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Monday, 28 May 2012

Why Every Dollar Counts When it Comes to the Best Wet Dog Food

There are many different opinions on the kind of food that is best is for your dog. Two of the biggest arguments are wet dog food versus dry dog food and "premium" foods versus "bargain" foods. The type of food you give your dog is often a personal choice and depends on several factors. The age, breed, health, and allergies of the dog are major factors. 
Many veterinarians suggest the best wet dog food for young or older dogs because they are high in protein, easy to digest, offer more hydration, and easier on the dog's teeth. Dry dog food can be a good choice for many dogs in middle age ranges because of the benefits to the dog's teeth and gums, easy storing and measuring, and assurance of more solid stools. Many experts say the most benefit comes from a mixed diet over a dog's life, combining a more canine cuisine like diet consisting of the best wet dog food and dry food brands and the individual circumstances of the animal. 
The second issue is of "premium" foods versus "bargain" foods for your dog. Though many would choose bargain priced dog food, there are substantial benefits to premium brands. Most premium brands, whether wet or dry, contain more balanced nutrition for your dog. Premium brands also lean heavily towards all natural or organic recipes which lower the possibility of animal by-products, fillers, and preservatives in your dog's food. 
Many dogs often have health issues that are better handled with premium foods as well. A dog that has certain allergies, for instance an allergy to dyes (which are found in many dog foods), can completely solve this problem with all natural or organic food blends. 
Premium brand dog foods are also more often tailored to the specific needs of a particular dog's health, such as dogs who suffer from diabetes or digestive problems. It is easier to find a large selection of premium brands that are tailored to the size and weight of your dog, sometimes even a general breed guide, than it is to find something so specific among the bargain brands offered. 
Many manufacturers of premium brands approach the formulas for their dog food from a more holistic approach and testing is more often done in homes or with test animals that have options for adoption into pet loving homes. All of these benefits outweigh the cost for many dog owners. Spending a little more for daily care may also prevent higher medical costs in your dog's future.

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Great News in Our Henhouse! The first chicken is born!

This is what I would like to tell you with great joy: the very first chicken was born yesterday! He was born in incubator but we put it immediately under the broody who left all her "natural" chickens. My husband took the eggs and broke them and found that the chickens were all dead. Probably, when the weather was too cold, the hen went to eat and the eggs became too cold. The poor hen sits just more than 30 days and seems to be too sad but she does not want to leave the eggs... That is why we were so happy when this little bird was born.

This morning I went in the henhouse to see how the chicken feels today because I was afraid the hen will crush him. But here is what I found there:


 It's so little! We want to grow breeds of little hens.


 Now, I run every minut to the incubator and listen if someone wants to born more... The problem is that the hen will not accept chickens who will born too late. We hope, she will sit for other 2-3 days more.

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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Our Mandarin Ducks

The situation is stagnant in our "zoo" in the last weeks. We wait for the new arrivals but the man who has to sell animals to us has problems. And so we wait and wait and wait and... leave the reproductive season. In the meantime mandarine ducks have a new house where they will live with an other pair of mandarins.

After some weeks of habit, the female seems to accept the mail that has enormous patience with her. He is always near her but she does not show particular feelings in his confront.

In fact, we still do not have any egg from them.

In a local agricultural exhibition, my husband bought an other mandarine mail. He is very very beautiful.

First he lived with the quails but it was not very good because he had not the possibility to swim since the quails can fall in the water. Now, he lives near the first couple. We could not leave him with them because the female hits and threatens him always. They say, the mandarins have fixed families and probably she thinks she is the owner in that corner.

As for me. the first male is not bad. But since they do not have eggs, my husband thinks, he is too old. We don't know how to see the age of these ducks and nobody among the friends of my husband know. So, he wants to sell this couple now.

It's very sad. I hope, if the new female and a couple of carolina ducks arrive, this couple will feel the competition and will begin to lay eggs...

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Economic and quality printing

For anyone that wishes to make a saving on their business, there are several factors that need to be put into consideration. Every business has different needs and this is what dictates the type of assets that a business invests in. Printers are part of the most common assets that most businesses invest in. For a printer to work effectively, you need to find a good cartridge like cb540a for clear prints. You should not judge the performance of a printer based on the size. There are some small printers that produce high quality printing. The beauty of such printers is that they are available at an affordable price. However, this is usually a marketing strategy since most printer manufacturers understand that each model has a specific toner that it needs to use and this means that you will have to keep buying the toner from the manufacturer and in the long run they will make profits. If you want your printer to keep functioning in the proper way, you need to find the ideal printing ink for perfect results. The combination of a good printer and the matching cartridge will never disappoint. Some of the most advanced printers have some amazing speeds and the ability to print over 15 pages in a minute. There are also some of the most amazing printers that have other unique features like a fax machine. The fax machine has the ability to store up to 1000 numbers. With the modern models, you have the option of a USB port and you can also connect via the Ethernet networking. The secret to enjoy quality printing services lies in finding quality ink like cli-221. You would rather pay slightly higher for a genuine toner rather than pay less for the counterfeit toners and cartridges.

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Some Positive Photos

А сам-то кто ты есть?Кобель! А ну! Проваливай отсель! Я покажу тебе

Ах, прекрати ты крики эти! Я твой инструктор. По диете.

Подарили нам щенка..… Теперь -  спасай имущество! Думали, что существО. Оказалось - ССУщество!

Смотреть ещё!

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