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Friday, 19 October 2007

Close for 2,5 weeks

Dear Friends,
Today I have to say good-bye to you. For serious reasons I have to go in Russia and return to blog on November 7.

In this period I will have not access to internet. Maybe I'll go to internet club there but I don't know if it will be possible to submit a post from there, I had great problems with access in summer.
If you'll find a new post it will be only to maintain my blogs working, not that I can answer your comments or mails.

So you will find me to visit your sites only when I return in Italy.

I wish you all the best for this period and for ever too. :)))

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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Killer Whale Luna

I didn't know this story, 've seen only the picture.
This is the photo from 2001. Killer whale Luna has lost his realtives (pod) in July of 2001, showed up in Nootka Sound, off Vancouver Island and remained to live in this bay interacting with people and this dog too.

The newspapers said, he became the main tourist attraction, but ... tourists came there to abuse it too (poked and prodded, poured beer down his blowhole).

The scientists decided to reunite Luna with his pod. It could to be good. Read this:
Meanwhile, the Mowachaht-Muchalaht First Nations people, a native Canadian tribe, raised concerns about moving Luna, whom they call Tsuux-iit. Their late chief had said he would return in the form of a whale. Shortly after his death, Luna appeared. (Source)

I looked for one video about a very good trained dog that I saw once time ago and found this one about Luna. And found older sources about it.

It would be interesting to know something about the end of this story.

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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Useless cat

This is an old story and you can see it in the internet at least 2-3 years. But I like it and now try to post here one of the photos. It's very cute and not only explains how different species become friends. We all, mammals, have the same feelings and many of us have empathy for sufferings of other beings.

Than what about mouses and rats, I see those of them that live here, near our house. Specially they love our hen-house. These animals are very interesting and powerful enough to ruin cement floor. And are not afraid of us. They live on the trees and in the trees too, they even can pass their life on the trees - they live on the trees on the sea-front in Salerno because workers put poison on the earth there. They walk from one tree to other using their branches.
I don't like them, but I respect them, you know.
Read these posts too
Rats attracted by cats
Poor mouses and rats

And now the story:

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Sunday, 14 October 2007

We can help all us, dear friends-bloggers

In this blog I repeat my post in "Diary" too. I think, It's important for all us that is the reason.

One of the friends, Terry, in his recent post about Alexa ranking writes, we can help one other to reach highest blog rank on Alexa if we install the Alexa toolbar and than simply brows internet,visiting our blog-friends sites. This will do in the mode that Alexa knows about us.

For more info visit Terry's post, because I'm not very informed about all this things.
To instal the toolbar click this address

I installed this toolbar. So when I visit your site it has to add points to your Alexa-rank. I understood it's enough to have it installed in the browser, nothing more. Or not?

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Saturday, 13 October 2007

Great Notice: chinese tiger founded!

It was photographed on October 3, a young wild South China tiger. One of the world's 10 most endangered animals.

The last wild South China tiger sighting was in 1964. Nobody has seen a wild animal for more than 20 years. There are about 68 of them in zoos and, experts thought, about 20-30 in the wild. There were 4000 tigers in 1950-th, but Mao Zedung did not love them and ...

This tiger (
Panthera tigris amoyensis) is one of the world's smallest (2.5 m long from head to tail, 150 kg) and the only chinese native tiger.

WWF says, they are functionally extinct because there is neither habitat no pray left.

That is why this notice is really great! Maybe now Chinese government will do something for them as they did for pandas.

Photo from the site of WWF

See my posts
"Tigers in the web"
"Once more about tigers"
"Siberian Tiger"too.

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Life in aquarium

There are many interesting great and not very great state-,city- ecc aquariums. In my life I could visit 2 of them: Aquariums of Genoa and of Neaples.

Aquarium of Genoa is very modern and interesting, that of Neaples is very old (from 1947, I think, "antiquariat" but interesting to visit. I wanted to give here a link to my post in WordPress-blog about my visit there, but that blog is "suspended" (only they can understand why).

Today I wanted to write here about home aquarium. A video I've seen today, remembered me the story I had in my home aquarium too.

