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Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!!!

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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Cats are Terrible Animals

Cats are the top of Creation, I think. You can say anything but they are incredibly courageous -it's the fact we've just proved here different times. Open the category Cats here in the sidebar to see the videos how the cats fight versus snakes, for example. Our Siamese cat was not afraid to fight against the dogs if they wanted to enter the house. There is a video where the cat catches a bear.

This time videos have incredible: cat that protects the beach (or only meat?) from... alligators! The first is far enough from the place of attac, but the second shows clearly that the cat shoots with the claws -and the cocodrile obviously does not like it.

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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My Dear Friends, I wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you and want to make you a gift: photos to smile in all my blogs. So, visit all of them to smile more and more brightly!!!

Чудеса под новый год -  К нам на ёлку выпал... КОТ!!!

Смотреть ещё!

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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Russian Bears are Clever & Smart

Well, you need not translation here ;-)))
(don't watch it if you understand Russian and have less than 18 years ;0)))

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Pigeons in an Elder Tree

Yesterday I was in Salerno because we had a meeting of our Archeological group. The parkings in the center of Salerno are too expencive, so I left the car in the port where I know there is one free parking. It's relatively far, I need about 20 minutes to reach it, so it's often not complete.

The weather was good when I turned back and there was not wind too. I enjoyed the sun -we see it rarely in this period, you know, I tell about it frequently. There were not many cars in the street and more less persons at that time. Suddenly, I heard strange flapping.

I looked in that direction and understood that  was flapping of the wings. And ... there were many pigeons that flew to this tree, leaned on it and made that noice with their wings trying to stay in it.

It was a little elder tree full of fruits. I passed many times near it and did not see it at all. Thanks to the pigeons I know now how it's interesting. I did not see elder trees before. We have only bushes of it here. The other interesting thing is how thriving are the plants near Salerno -they have not much soil and water

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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Tigers on the Streets of Moscow

Well, it's maybe not very usual: the worldwide known legend tells that there are bears walking on the streets of Russia. In all my life I did not see one in our cities. But ...there were tigers there. They came in the capital!

Yes, it was a WWF invention and you can see what they did in this video. At the beginning, the appeal growl for the tiger (to protect them, clear) and than the tigers on the streets.

I think, you will enjoy watching this other video, too. By the way, look at the relations between the man and both animals. He is very brave to treat them equally. The problem of many of us -even with the children in the family: we show more love and attention in confront of the little or the nice. It creates grave emotion: jealousy with all the negative consequences. Here we see that the mail (lion) is more nice, more sure. The female is more timid. But the man trys to feel her equal in the group. Very educational video in this sense.

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

It's Raining! The Poor Stray Cat...

It's raining. Days and nights, weeks and weeks, and just months and months without stopping. At least two days of sun, oh my dear God, to make these poor beings remember how was the world before! Before this Flood!

Nothing. Nobody wants to listen. And infinite quantities of water fall down in one part of the world. Than you will say me that there are places where all the beings are dieing without water! Why not devide: some days of rain -to them and some days of sun -here?

The climate changed, I say you. We have only one season now: rain. Rain in summer, rain in winter, rain in autumn and in spring.

Cats are the best sign that the weather will not change this day. The poor cinderella that wants to be a stray cat but wants to use all the amenities of the house life. Without duties of a house cat, clearly. Well, at least for weather forecast...

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Monster Video

There are many stories about all kinds of "monsters" survived on the earth despite of the unrelenting desire of humans to destroy everything possible on this planet. I said many times that I believe in the existance of some of them -like Yeti (there are different posts about it on that page).

Here is a new for me video about Nessie. Sincerely I do not believe it was a real "event", probably it's a show. But in any case it's interesting to watch and that is why I post it here.

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Monday, 8 November 2010

Hatha Yoga with Basja

This autumn is not too cold but the rains continue. And the cats look for the warm places. The most warm seem to be my legs. If they are not available, the poor Basja has to find other solutions. So we do asanas together. The bow is comfortable even if the place is not enough to sleep. But after the Bow Liudmila passes first to the Cobra and than to the Downward-Facing Dog... Basja has to settle on... mmm... the 5-th point. 20 seconds or so later Liudmila passes to cobra once more. Basja begins to slip from the 5'th point down on the back. To maintain the position she uses all the claws...

