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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Chimps vs Humans Test

I just wanted to remember you this interesting documentary. I've seen it many times but I liked to find it in YouTube.

I say you the truth: I did not understand HOW the chimpanzee can do it. What a memory it has to be! And we say everywhere that we are kings of the nature...

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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Dog's Invention

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This is Stassi.
Between our dogs Imir was one that was more clever. Stassi sincerely never wanted to show if she is clever too. She has very difficult character, was always depressed that nobody loves her and wanted always that somebody does something for her. She even never wanted to make "dog works" like protect the house, bark...

The only thing she knows to do is to open the door of her pen. She strikes it till the bolt opens. Than she had a friend that came to visit her. It was a dog for hunting. We could not understand how can he enter there because the fence is about 170 cm high. But he jumped and then walked the fence like cats do it.

That is why I liked this video so much. This dog's invention is simply great.

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Animals Hard Drinkers

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Photo Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

This interesting video was something new for me. I know cases when humans make animals drink. One of the most known entertainments in villages is to make a cock or a pig drink alcohol. They tell man interesting stories about the behaviour of these animals then. Well, there are not so many possibilities to joke there.

When we were children, they told often that the cats like valerian and become like drunk after they lick it. We did these experiments, but I've never seen and heared that the cats one of us "treated" want to lick valerian or at the more liked it.

I know about one puppy that had to stay for some months with sailors on the ship and learned to drink coffee, because the sailors dunk it all the days long, but my dogs never wanted to drink coffee when I did it, they said it's nasty,ffffuuuuuu...

Here the animals in the nature are equal as a man... Look what they do there! So, even the animals are so stupid to know what it is and want to do it.
I thought, animals are more clever.

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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Do It If You Want To Buy A Parrot

Many years ago I had a friend that had different families of parrots in her flat. I had to listen to many stories about the life of the parrots everyday and finally was infected with this illness: I bought a couple of parrots.

When you buy a parrot you need Bird & Parrot Cages first of all. You have to transport you new friend home, than it has to live somewhere. Finally, even if you allow it to fly all the day free in your house, he has to have an own place where it will find it's privacy. Yes, not only humans ned it from time to time.

After it you will understand that your parrot needs Parrot Toys. Maybe you will not believe me but a parrot needs more toys as other our animals-friends. It can invent games too but if it has something to do, it will not invent something dangerous for itself or for your house. The parrots I had, for example, understood quickly what to do to open the cage and when I was at work they had great entertainment in the room with everything they found there.

You have to care for your parrot too. They can have different health problems. So, they don't like draughts, they need minerals and vitamins and they can have flees too. In this case you need Parrot Treats and if you are not very expert is better if you go to the veterinarian. It is more difficult with birds as with other animals because they can die in so few time that you have not time to understand what is happend.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Hypostasis Of The Great Snake

This video I like very much. I could not see it all in TV but I could not imagin I can find it here. Sincerely this is a "final product", what I've seen first was a little different and more interesting. But even this is incredible.

This other video I've never seen before and I could not believe my eyes. Yes, I knew that there are entire villages in India where venomous snakes live how they want, but never could imagine to watch something like this.

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Saturday, 13 September 2008

Basja Is Afraid Of A Storm

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As I told you in my post in "Diary" (Why Is Special The Rain In Pompei) we had a terrible first rain after this summer this morning.

Everybody was hidden waiting the rain but Basja slept on the fence wall. She is so stupid that never goes in the places she can hide herself from cold or rain. Other cats like Murka e Kotik go always somewhere with other resident cats (I don't know where, it's the territory of our neighbours). Basja no. They are not friends.

But the rain of this morning was not a simple rain. It was a storm with terrible thunders and lightenings. So, Basja was afraid and found the best place to protect herself from it.

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Monday, 8 September 2008

Dangerous Games With Wild Animals

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From time to time I write about dangerous usage to see animals as toys. As example, my post New Domestic Animals. Even a little shimp is much more powerful as a man -as you can see in this video too:

I remembered a story about dolphin that killed a man because, drunk as he was, put different things and liquids in the breathing orifice (excuse me, don't know the rigt word) of the dolphin.

Yesterday I've seen a documentary where a wale that did not want to be caressed by a girl, took her in the depth of the sea, about 10 meters (and than back in the surface). The cameraman (that was far from the place and could do nothing to help the girl) said, the wale did not want to kill the girl because it COULD take her more in the depth.
They say the dolphins punish their kids in this way. They know very well how much air have they and can resist. So, I think the wale knows it very well too and it was the education, not killing from it's side.

These photo and video I found in this interesting post where you can read other information.

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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

From Incredible Pics

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I wanted to tell you some words of updatind about our cats family, but than I found this photo and thought I HAVE TO show it to you if you have not seen it else. Here is the address in case you can't see it all

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