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Monday, 26 March 2012

WHY Skinned Alive?????

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Dromedary Abducts a Man

Incredible! A dromedary abducts a man during an TV interview!

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Our New Hen

Henhouse is an interesting place where is possible to pass hours observing it's inhabitants. We bought a new hen pepoi to replace the two little hens died during the cold period.

This hen is not young. Nobody knows how old she is but my husband did not want to take young animals more. This is not the good period to grow them.

The hen was grown in a farm where the hens live free. They are not accustomed to the presence of the owners. So, the hen does not come to the owner when he calls the hens..

Новая курочка

First day: the hen was too frightened and did not want to think about friendship with the cook. He tryed to convince her but there was nothing to do there.

Second day: we decided to force the events and left the cook with the new wife. He is very pushy. So, when the old hens went away, he concentred all the efforts to conquist his new Her.

"Madam, would you like to look here? I took you a very fat and tasty worm!"

Новая курочка

-You are wrong! I'm not an easy hen! I've seen many and much more fat worms in my life!

Новая курочка

-Oh my god, he goes away... Was I too incorruptible? And if he does not turn back???

Новая курочка

-Oh madam, you are so beautiful! Your plumage is so brillant that I'm completely dazzled by it...

Новая курочка

-Mmmm... Your words sound soo nice.Where is that fat and tasty worm you told me earlier? Maybe I'll change the opinion about it...

Новая курочка

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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Cat and Owl Can Play Together

This video was something incredible for me when I've watched it for the first time. These two friends, cat and owl, really play together. The gestures are not so innocent -they act as they catch one other. But the result is "for friends" - they do not touch one other. It is clear theat they understand the limits of the game perfectly.

I remembered my dog, Imir, that was havier than 50 kg and used to play running to me. He bumped me some times.Than, he understood that I don't like it, that he hurts me and never bumped me more. The play was always the same but the rules changed a little: he run to me to frighten me and changed direction in the last moment.

The cat shows the same behaviour here.

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Natural Flea and Tick Remedies

In our ever growing attempts to “go green” and provide better care for our pets, many pet owners are looking for more natural ways to care for their furry friends. We are choosing to purchase chemical free beddings and toys, watch the fertilizers we put in our yards, and striving to create more natural diets for our pets. However, many pet owners are left with a great debates when it comes to one aspect of natural pet care - flea and tick control.

Dog owners want to provide their pets with flea and tick control that has a long reputation for working, and products like Frontline Plus for dogs work exceptionally well and have been the go-to for years. However, many pet owners wonder about the chemicals in these types of tick and flea treatments – not only for their pet's sake, but also the environment's. So if you are looking for more natural ways to ward off fleas and ticks, consider giving some of the following options a try:

Boost the Diet

There are several foods that you can include in your pup's kibble to help them naturally ward off fleas and ticks. By mixing brewer's yeast, garlic, zinc, and wheat grass into your pet's kibble, you can help them exude odors the pests don't particularly enjoy.

Consider Using Oils

Natural oils such as wintergreen, citronella, eucalyptus, and tea tree are all natural repellents. You can buy the oils online or in many natural food or remedy stores, and they will not only help your pet keep pests away, but they will also keep them smelling good too.

Keep Areas Clean

If your dog has a favorite spot to lounge in, help keep the area free of fleas by keeping it clean. By washing any favorite blankets or beds in warm water, you will help keep your pet's favorite areas free of flea larvae.
No one wants to deal with a flea infestation, and having to pull ticks off your pet isn't exactly an afternoon of fun either. However, you don't have to use heavy chemicals to keep your pet pest free. Simple herbal flea powders, as well as the aforementioned remedies, can be just as effective – keeping you, your pet, and your environment chemical free.

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Gibbon Catching Tigers

I've watched a short part of this film once. We had a series of films on National Geographic, I think, that we watch very often and with great joy. This episode was part of the story of one Indian female tiger. And, if I don't mistake, the episode was very very short.

My friends found full story in You Tube and sent me today. And I share the video with you.
So, who is the master in the house? Tiger or Gibbon?

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Winter Does Not Want to Leave Us

My calender shows me March, 6 today. But, after some suny days, winter turned back and it's too cold now. Imagine -we had only 12 °C and very cold wind all the day. And the rain turnd back, too.

Nothing bad. It's normal. I'm very happy that I did not put the seeds when it seemed that the spring came. We have such changes of the weather in March always here.

We had sad events in this period. The second young hen pepoi is dead and we remained without these very active and happy birds. Probably, they were too little. We had not buy so little hens.

Наш Курятник

All others are just excited by spring and chants of the birds out of the henhouse. Maybe the period of love is near for them, too.

Basja passes much time observing the territory. There are too many cats that want to live here and Basja became very combatant. But when it rains, dreaming for the fire is the best solution...

И снова Наступили Холода

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Friday, 2 March 2012

Keep the Costs of Pet Food Down

If you are an owner of a cat or a dog, you will shurely appreciate purina pet coupons offered by Frugal Dad. What is it about? I wll explain it to you in this article.

Everybody knows how expensive are all the pet foods. Not only good and premium quality but all kinds of pet foods make our wallets sensitively easier. Years ago, when we had our dogs, we tryed literally everything to treat them accordingly to the necessities they had in every age (they lived with us from some months to 9 and 13 years) but I have to say you that the costs of the dog foods, in any case, were not indifferent. Specially, if we speak about good foods.

In that period, we bought meat by the butcher and in a slaughterhouse, we tryed with the new brands that were always presented in the dog shows and, normally, were sold with hard rebates, allegedly. The result was always not very satisfying in sense of saving money. But it happend years ago, and the life was not so complicate at that time as today. There were not crisises, one after other.

Today, we have to be frugal. We have to think about the sums that go out of our pocket with more attention. Otherwise, we have to renounce on the wish to have a pet in our life, or we will add a new cause of anxiety in our everyday life.

Is it possible to find ways to cultivate frugality with our pet foods? Frugal Dad, a site I just mentioned before, offers coupons for those who uses products of Purina. You know this brand. It is a company that produces different types of high quality cat's and dog's food. You can live quietly knowing that you give the best you can to your loved animal. And the excellent notice is that Purina offers often very interesting discounts for those who uses coupons.

In case you use other pet foods, you can control if they are in the list of the brands you will find in the bottom of the page. If you do not find coupons in the moment you visit the site, it means only that you have to bookmark the page and to check the availability of the coupons and deals regularly. The coupons do not seem a serious saving but if you use them regularly you will notice the difference.

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