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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

More About Lion's Love

After some posts about lion's love I like to write about it once more.
No, this is an other situation as with the woman that saved a lion from the sure death. The man, Kevin Richardson, knows this animals and make them friends when they are young. This normally means, he has to know the situation and the lion to understand what can happen in this or that moment. Because a lion is a lion and there is always danger of gerarchical problems.

What I like in these sort of photos is that real friendship has not fences.

More more more photos:
The king of the jungle doesn't frighten the lion whisperer
The Lion Whisperer

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Monday, 19 May 2008

A Priest Of Snake Temple vs Cobra

королевская кобра

It's an incredible notice written by
A poisonous white cobra bit a prist of Nag Devta from a local "nag" temple ( Barhabaghar near Hansdadih in Dumka district).
The poor unfortunate... snake vomited the blood and died after it.
The man, 35, was transported in the hospital, but felt good and did not lose the consciousnes.
They say, similar case could happen it the person is addicted to drugs. But all the people of the village say, the priest is not so.

Hindu believe that a person will not survive if the snake dies or is killed after it bites a person. But the priest survived. It's the Lord Shiva that saved him, say all the villagers.
According to estimates cited by the World Health Organization, serpent attacks kill as many as 50,000 Indians each year.

Samir Chatterjee, a school headmaster here, says that according to his census, more than 3,000 cobras live just in Choto Pashla, one of the three hamlets that abut Mushari. “Whenever I lie down in my bed, a cobra will just slide on top of me, without hurting me,” boasts Narottom Sain, a Mushari village leader.

“We sleep with the snakes, we eat with the snakes, we live with the snakes here,” shouted 14-year-old Chinmoy Mahji proudly. “We are not scared.”
These quaters I found in "Super Hindus"

...Профессия - ЗАКЛИНАТЕЛЬ

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Saturday, 17 May 2008

Dance, Baby, Dance!

Don't know what gave me this idea today, but I looked in some sites for dancing animals videos.
You will like these 2, I'm sure.
The first is more interesting after about 30 sec.
But the second is something fascinating. As I understood, it's a sort of gift for the marriedge. A tradition.
I'm not sure, but I think the horses become passionate of what they do. I read that they want to win in the races, partecipate on the battles together with the solders ecc.

In any case it was a pleasure to see that second video for me.

Amazing Horse Dance - These bloopers are hilarious

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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

I Would Like You Smile Some More

This collection of photos I found here some new of them I decided to share with you to wish you good day.

Bad notice about our kittens. Seems that stupid cat of their mother made them die. This morning I saw her to look for them in every place. She took them in an other place, to our neighbours, and they don't like animals... Who knows now...

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