Хатха -Йога Зимой
«Хатха -Йога Зимой» на Яндекс.Фотках

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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cat and Snake

I read some time ago that snakes do not like camels and ...cats. They prefere to avoid them, the article I read said.

My friends sent me the first of these videos today. I remembered the story about the cat bitten by a copperhead snake but survived. I even wrote about it here "The luckiest cat of the world". Now, look the videos. Are they so stupid, these cats? Don't they understand that snakes are dangerous? And there are MANY similar videos in YouTube, you know...

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Circus in Nocera Superiore

Nocera Superiore with it's "4 cat's" of population (as the Italians say) could maybe be the last place where you expect to see circus. But they happen relatively often here. First they stopped near Nocera Inferiore that had enough place for a circus tent. This year Nocera Superiore has a special place for own shows. And it was a real show, I have to tell you.

Circus had placed it's animals so that the visitors could see them, and there were crowds all days long around it. We did not go inside and could only see giraffe, camels and tigers but there were other animals too and children could even touch some of them.

The most interesting was this little giraffe that did not want to go out from it's "home". The most surprising were tigers. They remained in the car when we were there. Persons could stay near them from other side (of my photo) and -imagine!- the tigers behaviour was like that of the cats. They wanted to interact with the persons and were very playful. Yes, it's clear, they live all their life with humans, but I was surprised to see "cats" for me the same.

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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hours left to stop mass extinction -ACT Too!

Will we stop mass extinction?

I've just signed an urgent global petition supporting a new treaty to prevent mass extinction. The petition will be delivered Friday at UN talks in Japan -- check out the email below and sign on here:


Dear friends,

There are only 300 northern right whales left, and 99% of blue whales have been wiped out. These majestic giants are endangered species, and their case is being played out across the world, time and again. In fact, one third of all life forms on the planet are on the brink of extinction.

The natural world is being crushed by human activity, waste and exploitation. But there is a plan to save it -- a global agreement to create, fund and enforce protected areas covering 20% of our lands and seas by 2020. And right now, 193 governments are meeting in Japan to address this crisis.

We have just 2 days left in this crucial meeting. Experts say that politicians are hesitant to adopt such an ambitious goal, but that a global public outcry could tip the balance, making leaders feel the eyes of the world upon them. Click to sign the urgent 20/20 petition, and forward this email widely -- the message will be delivered directly to the meeting in Japan:

Ironically, 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity. By now, our governments were supposed to have "achieved a significant reduction of the current rate of biodiversity loss." They have failed, consistently caving to industry when given a choice between narrow profit and protecting species. Our animals, plants, oceans, forests, soils, and rivers are choking under immense burdens from over-exploitation and other pressures.

Humans are the primary cause of this destruction. But we can turn it around -- we've saved species from extinction before. The causes of biodiversity decline are vast, and stopping them is going to require a move away from empty piecemeal promises with no clarity on who will pay, to a bold plan with strict enforcement and serious funding. The 20/20 plan is precisely that: governments will be forced to execute strict programmes to ensure that 20% of our earth is protected by the 2020 deadline, and massively scale up funding.

It has to be now. All over the world the picture is beginning to look bleaker -- there are only 3,200 tigers left in the wild, our oceans are running out of fish, and we're losing unique food sources to large mono-plantations. Nature is resilient, but we have to give it a safe place to bounce back. That's why this meeting is key -- it's a watershed moment to accelerate action based on clear commitments that protect nature's capital.

If our governments feel overwhelming public pressure right now to be courageous, we can jolt them to commit to the 20/20 plan at this meeting. But it's going to take every one of us to get that message to echo around the convention in Japan. Sign this urgent petition below, then forward it widely:

Already this year Avaaz, members have played a critical role in protecting elephants, defending the whale-hunting ban, and securing the world's largest Marine Protected Area in the Chagos Islands. Our community has shown that we can set ambitious goals -- and win. This campaign is the next stage in the essential battle to create the world that most of us everywhere want -- where natural resources and species are valued, and our living planet is protected for future generations.

With hope,

Alice, Iain, Emma, Ricken, Paula, Benjamin, Mia, David, Graziela, Ben, and the rest of the Avaaz team


The Times: "Third of all animals and plants face extinction"

The Guardian: "Public awareness of the biodiversity crisis is virtually non-existent"

Sydney Morning Herald: "UN calls for immediate action to save life on earth"

IUCN: "Why is biodiversity in crisis?"