I had a little aquarium, about 50 liters, and different fishes there. Among them there were 2 or 3 goldfishes (Carassius auratus). There were guppy ((Poecilia reticulata) too, and they had little guppies. With time I began to notice, there are always less and less fishes in my aquarium. At the end there were only goldfishes, some guppies and Pterophyllums.

Somebody said me than, goldfishes eat other fishes in the aquarium, they are like wolves. They even ruin everything in aquarium and if you want to have a goldfish in your aquarium, you have not buy other fishes and herbs.

Some time later I had to go to live in an other place and gifted my aquarium to my friends. So till now I don't know if it was true or not. But it was a great experience (to have an aquarium) in my life.

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Friday, 12 October 2007


Do you think it's a delinquent that runs away from the police? No, this is a fugitive. It happend on the motorway towards Glasgow, Scotland.
A lorry with 3000 chickens crashed on a busy road. The motorway was shut for more than 8 hours till the birds were rounded by specialists team and police. Daily mail.

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Lion's Love

This notice I found about a year ago.
In Cali, Colombia, was found a lion abused and emaciated in a traveling circus.
Ana Julia Torres, 47, a teacher, works now rehabilitating animals and when this lion came in her shelter, she had to feed and nurse him to bring him back health.

Torres began to do this work, when she realized how many wild animals live in the houses of her puplis and are rejected after some time.

The lion loves the woman very much. Today I found the entire video about them. That is why I decided to post about them today.
Look at him when he kisses her and gives her these huges:

It's the greatest animal I know that shows his love to the person that saved him. I know the dogs remember it for all their life too.
Do you know a love-story like this?

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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Hippo's,Gorilla's and Ranger's Tragedy

Thank you for all your encouragement and support. Please lobby. I do not know much about lobbying outside of my country and how you put pressure, but anything you can do to help us get back into the park and protect the animals will be much appreciated. Thank you to you all.

Director Norbert Mushenzi

This is an appeal from Virunga National Park. I wrote about the situation there maybe a month ago. That day, there were different rangers that went in the forest to protect gorillas and did not turn back. The good notice is, they are alive.

But the bad notice is that the rebels do not leave the park and continue to kill animals. For meat and for profit. Persons die too.

The direction of the park needs help. You can read about it in their blog here

They ask about not very great donations, from $15 if you see this special ranger's blog
Every blogger asks today money for a cup of coffee and I know,they receive this money sometimes. Here they speak not about coffee, but about help for survival of animals and of persons that die for really great reason.

Not only money are important. Leave your comments in their blogs to give them power in their fight. Everybody of us knows how is difficult to advance without a good word of other people.

Other addresses you can find in this my first post about them:

What happens with gorillas?(click here)

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Wednesday, 10 October 2007 your way to resolve problems

Are you bus-driver or bank manager, housekeeper or salesman, everybody of us needs from time to time cash advance to resolve urgent financial problems.

Today it is not necessary to sell your private possediments or borrow money from family and friends. There are very popular solutions like cash advance loans also known as payday loans.

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When you open the site, you find a list of the better and more economical cash advance marketing sites and you can chose which is more interesting for you.
Your loan can be approved if you meet simple criteria like the minimum income ( at least $1000 pro month) and an active checking or savings account. This status has pratically every employed person.

If you need a short-term financial assistance, think about payday loan with Cash Advance.

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Love and friendship

Funny Pictures
Funny Videos

Other interesting blogs to visit:
Your Wisdom of Total Happiness this blog contains interesting articles that analyze what is happiness, why are we not happy and what ca we do to become happy in our everyday life. Reviewed by Liudmila
Panopticum Very interesting blog (written in russian) where you can read hystorical and phylosophical articles.
Reviewed by Liudmila

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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

What is "Bos"

Bos is the genus of wild and domestic cattle or oxen. Bos can be divided into four subgenera: Bos, Bibos, Novibos, and Poephagus, but the distinction is controversial. The genus has five extant species. However, this may rise to seven if the domesticated varieties are counted as separate species.
From Wikipedia

You can say me, you know everything about this animal. You eat it's meat every day. And you don't think about the eyes of a calf in the butchery. Those eyes, when the trusty calf comes to the man with a pistol, rises his great eyes and...

