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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Divers That Save Nature

 Divers often are seen not very good because they say, they destroy the environment, disturb animals and steel, if can, the natural and man-made tresures "hedged" in the ocean. But as in all other activities, there are those good and those not conscious divers.

An interesting article about the persons imntended to protect the nature and not to destroy it. There is an organization of drivers (80,000 members and 4,000 dive centers worldwide!) that promove conscious diving and protection of the ocean. It's name is AWARE (Aquatic World Awareness, Responsibility and Education). They organize the days of common diving to clean this or that part of the seas and oceans.

Водолазы на подстраховке
«Водолазы на подстраховке» на Яндекс.Фотках

Imagine what quantities of junk they have to remove! Tonns! Specially in the lakes. Oh yes, they clean lakes too. They speak about 200 similar actions only in Russia. And divers in other countries make their work too.

As it is possible to iimagine sometimes they find treasures. Most often those are adornments, rings and earrings. There are different jbjects of historical value. Things  made from wood like a XIV century bridge, ships etc. 

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Thursday, 23 September 2010

How a Turtle Eats

I love animals and had different species in house in my life. From fishes in an aquarium that were entertainment of all the family and you had to wait in a queue to observe their behaviour turned home from job, till hens in their henhouse, scorpions and snakes that live in the yard, rats that have not any shame and walk near the henhouse when they want including the daytime...

The animal I never had is the turtle.

I have seen them wild in Turin, in a park. There was a little lake so full of this animals that they had not place to swim. Than, later, one of my friends bought some of them for heer son. She said, her son loves them soooo much. They grew about a hand big, you know.

Once a very big turtle came to them and decided to live in their house. They did not know where it came from. It was about 40 cm long. It lived there when I came to visit them. My friend bought salad and carrots for it and -imagine- it came near the house at the time of lunch every day. I was surprized to observe how it ate. My god, we are fortunate to have the possibility to use hands to eat. Today I found this nice photo and remembered that turtle.
It went away so as it came to my friend.

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Monday, 13 September 2010

Community of Fun and Cute Pets

Some of my friends bloggers like their pets so much that decided to create blogs where they write posts so as pets are their authors. But they are not alone now. There is an entire Cuteness Pet Community where pet lovers can stay in contact with virtual friends of their favourites. This site allows to have a profile of the pet with it's photos, descriptions of anything the owner wants to tell others about his favourite animal. And attention, it's not about only dogs or cats. This community unites all species of the pets, and you can interact with the owners of all the species you like in one site.

Interesting is that you can participate on different competitions, rate photos you like, choose the Cutest Pet or even challenge an other pet to a Cuteness Duel. When you open Cute Pet Challenges, you find 3 "rings": Battlezone, Thunderdome and Pet Challenges. It's so intersting: some persons challenge to the Duel cat vs dog, for example; and allow me to say it, I would not know who from them, kitten or puppy, is the cutest, because I love both dogs and cats, and beauties like Minnie and Rolf, those I like more than others, can't leave your heart indifferent when you see them.

Dog Park is an other interesting place to visit in this community. It was created to stay all together. Meeting with your pet's virtual friends, chatting all at the same time, exchanging notices and opinions is a way to relax and to become real friends. You can even invite your friends for a virtual party.

Thunderdome offers an opportunity to win important prizes. Only 2 of all the participants that pass the 5 Rounds of competition arrive to the ultimate championship's vote. And the cutest wins.

If you need an advise what treatment or toy your pet needs, this community offers quality products tested by the members, too.

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Friday, 10 September 2010

Cats That Work

Our 2 stray cats became bully in the last period. They come only to pretend to eat and they do not want to eat whatever we give them. They want only what they like. And they cry continuously if do not receive what they want.

I'm tired to listen to them. Specially because I think the cat has to be hungry to catch mices and rats. And these 2 are never hungry because they eat very regularly, 3 times a day, you know. They never forget to come and are always on time for meals. Interesting is that they come three (!) times a day.

I began to agdue with my husband. The cats have to work to receive to eat. I will show you that Basja catches the mices, he said me.

The same day he took her in garage to catch mices. Than he came to me and told she got one when he was working there. I did not believe. She is his favourite pet and he wants to protect her from my charges.

Than he took her in the henhouse. Litteraly after a minute her turns to me and says: take a photocamera and come here!!! I took the camera and here is what I've seen. It's Basja turning from the henhouse.

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A Pool For The Cat

I decided to buy a little pool for children to have the possibility to "swim" there. The summers are too hot for me here, in Italy, and I feel very bad often. The only possibility to turn my body to the normal temperatures is the water. So, this year I decided to pumper myself.

Everything was good, I was happy and laughed as a little child "swimming" in this "pool" but the problems did not late to come. The blue part of the pool was down just some days later. I could not understand the reason: we have not little children here and nobody could make holes. And than I even could not find those holes. Glue did not help, there were other holes there.

Nothing to do, I had to resign myself about the lower part of the pool down. I had other 3 parts else, I sad to me, it will be enough to "swim" there.

Then, one day, I open the garage and there is our cat Basja near me. She is visibly happy and wants to play.

What does she do to express her happiness, you will ask me?
She lays on her back near my pool, rolls about herself some times and...
With horror I see how she turns to the pool and, with the help of all her claws inserted in the plastic of the pool, begins to slide around it. You can't imagine the happiness of this cat sliding on her back around the pool! It seemed the highest joy on the Earth.
And imagine MY state.

Well, now the green part was down too, and it was clear, it's unpossible to find ALL the holes to repaire it.

With 2 parts down, the pool met the next morning... when the cat was happy too and decided to slide around the yellow part of the pool.

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