More on the Convention of Biodiversity meeting

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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

News about Siberian Tigers and Snow Leopards

WWF of Russia sent me a very nice notice: with the donated money, scientists could buy and instal 5 photo-traps in hunting grounds in Amur Region, Sergej Aramilev writes. These traps allow to count tigers and other animals living in that place, you know it.

What you did not know is that the photos made by the traps are exposed in the WWF offices and hunting ground offices where all the persons can know every tiger "personally".
The hunters become proud to have these majestic animals in their zone.
From other side, they do not want the cameras can take the photo of unauthorized shooting.

So, the photo traps are very-very useful for the protection of the animals.

The good notice is that the hunting grounds create a good base of wild animals that are the food for tigers too. And the traps show a large variety of species.

Dear Friends, I received the answer from WWF of Russia (I asked them if the persons from other countries can donate money too). Here is the page if you want to help Amur Tiger and Amur Leopard 
Pls help these corageous people to continue their selfless labour!

They  counted 7  leopards too. 3 of them were males, 1 was a female, others they could not identify. It's a very good notice -if you remember I wrote some years ago that there were known only 20 leopards living in the wild. 7 leopards in only one region -it's GREAT, don't you think?
The article in Russian from the site of Russian WWF was written on October 15.

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Friday, 15 October 2010

Elefants on the Bridge

Stumbling, I found this interesting photo:

 and could not believe my eyes. Is it a true photo or a collage? I could ot understand but than I had these ideas "contro":
The bridge seems to be not adapt for the place.
The elephants have nothing to do in such places even if guided by the humans that seem to be less intelligent than animals.
Animals would not go all together on that bridge, I think.

Do you think, I'm right?

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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Splendid photo and Circus in our Village

Incredible beauty. Elegancy. Cats are the best models. But this photo is the best of all I've seen. You will agree with me.

I have to tell you about the transformation of our stray cats in domestic, too. It's maybe because the weather is not good: it rains just for a week. Both cats stay at home now. Kotja began to speak with me as his mother did. Very pleasant sound, I like it very much. He (Kotik) is not so stressed now, remains always near the house and likes to speak with me.

There is a circus in the village under our hill now. We passed nearby this evening. They have different big animals: tigers, camels, giraffe. All the population was there when we came. THey had little spaces for their cages to walk there. Unfortunatelly I had not my photocamera. Even the cell remained at home. In any case it was just night, too dark for the photos.

We wanted to join the crowd.One of the camels ate the leaves of a ficus. I was surprized: ficus is toxic as I know. Maybe camels can eat them, I thought. But than I thought the boys that gave to the animal a big branch of ficus...

The other camel was standing in a corner of own pen reeling, with the posterior legs bending...  We could not look at this poor stressed animal and went away. I would ban exotic animals in such places. They deserve respect for all they do for us...

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Cat and Dog: Long Life Smile

- Хозяйка, спасибо, конечно, но, вроде ж, я уже выросла, чтобы в куклы играть...

Ну миленький,ну пошли на улицу воздухом дышать! А то там после дождя такие лужи!

Шарик окончательно увяз в неприятностях всеми четырьмя лапами.


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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Those Good Giants -Rottweilers

Dear Bear Wife,

I had different dogs in my life and have some opinions myby not very orthodox aabout the dogs generally. First of all, the dog is a reflectin of the owner. Animals generally are the masters of the life in common and they never attac others without a reason. If the owner has psychological problems, the dog probably will be educated to compensate them. That is why many rottweilers are ferocious. Their owners buy a "feroceous" dog to compensate own need to demonstrate own "force" to other persons.

Among the other dogs I had and have seen, the rottweilers are the most calm and pacific. They know about own power, they feel themselves over those other weaklings and they look at the life from this point of view. If you observe the very little dogs, you will notice they allways bark, are agressive and often the owners have to put them a muzzle because they tend to bite persons. Rottweilers will lay calm, observing you.

It is possible to understand little dogs. They are so little, so fragile, nobody notices them, nobody takes them for "personalities". But they need to become the "Kings" too, it's normal for all living beings to try to take a good place in this life.

