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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Guard Dog

This is the prove that the dogs are excellent guards for your house: even if they want to sleep litterally to fall from the legs, they remember that they are guards and have to protect you in this moment. :-))) Oh here is the other very interesting video

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

In the Neighbour Village

There is a new built village not too far from us -about 6-10 km, I think. I wrote different times about it here because it is the most lovely place in all our zone. There are not only resident houses but all the necessary shops and small restaurants, pizzerias, ice-cream shops -everything a modern person needs to feel happy. All this was built around a little park with some ducks and gooses that lived free and without an owner. They were for all people.

That paradise was alive for about 2 or 3 years when the birds were probably cought by somebody.
It was very sad. There was not more water in the pond and there was not the wish to visit that place.

This year the situation changed. The pond was cleaned, the park was restructured. There are new beautyful birds in it. They pass nights in a shed. All the area is closed inside the fence and there are videocameras around it.

Over all the park is the statue of the S. Maria that has to protect the new paradise from those evil-minded persons that are not afraid of people and videocameras but still believe in God. Here are some photos of the modern idea of the Paradise.

В соседней деревне

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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Talking Rabbit for your iTunes

Rabbits are among the animals toddlers love to play with. That is why Apple created a Talking Rabbit to help the moms: infact, this app of  iTunes has different educational tasks but the principal is to teach the children with fun and love. Download the program from App Store and beginn the exploration together with your toddler.

Talking Rabbit likes when the little fingers of your toddler touches her. She will tell your child about it. This way, the parts of the body and their names are so easy to remember! And the fun continues because when your child says the word, Talking Rabbit repeats it with her lovely voice that attracts the attention of the toddler and the desire to continue the game.

But Talking Rabbit will help you to teach your child much more! Every parent knows how difficult is to learn ABC’s and 123’s with the toddler. This app of iTunes is created to change this hard task in a pleasure for both, the kid and the mom. Open the page and view the Talking Rabbit directly in your iTunes. The best notice is that it's free as many of available apps you will find in App Store.

Present Talking Rabbit to your family and begin to have fun!

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Friday, 18 November 2011

Basja Drived Away from Our Yard

БасяBasja is our stray cat. We live in her territory. And she is the last remained from all the dogs and cats we had, you know it. As a stray cat, she allowed us to occupy place here for the food we give her and the duvet we offer her when it rains.

She is week and never could protect herself and her territory.

But she is a very brave hunter and adores mices and even rats that populate our henhouse and eat our hens and cocks. So, she is a very precious help in the house.


Как Кошка С Мышкой

In September, a young cat came to us. he was half dead from hunger and cryed always. I gave him to eat and now he lives here.

Бьёндо и кактус

What is happend now when he thinks he is the owner of this territory? He catched Basja from here and she does not come more. Could you imagine what has to happen in the next days? I'm sure, my husband will send away this cat.

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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Cats' Emotions

All my last posts were about our "factory life". This time I want to gift you some smiles. It's Saturday today and you need them to continue a happy weekend.

Можно вас попросить объяснить вооон той мышке, что я - кошка!

- Господи ! Ну до чего же когти чешутся !!!!

 - Раааз... Ддд... Мурка, вот честное слово, чтоб мне язык прикусить, вчера 20 раз подтягивался!

НЕ-НА-ВИЖУ ТЕБЯ...  шерстяной!

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Friday, 4 November 2011

Hunting a Fox: the First Result

Foxes that live not far from our house create many problems to us. First of all because we are always worried about the hens. Our hens walk all the days outside the henhouse or they can stay inside the fence but not closed in the henhouse. Normally, the foxes do not go out to find their food before the twilight. And so we are relatively sure that nothing can happen.

But sometimes they are tooooo hungry and in these cases they forget the fear.

All the foxes and other animals know that we have a trap, and nobody can be caught with it more. From time to time my husband decided to put something tasty there -a piece of cheese or meat...

Yesterday, he calls me to come with my photocamera because he caught the fox. It's unpossible, I sad. Foxes do not go around in the daytime. Specially if humans are in the yard.
You come here, he says. I caught my fox!

Surprized, I take my photocamera, go down to the henhouse and... see the "fox" in the trap. A stupid, stupid "fox". Hope, he will not go in it more.

Поймалась Лисичка!

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