Here I don't want to tell you hard stories. No. I want to tell you, about this treasure that human being posesses.

"Toro" was the greatest animal in the forests of Europe. People have seen it as a totem, a sort of God. To this animal they entrust the lives of those joung men that had to leave their villages: you have to go where
the bos leads you, and in that place you have to build your new village.

It was one of the most important parts of their economy too. Every part of it's body was precious. All the life of human being was bounded to the periods of life of these animal.

And when the men wanted to show his power, he went in the forest to affront "toro". Later they began to show these fights to all their society, to conquist their women and to show to be better as other men. This usage you can see today in Spain.

So much we are in debt to this animal and have at least think and speak about him with respect.

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Monday, 8 October 2007


Everybody knows that albinism is several gene mutation. What I didn't know that there are different degrees of albinism.

True albino is named amelanistic. It is withe and has pink eyes. But sometimes the eyes are blu. And this is partial albinism.

There are forms of partial albinism when only one part of body is white. And there are even cases when partial albinism dipends from different conditions. In the Siamese cat has an interesting form of albinism: it has pigmentation in cooler areas of the body.

Interesting is that the area of mutation dipends from the period of embryo divelopment. Earlier occures the mutation, bigger is the area.

Other peculiarity is that white animals with dark eyes and maybe some pigmentation are not albino. This is an other mutation. As example: we all know white tigers.

I was inspired to write this post by the notice about white alligator in the Knoxville Zoo. The article saнs, this alligator lives in dark because it's skin don't likes sun.

They say, normally is unpossible that albino animal can survive for a long time in nature. But on this other photo there is a albino giraffe that the researcher has looked 12 years for. He thought, the gifaffe was dead, but one happy day he found it. And there was a photographer near him to prove the story he told everybody for long 12 years!

Effettua la registrazione a PayPal e inizia ad accettare pagamenti tramite carta di credito immediatamente.

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Saturday, 6 October 2007

Anaconda and Reticulated Python

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Exotic Pet Shop

Yesterday I posted interesting videos about these great snakes. Today I wanted to learn more about them.

The most long snake ever measured was a 33 feet= 10 meters long Asiatic Reticulated Python (buy it).

They spoke many times about 100 feet (34 meters) and 50 feet (15 meters) anacondas seen by hunters. One organization gives great money to those who shows 10 meters long anaconda, but in many years nobody could dimostrate it.

Anaconda (Eunectes murinus) is not the longest, it's the largest snake, boa constrictor(Buy Common Boa Constrictor). It is known that anaconda can grow till 9 meters long, weight 250 kg (!) and till 30 cm in diameter.

The Tamil word anaikolra meens "elephant killer".

The longest Reticulated Python ( Python reticulatus)(buy any species of python) as said was 10,05 meters long, his weight can arrive 160 kg (great difference, I say). Normaly adult phyton is 6-7 meters long. (so a little snake... imagin to meet something like this)

And now what interesting says Dr. Jesus Rivas about anacondas he studied about 11 years
He studied more than 900 animals!
Anaconda females are much more larger than males and it is the biggest difference found in tetrapods.
There is no competition fights between males. They only push each other.

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Boa Constrictor Manual, The from Constrictor Manual, The
Author Phillipe de Vosjoli

Relatively docile and safe reptiles, boa constrictors are thought to make some of the best large snake pets.
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Friday, 5 October 2007

Anaconda and great snakes -part 1

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This morning we spoke about anaconda and I remembered this story:

Once upon a time (more or less 5 years ago) happend this in Moscow. :)))
One nice morning a lady of middle age went in the toilet of her flat situated in one of the many-storied palaces.
After some minutes she beat out the toilet door and jumped out of the toilet crying as mad. When she was sitting comfortably and thinking about the life (in the toilet), a great snake came out of the w.c. pan and beat her. It was a little anaconda about 2 meters long, a pet of one of the men that lived some floors higher. He closed the snake in his toilet when he went to job that morning and the snake decided to go for a walk using the toilet drain.(buy any species of python and other snakes and reptiles to live similar adventure in your flat too)

Today I found some interesting videos about 2 greatest snakes (this one from National Geographic)

And this video impressed me so much, I could not breath till the last minute

Hope this stupid tiger will remember for all his life this experience.
And finally some "horror" photos of anaconda.