Once we were on the beach with our dogs.Very far from us, there was a family with children. The little boy came to us from that far where they were to play with the dogs. I was sure Imir never will do something to a child (they understand very well that these are little beings and not adults) and did not say anything. Let him play. Imir was the best ever example of the kindness in this world.

In one moment the boy opened the jaws of Imir and put his head in Imir's mouth. Maybe he wanted to play circus and lions' tamer.

You had to see me in that moment. I stood paralyzed at the place and in the movement I did when I've seen the scene. I was afraid to move, to make something that could provoke Imir to close his jaws.

With happy laugh the boy took his head out of the mouth of Imir, and I surely had some white hairs on my head. At that moment arrived -calm- the father of the boy.

The dogs know everything about us. They know all our "faults" and know to use them for their benefit. So, they have the capacity to communicate on the level we are not able to heat. Maybe it's telepathy or sound frequency that we don't hear -I don't know.

But they have surely many sides of their behaviour that we, children of human haughtiness, wanted to have in other humans and don't find. And first of all we want the unconditioned love, absolutely unpossible between humans quality. And dogs give us this and other precious feelings. 
They say, Saint-Exupéry said: More I know the dogs, more I despise humans.

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Monday, 4 October 2010

Retired, Kotik is in the Dumps

If you follow this blog in the last 4 years, you will remember my very detailed reports about the life of Kotik, the kitten of Murka my husband decided to leave here because he said this kitten remembers him Imir. We laughed often that Imir had this cat-reincarnation because he catched and killed the cats when he could.

Kotik, in fact, has different behavior models that were characteristic for Imir. It's very strange. And it's really difficult to explain, but it's the truth. He behaves often as Imir did.

I did not write about our animals for much time but today I have the photos of Kotja. The problem is that after the wars of this spring he remained without his thron. He is not a King more. I do not knoe who is the King now, I don't see other cats. There was one white-black in spring, the competitor. But I do not see him more.

But Kotja is clearly not a King more. He stays at home all the days, he crys and crys always, he asks something tasty and does not want to eat it then... Well, the clear depression. But I do not understand the reason. He was dethroned months ago.Why this late reaction?

Here are the links that tell you all the story of Kotja.

All the life of Kotik

The short story of Kotik
Where can you find Kotik on Christmas?
Where our kittens sleep
Nobody wants to play with Matilda

Kotik seems to be a winner
Kotik And His Son 
Kitten Update
Kotik And Sausages
Kotik fights against Foxes
Was Kotik Dethroned?

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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Divers That Save Nature

 Divers often are seen not very good because they say, they destroy the environment, disturb animals and steel, if can, the natural and man-made tresures "hedged" in the ocean. But as in all other activities, there are those good and those not conscious divers.

An interesting article about the persons imntended to protect the nature and not to destroy it. There is an organization of drivers (80,000 members and 4,000 dive centers worldwide!) that promove conscious diving and protection of the ocean. It's name is AWARE (Aquatic World Awareness, Responsibility and Education). They organize the days of common diving to clean this or that part of the seas and oceans.

Водолазы на подстраховке
«Водолазы на подстраховке» на Яндекс.Фотках

Imagine what quantities of junk they have to remove! Tonns! Specially in the lakes. Oh yes, they clean lakes too. They speak about 200 similar actions only in Russia. And divers in other countries make their work too.

As it is possible to iimagine sometimes they find treasures. Most often those are adornments, rings and earrings. There are different jbjects of historical value. Things  made from wood like a XIV century bridge, ships etc. 

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Thursday, 23 September 2010

How a Turtle Eats

I love animals and had different species in house in my life. From fishes in an aquarium that were entertainment of all the family and you had to wait in a queue to observe their behaviour turned home from job, till hens in their henhouse, scorpions and snakes that live in the yard, rats that have not any shame and walk near the henhouse when they want including the daytime...

The animal I never had is the turtle.

I have seen them wild in Turin, in a park. There was a little lake so full of this animals that they had not place to swim. Than, later, one of my friends bought some of them for heer son. She said, her son loves them soooo much. They grew about a hand big, you know.

Once a very big turtle came to them and decided to live in their house. They did not know where it came from. It was about 40 cm long. It lived there when I came to visit them. My friend bought salad and carrots for it and -imagine- it came near the house at the time of lunch every day. I was surprized to observe how it ate. My god, we are fortunate to have the possibility to use hands to eat. Today I found this nice photo and remembered that turtle.
It went away so as it came to my friend.

