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Monday, 11 November 2013

Timur - a Great Warrior

Timur ... did you hear this name? Tarmashirin Khan, Tamerlane... A legendary king in Asia. He was high and had red hairs, by the way.

Now, we have a new member of the family which name is Timur. Timur, the Great Warrior. Here is he, I present you our new child:

This boy has 5 month now and he came to us about a month ago when I turned home from Russia.
I was surprised to see how big was he when I've seen him for the first time. Than, the second surprise was his calm character. From the first minutes he accepted me and the fact he has to travel in the uncertainty. I was afraid about this long trip. We made 2,5 hours in the train, than, we had to go home with the car.

He was so calm that I took him from the cage and...

Now, we wake up with the kisses of the kid which is just ready to play with us. Some days later he was just the main cat in the house. Basja did not want to accept him. Only rain could make her change her mind. Unfortunatelly, they are still not friends. But Timur learns everything from her. How to occupy all the bed, for example... :-)))

Here is our Timur when he has 4 months and 6 days

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