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Friday, 30 April 2010

Best Cats

After the death of Stassi I have not wish to write. We live with only Basja now. Kotik turns back only from time to time. He is the dominant male in our zone now and is very busy. Basja is the stray cat too, but she is a female and passes more time here with us. When it rains she even sleeps with us in the house.

She is very clever and learned what she has to do if she wants to eat and I or my husband sit for the PC. She comes near and looks at you (I let you know beforehand!). Than she puts her sweet legs on the thigh and streches herself. Still sitting? Suddenly she drives her clutches in the thigh ... with innocent eyes.

One day she made this trick with my husband. He run to me and cryed as mad.

Here is a nice collection of clips. Watch it till the end. There are interesting moments there.

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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Tampa park welcomes a baby giraffe

I rarely publish such letters -I receive tonnes of them in the last period, those who want to have advertising gratis. I published 2 of them to help poor persons, and now my mails are full of this kind of spam. Here I publish the interesting information and the photo they sent me.

TAMPA, Fla. (April 13, 2010) – Busch Gardens Tampa Bay welcomed a new baby reticulated giraffe just days ago. Weighing approximately 147 pounds at birth, the newborn is the calf of mother, Teesa, and father, Sterling. The addition brings Busch Gardens’ giraffe population to 15.

Mother and baby are currently in an area out of guest view so they can be closely monitored by zoo staff to ensure the baby is nursing and growing properly. The duo will join the other animals on the Serengeti Plain in a few months.

A giraffe’s gestation period is approximately 15 months, and the new baby will nurse for about one year. The term “reticulated” refers to the giraffe’s net-like pattern of spots. It is common for other members of the giraffe family to become involved with the care of newborns, and this baby will be joined by another new baby giraffe before summer. These births are part of a successful long-term breeding program at Busch Gardens.

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Friday, 2 April 2010

BBC April Fools Prank

Could it be true? They say, it's the BBC April prank published some years ago. Because I did not see it before, I think some of you could not watch it too, so I post here this video.

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