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Friday, 27 January 2012

Pet Health Advices and Videos

Сharitable services in Pet hospitals -is it possible today when the vet help, as any other help, has often too high costs? Well, fortunatelly, it's a reality, and that is why PDSA exists in UK.

Do you need  pet health advice? You will find answers to your questions if you visit the site of PDSA. It's one of the most professionally and clearly organized pet help sites I've ever seen. Pet doctors tell about great variety of pets. There are advices on how to cure not only cats and dogs but chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs and other animals. Needs of all of them are explained in simple words, and there are pet help videos like one I add to this post, too.

PDSA offers different programs that will surely interest you. First among all of them -it's my point of view- is the educational Pet Protectors Club for children. Is it not important that the children learn how to care for the pets in the right way? Let's confess it: we cure our pets so as they were humans. PDSA teaches the children what our pets really need to be happy and healthy.

The other program of PDSA I like is the donation in memory of a person or a pet. How many times I wanted to celebrate my pets helping other pets? But I did not know how to do it. Who of you loved your pet so much can understand me.

An other way to help your pet and to protect it against illnesses and accidents is to purchase the PDSA pet insurance. It's useful against unexpected vet’s bills, too. This insurance has different benefits like cover against ongoing conditions and up to 5% online discounts, but what is very important -it allows PDSA to receive vital income to be able to help less fortunate pets.
Visit PDSA site and enjoy it!

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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cormorants -A Beach in Argentine

When you think about a beach, you surely imagine persons with bikini that are laying on the sand. But some birds and animals think the beaches are for them and not for persons. Maybe, they feel comphortable, I don't know, maybe they are so acustomed that the persons do not damage them... I'm very surprised always when I see all of them that have not any fear for the humans., They are sure, we never will do something bad for them. Specially, it's about cats and dogs but the wild animals are not more suspicious. My husband passed some weeks with his family in rgentine and -since it's summer there- they wanted to walk near the water one day.

They found a great company of cormorants there. Nothing could disturb them, as you can see, even the motorboats could not help to finish this excellent meditation:

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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Who Visits Your House?

Notices about animals are dedicated to one theme, sometimes. I read a feed today and noticed that there were different incidents when wild animals were found in the houses of the unaware owners.

One woman from New Zeland heared her cats and dogs making too much noice, went in the kitchen and found a young seal sleeping on the sofa. The seal entered the house through the cat door and was able to go upstairs till the kitchen. Different persons told to the police officers that they've seen the animal walking in the town, too.

The other case is about a bear that was found by a cable man in Sussex, US, in the basement of a house where he had to work. The man called police and when the rangers came, the bear was just awaked in the street. Tranquilized, the animal was transported in a forest.

Cologne, Germany. An employee found a snake crowling on the staircase of his hotel. Police arrested 3 Chinese men that had 100 snakes, 70 tortoises and 20 frogs in their luggages.

Be careful when you walk!

Морские котики. Кокимбо. Чили
«Морские котики. Кокимбо. Чили» на Яндекс.Фотках

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Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Lion in the Flat

There is nothing new in this: some persons want to have exotic animals as their pets in the flat. Some of them have even lions in the house. Just like this one (and I really enjoyed the collection of photos I found in StumbleUpon) This lion is not better than our cats -all of them learn what is fridge before they learn to make their first steps.

I don't know what was the end of this story ( it's written that the photos were taken in 70-th) but we had a similar lover of the big cats not too far from here. Some years ago his lions ate him. And all were died after because nobody knew about the tragedy and nobody looked for the man about 2 or 3 weeks. Police found a cemetery of about 20 animals and the rests of the man. Probably, the man had not enough food for all the animals and they killed him. After that, all the animals died without food and water in the lapse of time needed that somebody began to look for the man.

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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Great Photos from Ocean Defender

Ocean is really the place that offers us so many joy! No, I did not see it. And I did not see these splendid animals in their home. But (even if I hope to have this possibility at least once in my life), I do not claim it. Because there are too many persons that want to visit these places and the nature is so fragile. It's better maybe if at least some of us will "visit" them virtually, watching documentaries and photos.

These photos shared my friends on Facebook and I subscribed the updates of Ocean Defender. I like the photos so much! The author/s are GREAT!
Here are the address 

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