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Monday, 13 September 2010

Community of Fun and Cute Pets

Some of my friends bloggers like their pets so much that decided to create blogs where they write posts so as pets are their authors. But they are not alone now. There is an entire Cuteness Pet Community where pet lovers can stay in contact with virtual friends of their favourites. This site allows to have a profile of the pet with it's photos, descriptions of anything the owner wants to tell others about his favourite animal. And attention, it's not about only dogs or cats. This community unites all species of the pets, and you can interact with the owners of all the species you like in one site.

Interesting is that you can participate on different competitions, rate photos you like, choose the Cutest Pet or even challenge an other pet to a Cuteness Duel. When you open Cute Pet Challenges, you find 3 "rings": Battlezone, Thunderdome and Pet Challenges. It's so intersting: some persons challenge to the Duel cat vs dog, for example; and allow me to say it, I would not know who from them, kitten or puppy, is the cutest, because I love both dogs and cats, and beauties like Minnie and Rolf, those I like more than others, can't leave your heart indifferent when you see them.

Dog Park is an other interesting place to visit in this community. It was created to stay all together. Meeting with your pet's virtual friends, chatting all at the same time, exchanging notices and opinions is a way to relax and to become real friends. You can even invite your friends for a virtual party.

Thunderdome offers an opportunity to win important prizes. Only 2 of all the participants that pass the 5 Rounds of competition arrive to the ultimate championship's vote. And the cutest wins.

If you need an advise what treatment or toy your pet needs, this community offers quality products tested by the members, too.

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Friday, 10 September 2010

Cats That Work

Our 2 stray cats became bully in the last period. They come only to pretend to eat and they do not want to eat whatever we give them. They want only what they like. And they cry continuously if do not receive what they want.

I'm tired to listen to them. Specially because I think the cat has to be hungry to catch mices and rats. And these 2 are never hungry because they eat very regularly, 3 times a day, you know. They never forget to come and are always on time for meals. Interesting is that they come three (!) times a day.

I began to agdue with my husband. The cats have to work to receive to eat. I will show you that Basja catches the mices, he said me.

The same day he took her in garage to catch mices. Than he came to me and told she got one when he was working there. I did not believe. She is his favourite pet and he wants to protect her from my charges.

Than he took her in the henhouse. Litteraly after a minute her turns to me and says: take a photocamera and come here!!! I took the camera and here is what I've seen. It's Basja turning from the henhouse.

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A Pool For The Cat

I decided to buy a little pool for children to have the possibility to "swim" there. The summers are too hot for me here, in Italy, and I feel very bad often. The only possibility to turn my body to the normal temperatures is the water. So, this year I decided to pumper myself.

Everything was good, I was happy and laughed as a little child "swimming" in this "pool" but the problems did not late to come. The blue part of the pool was down just some days later. I could not understand the reason: we have not little children here and nobody could make holes. And than I even could not find those holes. Glue did not help, there were other holes there.

Nothing to do, I had to resign myself about the lower part of the pool down. I had other 3 parts else, I sad to me, it will be enough to "swim" there.

Then, one day, I open the garage and there is our cat Basja near me. She is visibly happy and wants to play.

What does she do to express her happiness, you will ask me?
She lays on her back near my pool, rolls about herself some times and...
With horror I see how she turns to the pool and, with the help of all her claws inserted in the plastic of the pool, begins to slide around it. You can't imagine the happiness of this cat sliding on her back around the pool! It seemed the highest joy on the Earth.
And imagine MY state.

Well, now the green part was down too, and it was clear, it's unpossible to find ALL the holes to repaire it.

With 2 parts down, the pool met the next morning... when the cat was happy too and decided to slide around the yellow part of the pool.

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Monday, 16 August 2010

4 Ears Cats' Breed

The photos of the 4 ears' cats seemed to me an other internet joke. Reading about a kitten I thought that it could be possible to create a breed from one specimen. Some words later I knew that I was not alown to have this idea. The breed just exists. Unfortunatelly I did not find the mname of it. But it's interesting to see them, these special cats.

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Friday, 13 August 2010

Animals Are Looking at You!

This photo I found today following a link posted by KittyKatCash. The author of the photo did a great job but I thought about the signs I've seen in some zoos (my translation is not perfect, tell me if I have errors): Do you behave as a human being? Be brave: Animals are looking at you!

