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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

It's Raining! The Poor Stray Cat...

It's raining. Days and nights, weeks and weeks, and just months and months without stopping. At least two days of sun, oh my dear God, to make these poor beings remember how was the world before! Before this Flood!

Nothing. Nobody wants to listen. And infinite quantities of water fall down in one part of the world. Than you will say me that there are places where all the beings are dieing without water! Why not devide: some days of rain -to them and some days of sun -here?

The climate changed, I say you. We have only one season now: rain. Rain in summer, rain in winter, rain in autumn and in spring.

Cats are the best sign that the weather will not change this day. The poor cinderella that wants to be a stray cat but wants to use all the amenities of the house life. Without duties of a house cat, clearly. Well, at least for weather forecast...

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Monster Video

There are many stories about all kinds of "monsters" survived on the earth despite of the unrelenting desire of humans to destroy everything possible on this planet. I said many times that I believe in the existance of some of them -like Yeti (there are different posts about it on that page).

Here is a new for me video about Nessie. Sincerely I do not believe it was a real "event", probably it's a show. But in any case it's interesting to watch and that is why I post it here.

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Monday, 8 November 2010

Hatha Yoga with Basja

This autumn is not too cold but the rains continue. And the cats look for the warm places. The most warm seem to be my legs. If they are not available, the poor Basja has to find other solutions. So we do asanas together. The bow is comfortable even if the place is not enough to sleep. But after the Bow Liudmila passes first to the Cobra and than to the Downward-Facing Dog... Basja has to settle on... mmm... the 5-th point. 20 seconds or so later Liudmila passes to cobra once more. Basja begins to slip from the 5'th point down on the back. To maintain the position she uses all the claws...

Хатха -Йога Зимой
«Хатха -Йога Зимой» на Яндекс.Фотках

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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cat and Snake

I read some time ago that snakes do not like camels and ...cats. They prefere to avoid them, the article I read said.

My friends sent me the first of these videos today. I remembered the story about the cat bitten by a copperhead snake but survived. I even wrote about it here "The luckiest cat of the world". Now, look the videos. Are they so stupid, these cats? Don't they understand that snakes are dangerous? And there are MANY similar videos in YouTube, you know...

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Circus in Nocera Superiore

Nocera Superiore with it's "4 cat's" of population (as the Italians say) could maybe be the last place where you expect to see circus. But they happen relatively often here. First they stopped near Nocera Inferiore that had enough place for a circus tent. This year Nocera Superiore has a special place for own shows. And it was a real show, I have to tell you.

Circus had placed it's animals so that the visitors could see them, and there were crowds all days long around it. We did not go inside and could only see giraffe, camels and tigers but there were other animals too and children could even touch some of them.

The most interesting was this little giraffe that did not want to go out from it's "home". The most surprising were tigers. They remained in the car when we were there. Persons could stay near them from other side (of my photo) and -imagine!- the tigers behaviour was like that of the cats. They wanted to interact with the persons and were very playful. Yes, it's clear, they live all their life with humans, but I was surprised to see "cats" for me the same.

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