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Sunday, 22 November 2009

A Lioness With The Mane

A very short quitz for you: how looks a lioness? So:

«Гигиена» на Яндекс.Фотках

Maybe you are right because you have a TV, visit zoos and see lions relatively often. Sometimes the artists have to paint or make a sculpture of something or somebody that he/she had nevewr seen before. On my next photo is the entrance in the Dom of Salerno.

Лев и львица перед кафедральным собором

There are a lion and a lioness symbolizing the power and the love of the church. A medieval sculptor had never seen a lioness. So, the lioness for the door has a mane. And maybe it's the only lioness with the mane in the world!

Лев и львица перед кафедральным собором

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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Poor Rat

Бедная крыска

Look at this poor animal. Look at it's "face". What would you feel if somebody would take you and imerge in a pool. How would be your face?

This rat was destinated to make practice to the cats. My husband took it with the trap in the henhouse and wanted the cats eat it.

I don't approve it and say it to him, but he does not want to consider the rats as sentient beings. Well, if we remember how they ate the legs of the alive 6-kg weight cock... My husband had to kill him than because he putrifyed alive... So, my husband has not compassion for the rats.

Бедная Крыска

It is strainge but the cats did not have any interest for the rat. Maybe because it was wet and had not special smell, or it could not run after the cold bath my husband did it. Or they simply do not like the other's prey -I don't know. But they only looked at it. So my husband had to kill it personally than.

Бедная Крыска

Poor rat... It found bad place for it's family...

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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Where Insects And Snakes Hibernate

It's autumn. And the anomalous year continue it's strainge way. We have anomalous autumn too. It's cold here. Cold for these places. Because years before we could go swimming in the sea till November. The temperature was 25-30°C.

This year is cold. Today we have 12°C and a week earlier were 10° -normal state for winter. And the winds are too cold. There was not normal warm weather this year at all.

So, all the little animals are just sleeping. I did not make photos of them this year unfortunatelly. But I want to show you the place where they hide for winter. Geckos, snakes etc. Open Terrible Lizards , Animals of Campania. Snakes , to see the photos.

Here is a place not too far from our house where the animals hibernate. Look at the "line" on the rock. Over there is hard stone. Under that hard stone there is a soft part. And it is full of holes. There you can find everything from insects till snakes. If you are enough audacious. We know that Elaphe quatuorlineata (the snake on the photo from Wikipedia that could arrive till 240 cm) sleeps there too.

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