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Friday, 29 July 2011

Dolphin Baby Born!

These splendid photos I received some minutes ago. It's the great notice and I'm happy to share it. Even if I'm surprized that all these zoos and parks (you will remember, I published different similar articles in the last period) send me their notices -that means maybe that they appreciate to be published in my blog...
Yes, I'm a travel agent and can sell you vacations and other tourist packages in all the SeaWorlds and other great places to visit in US and all over the world, but the notices I publish here are only my delight the event these institutions make me know about.

Look at this first photo! The mother is so content! I feel really great when I see something like this...

A dolphin calf was born Tuesday morning at 9:36 a.m. at SeaWorld Orlando. The calf weighs 35 pounds and is 40 inches long, with the sex unknown at this time.  It was seen nursing and bonding with its mom, both a good indication that the calf is doing well. Park guests can see the pair at SeaWorld’s Dolphin Nursery. In the nursery pregnant dolphins, new mothers, their calves and experienced moms live together.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Dogs Biting a Wild Shark

How much stupid can be our best friends, dogs? My dog could bite hedgehogs and snakes. Most snakes here are not venomous but there are vipers, too. And that stupid dog could perfectly find one. But he was fortunate. This video shows much more stupid dogs than MY was. Watch it!

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Monday, 25 July 2011

The Cat and The Pool

Do you have a cat? I have this one. Well, it's a stray cat but because I live on her territory and because she is a female, we have to give her to eat. Among all the animals that lived in our house, this one is the most wild. She comes only when she wants to eat or the weather is so bad that the quilts are much more warm than the soil. She is so stupid that she is able to sleep on the grass or erth under the rain.

Well, it would be not interesting (for me) if she did not have particular predilection for my plants and pools.
It's difficult to understand WHY the cats like to sleep in the vases with flowers...

...but I can explain it to me so that the wet soil is efficient to make them feel cool.

This other case is a real problem for me

You will say, there is nothing criminal in this photo. Yes, you are right. The crime was happend a moment after. The cat turned on her back and began to slide round the pool moving forward with the help of ... clows.
Logically I have to throw the pools after such "marry-go-round". And because it's just not the first pool that finished it's existance this way, I would prefere to throw the cat...

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Pond with Swans

Once I wrote about a very beautiful place situating not too far from us where we like to relax Saturdays or Sandays. It's a residential area with a little pond where ducks lived.

Утки посреди города

After some time the ducks disappeared from the pond and the water, too. There was a nacked desert for about a year.We asked the merchants but they could not say anything about the situation. The ittle and very nice park became somewthing ... sad. And we did not come there more, too.

Some time ago we came for shopping in the supermarket there and -suddenly- discovered that everything is changed. There is a fanced and video-supervised area with many beautiful ducks and swans. And there are many families and couples and groups of visitors to enjoy the relaxing place.

We need not so much to feel happy. We need nature.

Что бы такого ещё съесть, чтоб похудеть?

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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Kasi the cheetah cub WINS's National Poll for Cutest Zoo Baby

Here is the notice I received just in this moment:

Busch Gardens is thrilled to announce that Kasi is the winner of the national Budget Poll for Cutest Zoo Baby. Thank you very much to all our fans and friends who voted for the adorable, four-month old baby cheetah. We agree, this zoo baby is about as cute as you can get!

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

We Grow Quails Now

The very last notice about the life in our "factory" is that we decided to grow quals this year. I've just told you that my husband bought 2 of them to attract the fox in the trap with the alive animals. But the birds were so interesting and my husband liked the new toy so much that he bought other 2 females to have a complete family.

First they lived in a cage, than, when we had not more cocks, the quails received an antire henhouse for them

Till the last days, the quails did not lay eggs and my husband thought just to let them go. I read in internet that the quails need many proteins to feel good. He found ants for them and put the nestle with all the earth in the henhouse. Here is the result of his work:

Do you think, these are dead quails? No, they are very happy: after they ate all the ants they began to cover themselves with the earth. And... now we have these marvel of the nature:

The next part of the game is to have the little of quails.
Well, I think, it's unpossible: the females are not interested in the eggs. I don't think they will began to hatch them. Only the male looks for the eggs and turns them over like the hens do.

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