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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Our Newborn Birds' Department

The newborn department is constantly full in this period. Every week born new little birdies and so we have different parts: first days, first weeks, birdies who have not one month... They can not stay all together because those who are too little have to sleep more and they are too fragile. When they sleep, they seem to be dead. The bigger chickens can walk over them and kill them. This is why we need so many "departments".

Unfortunately, we are not expert in grow them up and have to learn everything making mistakes. But it's a great joy to see them run in the henhouse when they become big enough to live there...

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Our Chickens' First Walk

We have many little birds this year. Some of them grow with their mom but we took them in house till today. The weather was not very good and the hen is mad, too. She is too protective and tramples them down. This way, she killed just 2 of these precious chickens and -after this walk- the little who sits on her back was dead, too...

The feeling I had was terrible. I have to do everything for them since my husband has not too much time to pass with them. And I feel really very bad to see them die after all the time I dedicate to cure them.

Ehhh... what can I say... it's necessary to accept the rules of the nature but I am not able to do it.

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A Dog Who Plays Piano

Unfortunately, I could not add this video in my post -it would be very nice to have it in my collection- but it was impossible or, maybe, I don't know how to do it, so you have to open this page to admire the dog who realy plays piano listening the owner playing an other instrument.

Playing Dog

I had a dog that liked to chant with me or when I played piano melodies he loved -like this


But I've never heard about a dog who has a capacity to play melodies...

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When Giving A Cat Treat is Appropriate

Cat owners adore their finicky pets and may from time to time choose to give their furry friends a treat. However, knowing when and how to spoil your pet will ensure your animal’s health and safety. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:
Adding Variety 
If you’re like most pet owners, then you feed your kitty from the same cat food bag until its empty and then you purchase your pet another bag of food. Therefore, your animal is most likely eating his or her next 20 to 100 meals from the same food bag. When you give your pet an occasional treat, your pet’s life will surely become more enjoyable. For your pet’s comfort and safety, you’ll want to keep your animal’s food consistent. However, you can give your pet a treat every once in a while. 
When you are training your animal friend to learn a new behavior, such as walking with a harness, you can reward your pet when he or she learns from the training process. Don’t give your kitty too many goodies while you’re training as too many rewards can reduce their influence. When your furry friend is not cooperating, you should not give your pet a treat. Make sure that you are patient and give your kitty the chance to achieve success. 
Selecting Treats 
When you bring treats home for your pet, be sure to select a variety of flavors and textures. You can choose soft treats for training and to reduce stressful situations. You may enjoy giving your furry friend a
catnip treat, which will encourage a bored cat to find entertainment. 
Catnip treats are also good for overly inactive cats. You have a number of flavors to choose from when buying treats for your pet including salmon, chicken and liver.  You may even find that a certain cat treat, such as Temptation Treats (, are the favorite of your feline, and yield the best behavioral results. 
Treats for your Cat’s Health 
You can improve the health of your cat’s mouth by giving him or her treats since certain types that are formulated to remove plaque and tartar. Other varieties can give your friend fresh breath. When your pet is recovering from an injury or illness, you may consider adding treats to encourage a normal diet. In some cases, you can use treats when your animal is under stress, as this can cause your kitty to go off his or her diet. 
Treats can keep your cat healthy. Treats have a number of benefits for your kitty such as improving your animal’s health, encouraging training, and ensuring your friend is happy. 

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Monday, 11 June 2012

This Cat is so busy to study all the days!

Basja is without any doubt a very busy cat. There are so many things to do every day! Some days ago, I told you about her heroic gesture when she wanted to comfort her owner (my husband) How the Cat Felt Sorry for Her Owner

Now, it's the high time to help me to study. I learn something new every time I have to accompain tourists in one of so rich in important objects of touristic interest of Campania. I like to tell stories to the persons that come here and I'm very interested in the history of this region, too. So, I learn and learn and learn something about them. Yes, it's impossible to tell everything I know but it's for me, first of all. And than, I like when my tourists tell me how much are they surprised that history is so fascinating.

Well, it's hard to sit on the chair all the day. And to sit for the PC, too. So, I put books, maps etc on the floor.

Basja could not avoid to sit directly on my precious maps. And, when she noticed I take the photo camera, she decided to occupy as much place as she can.

  Господи, сколько же можно учить и учить и учить...

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Saturday, 2 June 2012

How the Cat Felt Sorry for Her Owner

Spring is very busy time in every factory. Ours is not a real factory but we decided to grow little hens and some ornamental birds this year.

I'm very busy with chickens and the hen, incubator and gardening. And I don't tell you about other things that are urgently to do in every family. Well, we have a hen that had to grow 14 chickens of every species. I created a little yard for her, and she is happy with her children there. Its the second "yard". The first was in the shed where we believed there are not mice. And there was happend this story.

Two days ago, after the first night the hen passed there, I entered in the shed and saw 2 chickens dead in the hen's "yard". I was shocked. Those precious chickens! We bought the eggs who knows where. We waited for them with impatience... Nothing to do. One of them was still alive, I did everything possible to heal it...
It was clear that the hen squashed it. And one chicken disappeared. We understood that the mouse wanted to eat our chickens for breackfest but the combative hen caught it. When doing it, she squashed those 2 chickens.


My husband, woke up after the night of work, was desperated, too. He said all the words he could find about the mouse and about me because I liberated a rat from the trap once because I could not kill it.
Together with me Basja, our cat, heard him.
We went for shopping, and than he wanted to sleep before he had to go to work. I closed the door of the bedroom and went in the pther room to turn out my PC when -suddenly- I hear somebody hit the bedroom's door.
What it is???? Who could it be????
I go out from the room where I was and see Basja eating calm from her plate. And ...a big dead rat laying for the door of the bedroom.
You are fortunate, I said him. If I would not close the door, she would take that rat to you in the bed!


She decided to comfort her beloved owner, felt sorry for him and took him the killed robber!
My husband believes the rat is really that who stole the chicken. And Basja is now the Hero of our family. It's absolutly clear that she understands it.

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