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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Humpback Whales and Their Poo

The Humpback Whales are very interesting animals. I just learned an interesting article about benefits of all whales poo to the Earth and to the humans as part of it's eco-system when I found these really splendid videos of BBC wild, some with the partecipation of David Attenborough.

By the way, did you know that the whales come to make their poo in the surface of the oceans? And if there is not poo of the whales, there is not krill. And if there is not krill, there aren't many and many species depending on it.

I would like to go in the Antarctic. I woud like to see these magnificent animals. Flying whales! Fascinating!

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Thursday, 29 July 2010

SeaWorld Animal Care Specialists Resque Baby Manatee

I'm sure you will enjoy this article I received now. That is why I post it copmpletly here:


-- Orphan is 23rd Rescued Manatee in 2010 --

WHAT: SeaWorld animal care specialists are a little bleary-eyed this week as they provide 24-hour care for a weeks-old, baby manatee. Orphaned by her mother, the female calf arrived at the park’s rehabilitation center on July 24 after being rescued from the waters of Daytona Beach, Fla.

Every three hours the 3½-foot and 41-pound orphan is bottled-fed with the park’s nutrient-rich baby formula that promotes weight gain. Her weight is taken every other day as animal care specialists closely monitor her progress. She remains in guarded condition and park veterinarians hope to eventually return her back to the wild.

The animal was transported to SeaWorld by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

SeaWorld is the global leader in the rescue and rehabilitation of manatees. The park’s Animal Rescue Team is on call 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

2010 Manatee Rescues and Releases





VISUALS: B-roll includes orphan manatee being bottle-fed, weighed and measured at SeaWorld’s Rescue & Rehabilitation Center.


SeaWorld animal care specialist Jeff Braso bottle-feeds a baby manatee, Tuesday, July 27, at SeaWorld’s Rescue & Rehabilitation Center in Orlando, Fla. The park’s animal staff has been providing 24-hour care for the animal since she was orphaned by her mother in Daytona Beach, Fla. on July 24, 2010. (Photo by SeaWorld Orlando)

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Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Right Bed for Your Large Dog

If you own a dog, you know how imortant are the things you purchase for it. Probably you think much if the food you buy help to maintain the dog healthy, if the treatments are effective, if it loves the toys you buy to entertain it. But one of the most important objects your dog has to possess are probably dog beds for large dogs.

What are the reasons of such importance? First of all dogs need a comfort zone where they know nobody will disturb them, where they can retire to rest and sleep, where they feel safe and comfortable. The modern large dog bed can be made in the way to prevent sores on joints like their hips, which can be susceptible to problems like hip dysplasia.

The other reason why your pet needs a quality dog bed for large dogs is the sustainability of the structure. Dog beds, specially those for large breeds, have to be very resistant on beating so that you don't need to buy a new one too often because the materials used to produce it are ungraded; it has to be easy to remove and to transport if necessary. The high quality dog beds are,in addition,easy to clean and washable in mashine that provides extra comfort and support for your large dog.

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Friday, 23 July 2010

Puppy, a Son of a Cat

You can see a normal cat's family on my photo. The mother and 2 her kittens. And you think maybe the cats make always other cats? You are wrong. I found a notice among the news today about a cat that had a puppy in Georgia.

Последний день вместе

Journalists told this story to entertain readers, but scientists say, it's unpossible because the biology of 2 species is too different that they could mate.

True or not -itßs not the first case in the world. 4 years ago one cat had 2 puppies in Brazil and the cat's owner said he saw it mating with the dog of the neighbour.
éPhoto and notice from

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Friday, 9 July 2010

Football World Cup Octopus's forcasts

i'm very sorry, my pc does not work correctly, so i'll try to write the post as better as possible

because not all of my friends heard about the octopus's paul predictions for the football world cup, i want to write some words about it here. you can see many photos in gallery one of them is this

i heard about it when my husband watched news in tv yesterday.
paul predicted spain will win germany. now germans want to catch it and they invent how thwey want to cook it, that poor medium.

i heard the spanish president that told he will send a troup to protect the animal so that he can predict an other victory to spain.

ah, forgot an expert in animal behaviour said, the octopus could choose spain because it preferes the colors of spanish flag.

