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Monday, 31 January 2011

Pigeons and Sea-gulls' Breakfast

The life of the animals and birds in the city has different advantages. So, it's not so difficult to find food. Some time ago I told you about the dinners of the pigeons in Salerno (Pigeons in an Elder Tree). Well, dinner is not very easy time. The most fast is surely the breakfast becsuse many persons go out for a walk in the morning and take with them bread, cakes etc. Sometimes they throw entire breads in the waters of the gulf to attract sea-gulls. I noticed at least 3 species of sea-birds there: very big sea-gulls, "common" sea-gulls and cormorants. Excuse me, I don't know the names of the species.

But the most adapted to this life are probably the pigeons.

Завтрак голубей и чаек

These birds have even found the possibility to find their food in the sea. Last time I was in Salerno, I noticed them having their breakfast together with sea-gulls looking for something in the sand after the waves retreat.

Завтрак голубей и чаек

Завтрак голубей и чаек

I waited some time to see if the pigeons enter in the waves as the sea-gulls do but did not notice it. They entered the place where the waves passed after it, but I did not sea them soak their feet.

They were all together and did not quarrel. Probably, the food waves gave them was enough for all. After the breakfast everybody reteared for relax in the own ambience: the gulls on the cutwater stones and the pigeons on their favorite trees.

Завтрак голубей и чаек
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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Baby Mexican Beaded Lizard

What a nice notice received I now! I post it here with my great joy and admiration. I'm sure, you will bewitched by this beauty so as I am! Here is the notice and the photos:

A baby Mexican beaded lizard, one of only two species of venomous lizards in North America, hatched on January 16, 2011 at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Beaded lizards have venom glands in their lower jaws that allow them to chew venom directly into their prey. There is no anti-venom to counteract a beaded lizard bite.

Zoo staff named the new beaded lizard "Gaspar" to honor Tampa’s annual pirate festival Gasparilla, during which beads are tossed out from parade floats. The hatchling can be viewed at Jambo Junction until it reaches adult maturity, and then it will join the adventure park’s four other beaded lizards in Curiosity Caverns

Photo Credit: Matt Marriott/Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Cormorant in Salerno

When I came in Salerno for my shift in museum this morning, I had about an hour free before I had to open the site. I adore the seaside of Salerno, and it's my custom to walk there when I have time. So, I went there with the desire to take sun. I did not decide what direction to choose when I've seen an interesting scene: on the stones that brake waves was a cormorant in the pose of Christ in Rio de Janeiro.

Cormorant in Animals as Friends

Cormorant in Animals as Friends

I had only my cell with me and tryed to make a short from the part of the sun as you see. Than, I run some meters to take a photo from the other side of the cafè but it was just too late. The cormorant closed his wings. And it was nothing other except many seagulls on other stones. Unfortunatelly, they are practically invisible on the photo. Probably, I need a better cell. :-)))

Salerno, Italy, seagulls


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Monday, 10 January 2011

Big Love to the Cats

Many of us love cats. They are the top of Creation, I repeat. Even if I, personally, prefere dogs as companions, the life without cats would leave it's particular beauty.

Праздничный стол был с любовью накрыт.... ....телом Василия!
Смотреть ещё!

Probably, this great love comes from antiquity: the Antique Egyptians loved them so much that burried the cats in the same way as the persons: mumifying them. Here are some proves I took in the Museum of Antique Egypt in Turin.

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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Dog Using a Washing Machine

This photo is from an article of MailOnline telling about the capacities of a dog that does practically everything for her owner, paralysed from the waist down. We all know just that the dogs can go shopping, help to wear clothes to their owners. We have seen those dogs that accompain blind persons. My uncle that was blind from the birth, had those trained guide-dogs, and I could personally experience how clever they are. Once I came in the house of my uncle after a surgery and was very week. The enormous 1 meter high dog was very happy to see me and turned her tail so that the aunt was afraid she will hit me. The aunt said to me to stay far from the tail, but the dog understood immediately the problem (HOW???) and continued to make me the feast with the tail under her belly.

I know what are able to do the dogs but this case was somethng new for me too. I had never heard about the dogs using washing machines.
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