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Monday, 22 December 2014

Merry Christmas from Timur Maine Coon!

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Thursday, 4 December 2014

We are Waiting for KITTENS!!! Maine Coon Kittens will born here!

You remember that we decided to buy Maine Coon cats a year ago. But my husband absolutely did not want to hear about castration of the male kitten I bought to be my pet - and we bought other to Maine Coon cats, females.

And now we will have our KITTENS! Maine Coon red and cream kittens, folks!
Could you imagine it?

We control the bellies every minute. The babies kick so gently! My god, what feelings!

My husband when I showed him how to listen to the babies in the belly and he felt them for the first time began to make frrr-frrr-frrr himself! :-)
What a marvelous sensations, folks!

My husband to this stupid cat: You see what did you do here??? And he...

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Our New Maine Coon Family

Maine Coon cats are really my love now. I adore them even if it's completely different experience as with the dogs. In the year I do not write here because for different reasons and because it's much more quickly to post one or more photos in Facebook the situation in our "farm" changed completely. Now, I have parrots, my husband grows mandarina and carolina ducks. And, we have, as said, 2 females and one male Maine Coon. We would like to buy one more female, more white as our Estia, and, I would like to have tiger-color Coon. But it's a dream for today. In autumn we, maybe, will have kittens. If everything is good.

So, now I want to present you my Maine Coon Cats.
We have 1 year and 2 month old male Timur. You have just read about him here.
Timur is my great love. He has excellent character but sometimes wants to show me that HE is the master of this house.

Two females are completely different even if they are sisters. I gave them the names of pagan deities - one, Estia, the Deity of the hearts. She lives in her own world but have always stay not far from me. If she does not see me for some time, she begins to cry and looks for me. Every night she comes to me, makes me massage and than goes to sleep.

The other our Maine Coon female is something terrible. Her name is Furrina - it was one of the most anitque Roman deities, the Deity of the Water, of the sources etc. There is not one incident that she did not find. Now she is jumping on the bookshelf and from there on the bed. She can't stay one minute in one place. She is a mountain brook.

If you want to become our FB friend,, we will be very happy to have you with us. Don't worry, if I'll will know you are english speacking, I'll write in English for you. :-)))

And now, we wish you good night

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