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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Cows in Val d'Aosta

The cows are maybe not the most loved characters of the posts about animals. In fact, they do not look excellent in the farms and among the mud. The image is completely different when you see them grazing in the field enclosed in the chain of high mountains.

Cows in the Alps

You see them relaxed and happy, clean as in a agricultural show, observing wisely the frnentic life of the humans under them (Oh, if they could see our cities!)

( I'll write about my vacations in Alps in my travel blog soon.)

Cows in the Alps

What can be better than fresh young flowering plants, ringing stream and breathtaking air! Close your eyes and enjoy this life! When you did it last time?

Cows in the Alps

Cows in the Alps

Cows in the Alps

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Is it a Snake?

Snakes are numerous everywhere, I think. I did not see much of them in the nature before I come to live here. First of all, I've seen a very great snake, about 2 m long, in the first months of my life here, and than, in the years that pass, different species of snakes. I think, there are about 5 or 7 species of snakes here. I wrote about them in this blog much too. They are: black, grey with 2 black lines long the body, grey without lines, sand-yellow, viper and grey with pictures. The first 2 can reach 2 and more meters. Viper is the only dangerous snake here and is till 60 cm long.

There were some years when it was unpossible to live here. Snakes were everywhere. Those black mostly. They loved to stay in the henhouse. But we met them on the ground too. Once I killed one little black snake and it was very bad. An other time I found a yellow snake on the road and took it far from the cars. I don't like that the people kill them. One time I've seen a black, I think, snake fly. Yes, it's true. It was on the rock, and when I came nearer, it saw me and was afraid so much to jump very high and disappear in the grass about 20 cm over the place where it was.

Quitz: find a snake on the photo.


I wanted so much to make some photos of the snakes to show them to you but I did not see them. About a week ago I turned home from Salerno and saw somebody running away on the road for me. They are stupod, the snakes, you know. They have to stay where they are and nobody will see hem but they want to run away ... under your feet! It's always so.

So, I've seen it crossing my way.
This time I was more clever, I took my cell and made some photos.
The only thing seemed strange to me.
The snake had a head similar to a lizard.
Could it be a lizard without legs and not a snake?


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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A Cock that Thinks to Be a Dog

There are many stories about different species of animals that behaviour is similar to that of the dog. Maybe you heard about pigs. I thought that the paesants do not love their animals, do not see them as the residents of the cities that often do not have or have time for other company than a pet. Humans know, they have to kill these animals to eat or to sell them and do not see them in other way than food. It's clever because how can you kill your friend?

But I was not right. Recently I've watched a documentary about one part of Italy where the paesants grow pigs for special quality of meat. They grow these pigs with great care. So, the pigs feel members of the family. It was very interesting to watch how they sit near the entrance of the house. The woman caresses and scratches the animal. They all are happy and love one other.


We have some cocks actually. My husband likes them very much. He gives them something tasty every day and goes to them every time he comes home after job. Every time we have at least one of them that follows my husband everywhere. Sometimes they wait near the gate that he has to come back. They even want to stay near him in the house.


As you can see on this photo, the cock has all the head black. He likes cherries very much. And he goes with my husband when he picks up cherries. So, my husband is on the cherry-tree and the cock is under the tree to eat the cherries that fall down.


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Friday, 11 June 2010

Crocodile Attack

The most interesting is the last here. :-)))
I watched a video made by a turtle that found a underwater camera lost by a Datch tourist. It's an amazing story and you can watch the video here:

The camera clinged to a turtle and followed it for 6 months and 1100 miles. After that the turtle lost it on the beach of the island Aruba not far from Venezuela where a policeman found it perfectly working and with the video of the travel of the turtle registered.

After that I found a video you have absolutely watch now. Don't miss it! It's GREAT!
Crocodile Attacks a Drunk Man

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Monday, 31 May 2010

Animal Conservation is Not Interesting More

This sad notice I've just read different times. First it was about Pandas. They sad, the international society is not more interested in the conservation of this specie because they do not collaborate, and it seems all the efforts to save them are wane.

Here is the second similar notice. The tigers are not interesting for international society too.

I don't know, if it's true, if we have to believe, or it is only the disperation of the crisis period and the persons do not want to invest in the future of our Earth more.

In any case, I think you will enjoy this nice and cute video of BBC.

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Tuesday, 25 May 2010


My dear, what a cut image! Have you seen this? From That Cute Site

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