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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Cats Make our Life More Happy

The weather is not good in this period: rains do not stop more than for 3-4 days and the cats prefer to sleep... on my PC and on my legs. That is why writing the articles becomes harder and harder: try to write when you have half a cat on the legs and the other on the arms and on the hands that have to write... No, I tryed to lay her in other places but without any success: in the moment when I sit down on my chair near the PC, Basja is just waiting here. So, this time I want only to show you other cats that will make you smile, too.

Шаланду целую кефали, у Кости кошки отобрали!

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аллё! обслуживающий персонал ! мое высочество готово для омовений!

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Висячесть рыбы не была рассчитана на прыгучесть кота!

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...А завтра - что?.... ...Шубку из леопарда?! ....Вчера ей туфли из крокодила... Сегодня сумочку из питона...

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Friday, 25 March 2011

Addio, Knut... We Loved You

Knut, the most famous white bear of the world, died on March, 22 in Berliner Zoo...
Some visitors filmed the moment of the death.
Very sad. Very very sad...

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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sexy Basya

I looked for the frame for the photo of Stassi and Imir and found some different sites where you can add frames and letters and other effects to your photos. To see what can it be I added the photo of sleeping Basja... Mmmm? Do you like her?

This program had not a preview ( or maybe I did not notice it) and that is why it's not very good -I would like to have all the head.

Create funny pictures with your photos on Photomica
Photo fun with Photomica

Photo Frames. Red Flowers Fantasy

Make Awesome Images With Your Photos -

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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Our Farm Life in Spring

After the sad events of about a month ago when foxes ate our new hens, here are the last news from our henhouse. We have 2 young hens. They are black and they call them "spanish". The vendor said, these hens are much more productive than those normally sold red laying hens.

They are very little and will pass time before they begin to lay eggs. The good for us notice is that they don't want to go far from the henhouse  and dont show the wish to fly. We have 4 chickens now, too. So, when I open them in the morning (they live in separate parts of the henhouse), they stay all together.

I have a new job now: I'm a shepherdess. I have to catch them all from the henhouse out in the field and to show them all the beauty of fresh plants and flowers. And -that's much more important- to teach them the way to turn back.

Молодёжь на выпасе
«Молодёжь на выпасе» на Яндекс.Фотках

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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I'm Ready for March Adventures


Абсолютным победителем смотра-конкурса мартовских аксессуаров

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