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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Preparations To The Cow-Competition

The most important for every breeder is the competition. If you have any animal of a certain breed, you will contact this desease: you want to partecipate on the competitions, you surely think your animal is the best and you want to win. If it is your pet -there is nothing too terrible when you will lose. Even if you can ask more money for puppies if your dog/cat won a competition.

If your animal is a cow and you are a breeder, these competition become very important for you.

The agricultural shows are very important for the cow-breeders bacause they can show, sell their animals, but they can raise their status -and the prices- if they win. So in the show you can see the breeders walking with their animals -to learn them to walk among the persons.

Коровки готовятся к конкурсу

I laughed very laud when I saw this scene. What is the worker doing, do you think? He is shaving the udder to make the young cow more beautiful and attractive. So is she washed, brushed and even shaved for competition now.

These beauties are not so young if we look at their udders. But they are all washed and shaved as it seems, too. They have to be sold maybe.

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Saturday, 28 March 2009

A Dream Of The Calf

Yes, I'm little today. My mother and my aunts are so big and beautiful. I pass under their legs today. But I'll eat good -and I have not cry about the meals because the milk of my mother is the best of all the foods! And I'll grow fast and will become so big and beautiful as that young bull that goes to partecipate in the show now. I bet he will win! And I will -when I grow so as he is! I will be even better!
Mum, where is my breakfast?

Read more and see more photos:
A Mann And A Bull
"The Factory" In The Fair
Italian Cattle Breeds

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Tuesday, 24 March 2009


The poor dead animal you see here we found today in the yard. Hardly was it killed by the cats because he had no one wound. The cats like to play with mices and lizards, but they eat mices and their theeth would leave traces. So, we decided the mole was dead for natural causes.

This one was surely adult. It was about 10 cm long. We have shrews too but they are similar to mices and are much more little.

I told you just that there are persons that pay fortunes to have a moleskin coats. I did not touched THIS animal, but once we had an alive one and I took it in the hands. Splendid fur! And you can imagin it looking at it on the photo.

I was surprized to see it's tail, you know. And I thought about an other thing: Did you hear about chiromansy (so?)? Look at the "hand" of the mole.
And at it's nails!

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Saturday, 21 March 2009

What Animal I Do Not Love Most Of All

These blog is "dedicated" to the animals I like -more or less. You can find even a sort of "soap operas" if you wanted to create a sort of system here. It's probably normal from the point of view of psychology. Understood this, I asked me: and what is an animal I do not like at all? And maybe never wrote about it.

Ixodes persulcatus - Таежный клещ
«Ixodes persulcatus - Таежный клещ» на Яндекс.Фотках

Honestly, it's difficult to say. You, that read this blog and it means you like animals, what animal don't you really like? Not like a wolf that you don't like because your grandy told you many bad things when you were 3 years old. But in the real life? Till the point that you do not want even think about this creation.

I don't like insects generally and mosquitos more than others. But maybe more than these I don't like flees and other similar monsters. In the last period there are different documentaries about more terrible insects-parasites. Those invisible that live on our skin and in our beds.

By the way, the creature on the photo is the most hated, I think, animal in taiga, nordic forests. Ixodes persulcatus provocs encephalitis, meningitis and other similar things. Nobody has to go in the forest without specific vactination against this beast.

I add here the videos that maybe nobody wanted ever to see in the life. We don't like them. But we have to know and remember about their existance.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Whose Tracks Are These?

We began to find our car covered with tracks. White tracks on the dark car. Eery day.
We wanted to know: who is this brave and intelligent to make us these "gifts". And...
Here is the criminal!!!!!
We got her!

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Wednesday, 11 March 2009


This is one of the 2 species of the lizards that live near our house. When you see this video you think it is a nice, maybe even cute animal. But it is not so, I assure you. Do you know that the lizards bite persons? We did not know it too.

My mother-in-law came to us one day and was in the yard. After a while she ran home and cryed: "You have to take me to the doctor, I'm dieing! One terrible lizard jumped on me and bit me many times! It was surely rabid!" She is a particular character, we looked at her sooo, but took her to the meditian. Imagine what he thought when he heard these complaints.

But some time later a lizard bit my husband. And than me too.

The lizards enter the hous and sometimes remain to live here. They change the color and become white. So, that you cannot distinguish them. Specially when somebody is like me that do not see good.

Once I wanted to open the window that was closed for the night. I don't see what I do, and than it's not necessary to look if you know where and what is situated. So I put the hand behind the curtains and... somebody bit me. Not as a dog, clearly, but perceptibly. I looked behind the curtains to know what is happend and saw a big lizard there. That was in the position: if you touch me you will see what I'll do with you!!!

I had tracks of his teeth (I don't know but am sure that it was a male because it was big and very serious) for much time than.

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Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Shrews

This photo is from "Cute Funny Animals" but I don't want to tell you a funny or nice fable about them. My story is TERRIBLE. It's a story of horror. And the bads in it are these cute and happy animals. The shrew is their name, I think.

Here, near the house, live great quantity of the shrews. The adults are not longer as 7 cm, I think. They have very nice fur, by the way. And I read once, somebody had a fur coat made from them. Maybe it was a revenge. I would catch them all and make a coat too.

I have seen them. I don't know how we cought them because they live under the earth. For some years they destroyed my vegetable and kitchen gardens. I like bulbs and had ever tulips, narcisses and others of very different sorts. And they LOVE bulbs. I had hundreds -hundreds, you understand?- of these flowers for some years. One year the shrews ate ALL of them!

Somebody said me, they don't like the smell of the bulbs of narcisses. Next year I planted tulips among the narcisses (I ove both). What do you think??? They passed narcisses and ate tulips. What is the problem? I had the incredible sorts of dahlias. The first year they ate all of them. The second year I planted them in the metal nets. They ate them the same because theycould enter inside.

But at least I cryed about them. That second year was too hot. Really too hot. There was not water and there were not plants enough to eat for them. They finished everything they could find in my garden. There were some dahlias else. In those metallic nets. The poor animals tryed to enter inside and letterally left their fur on the net. And I found some of them dead near my nets.

It was a sad picture. I do not use metal nets from that time.

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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Cute Flying 2-Days-Old Ducklings

When I watch something in TV, I do not notice different things. The TV is too fast. And the informations follow one after other and hardly remain in the head. That is why I like to find them in YouTube. I can watch them with calm.

I'm sure, you've seen this documentary. But watch it once more. I'm sure you will understand what I'm speaking about.

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Monday, 2 March 2009

Birds Love Ice Cream Too

I was surprized to see a great gallery of photos showing the seagulls steal ice creams. I could not imagine that the birds love sweeties too.

Our dogs eat bisquits, Murka eats cakes sometimes. Normally am I to learn them this sin. Once we had a rottweiler of a friend for some days. I gave him bisquits but he did not know what they are. He ate them to make me a pleasure, for the first time. But he was the first to ask me them a day later.
Our hens can eat bisquits too, but they seem do not prefere them. And the pigeons did not eat them at all.

That is why I was surprized to see photos in that site.

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