I wanted to dedicate at least one post more to this incredible snake.

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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Dog and Cat Breeders International

Many of us have a dream about a special cat or a special dog. We are so proud to imagine our friend as the best. Things become more complicated when we pass from the theory to practice.

Befor you go to the breeders, visit PawSitesOnline

This site is specialized in dogs, puppies, cats and kittens sale.
Here you find many important information, not only advertising of animals in sale all over the world, by national (USA) and local breeders and kennels.
You find many advises. Read what to do and to think befor you buy your puppy or kitten. The first thought you have to do is that a puppy is not just a toy. You have to decide, do you want an animal for show or a pet. This is important, because a show dog is not only more expensive but needs your great dedication and work to become a star.

Decided this, you can pass to the registered breeders page.
You can find here breeders by categories, handlers and jobs in pet industry, organizations and clubs, veterinarians and pet hospitals.
Very interesting for those who looks for a special animal: registered breeders and buyers receive notification about new adds and when a puppy is available. You don't need to search anymore everything you find in one place.

On the page
dogs for sale you can find alphabetical breeds list, photos and stories of animals in sale, breeders sites. Interesting here is that there are special signs near the breeder's descriptions, you know directly if this breeder has puppies in this period.

Please remember, dogs and cats live about 15 years (I knew a cat died at the age of 18 years). Be responsable. You have to love them for all their life.

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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Strange couples

Sometimes I find stories about friendship between animals of different species. These stories go round the internet but I had never seen them befor

and the relationship golden retriver-Koi

We are surprised when the animals in our hous accept one other. We don't think they accept us too...

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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Heroic Mule


One day an unfortunate mountain lion, probably half dead from the hunger, decided to make it's breackfast with the dogs of a couple that went for a walk in that place.

A hero-mule saved them. Incredible photos from

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Basja and the Moon

I don't know why I like photos with the moon in the last period. I even posted one of them in a competition, but persons that visited that competition didn't like that photo. They liked a photo I posted only to have a number of photos that I needed. Can you explain me this preferences? Why people never like what I like? And if I don't like a photo, the site accepts it as good. (I tell you now about a site where I presented some photos for sale.)

I wanted to understand it, because it's important for me if I want work with internet photography. Maybe somebody can explain me this phenomenon?
And than, how to understand the preferences of people?

So, here on this photo is Basja and the moon. Interesting is that the eyes have different light. I think the cats have more difficult life as we. Imagin you have to live day and night.

Or other question: imagin you have to live all your life in the water like dolphins for example.
Maybe, that life is more beautiful as ours? They hear and see and feel more than we can.

You see what questions come in my head in the last period?

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Monday, 1 October 2007

Animals on Photo Bedding for your Kids

Photos of best pet friends of your kids you can gift them with Kids Bedding. offers you the highest quality photo bedding not only for kids but for children of any age and teens. On this site you can find pre-designed bedding or you can insert the photo of your pet. There are different products for you: photo blankets, photo bedding, photo pillows and photo dog beds. So you can find your great gift not only for children but for everybody you need to prepare a present. The best moments in your life or in the life of your family, your collegues, your friends.

There is the possibility to insert from one to different photos on the bedding. With the advanced technology of today offers you
-superb quality
sharp, vividly colored photos on your bedding
-all bedding is hand crafted in the U.S.A.
-you can wash and dry it in the machine
-the new technology does not alter the fabric texture and will never fade

There are some rules to remember. First of all your photo has to be
in .jpeg format and over 500k in size. It's clear, if you want to see great quality photo on your bedding, your photo has to be as high quality as possible.
Visiting thesite ,you'll find other advises to custom your high quality very special and personal gift that will give happiness to your children, family or friends for all the life.

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Happy new day! (funny animals)

I like the publicity if it's funny or helps me to understand something new. This time I found in one of the blogs this funny video. If you didn't see it else I hope it will make you smile.

And this one, have you seen it?

Happy new day!

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