens the door and she is waiting for it. About an hour later she comes to wake me up because she has to go out.

All the night!!!

Now, she is sleeping on the duvet because she is sooooooooo tired!!!!!

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Monday, 2 April 2012

Our Factory Becomes a Zoo

You know that we had only some animals in the last year -2 hens and a cat. All of them old enough, hens live with us for at least 2 o 3 years. And the cat is about 6 years old (even if she does not show her age). From the autumn, my husband began to buy gamebirds. We just had the Virginia Quail, the Red-legged Partridge, the Rock Partridge

Now, my husband bought other birds: the Mandarin Ducks and the Lady Amherst's Pheasants


Фазан Леди (1год)

Do you think, he is happy with all this zoo he created in the house??? No. He dreams to buy other I don't know how many different species of birds. Will tell you about it 15 days later when they arrive here.

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