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Monday, 30 April 2007

What the tiger thinks

We see often documentaries about National parks in India that preserve tigers too.
And we think and it is said often that tigers are afraid of elefants and persons on the elefant are sure.
See this film.

Amazing tiger jump - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

First of all you see how high is the grass. We have seen the film different times to see the tiger arrive.

Second. The tiger has nothing with elefant,it is angree with human.

We say,animals are stupid. Only in the last time I hear, they had to survive so as we had. And they know, what they do. There was an elefant closely to the place where the tiger was...

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Sunday, 29 April 2007

For a walk with Murka

Stassi is a very brave dog, but she has a difficult character. She was so from her first days with us, and we bought her when she was 3 months old.
Now, when she has 10,5 years and is a widow, she is a little better, but not too much.
She doesn't like Murka. And Murka doesn't like her. But we live all together and "volens nolens" have to accept one another. So with time these two we find them always more and more near one to another.

Stassi was very depressed after the death of Imir, and I gave her too much sweeties. She became too fat, and this my behaviour made her depression worse only. So that she don't wanted to rise more. We decided to call her for a walk even if she doesn't want and to give her less to eat. And it was a wise decision.

The interesting thing is, that the cats want to walk with us too. They are half-wild and do what they want, but when they see us to go for a walk, they come with us.

Normally, we walk in our earth, but once a day we go in the street. And we go out trough the automatic gate. The cats are afraid of it and when they saw us in the street, they cried with incredible voices that we go out without them.

But one day we found them behind us in the street...
How was it possible, I thought? The gate was close and there are not holes in the fence.

Here I did photos about the invention of Murka to reach us when we go for a walk.
We are in the street...

She goes out and reaches Stassi

We live on the hill and I rise to make Stassi do some efforts.

And Murka goes together with us. She is more sure last week and not only visits local seightseengs

but marks the territory too
Now, we turn back with Stassi without Murka...

First we were worried about her. Even Stassi waited for her in the gate, but she didn't come. We can't stay here all the day, I said. If she knew to go out, she'll find the way to enter back.

Here she is :

She saw I'm here to make photos and came to me.

Hope you like our next story about Stassi and Murka.
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Friday, 20 April 2007

Quiz: do you recognize this cat?

The question is: can you say what race of cat is this?

It has long legs and long hair
between 24 and 35 ... remain in their natural habitat
"Zoos have several hundreds of ... and these could be set free,"
"All the body parts of the female are used for making medicines -- even whiskers and teeth."
Male is till 2.03 metres long and his weight is 37.2 - 89.8 kilograms


the world's most endangered cat


More help:
He lives in
Amur River valley of Siberia and Manchuria, Korea
In captivity, the situation is also very serious, as interbreeding with animals of unknown heritage has affected a large percentage of the captive breeding pool. Because of this, of the 150 remaining in captivity only 12 are purebreds.
the Amur leopard is disappearing in the shadow of the Siberian (Amur) tiger.

Millions of dollars have been raised to save the Siberian tiger by conservationists and wildlife management specialists with good results, when efforts began there were 150 Siberian tigers, today there are an estimated 400.

It also has larger and more widely spaced rosettes

Amur Leopard
Panthera pardus orientalis

Photo and descriptions are from these sites


Amur Leopard Conservation support
We would like to thank everybody who supported our campaign to stop the terminal in Amur leopard habitat!

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Sunday, 15 April 2007

Rats attracted by cats

The new message is generally not so new:
There are parasits manipulating their victims, if they, parasits, need to pass to the next animal for next part of their existance.

I have seen a film about snails. They have a parasit that wants to pass to a bird. It's not obligatory that a bird sees this particulary snail and eats it. So the parasit produces something that the poor snail becomes very showy and moves towards a place where birds can easily see it.

So in this sense the message is not new.
New is the animal that is manipulated. Rat. Scientists found a parasit, "npr" reports, that do the smell of cats attractive for rats. Pratically manipolates the brain of the rat. The poor rat or mouse is to be cought, because the parasit can reproduce only in the stomach of the cat. And the rat goes out to find the cat...

Maybe this mouse,adopted by the cat in China has that parasit too?(Ananova) and the cat,protecting it as a real mother, what has she?

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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Our visit to the Naples zoo

Sincerely I thought, the Naples zoo is very old and comes from the time of kings. But it's not so. It was open after the war, in 1949. Some years ago there was something terrible there, and they spoke, is necessary to close this shameful place. I don't want repeat everything what was said about it and what we have seen there. Poor animals. Some of them could find new houses, others died. Later somebody found money and it was decided to began the reconstruction. They say, it will be a beautiful natural park, "family park".

We wanted to see this new park and visited it last sunday.

It's not what we expected to see. Maybe it will grow with time.,There are some differences from the last time we were there.
There are not monkeys more. Those lived in cages where they could not move, befor. Somebody accepted them and gave them better life, I hope.
But nobody wanted the poor elefant. I can't see this suffering soul. Maybe I don't understand the situation.
Every time I see him, he does the same movement: he comes for the close door, as he wants to enter there, but the door doesn't open. He waits a little, then he goes away, and turns back to the door. Maybe the door did not understand, he is ready to enter. But the door doesn't understand this time too. He goes away, makes a circle and comes to the close door: I'm here, I want to enter. But the door does not understand...

In front of the entrance there is a "banana-forest". I like it very much. Now, you can hear sounds of birds and water (registered) here and in this period there are flowers of magnolia too.
The plants of banana are so great! They grow in this region, you can see them near many houses. But the weather not hot enough for fruits and - "no bananas". Other tropical and desert plants feel good here, like agavas. They are higher then persons!

Very attractive is a stank where you can see many birds.
A part of it is closed and there are only holes where you can watch birds without disturb them.
I think, birds appreciate it. Other sorts of birds are there in other areas.
These are flamingo in love.
And an owl hidden under the bush

Then we pass to the part, where you can see great cats. The cages are very old but now they are not in use more.
From some old cages is done one, where live leopards.
In front of them are tigers. 6 or 7 adult animals. Only siberian now, I think. They have always "kittens" and this time there was one couple in love, maybe. This is the male.
The old male is alown. He has not very good look. When we were here last time there were two littles, now they are those in first cages maybe.
This one was so quiet "I have no problems"...
The lions had no wish to go out. One of them decided to do some steps and began to chant. His photos are in the previous post.
The old cages of hedgehogs are leer. They remain here as example

We pass near deers and emu

The zoo has different levels. On the upper level,that you can see from here, there are giraffes. They had a wish to communicate with people that day. The admiring voices was possible to hear from all places of the zoo.
Finally we joyned the part with seals and bears. There were only 2 seals this time and only 2 tipes of bears. The seals don't wanted go out from the water, so I post here only photos of bears.

This bear was playing with plastic, people threw him.
And at the end an enigmistic photo of the vulture family.
What has the female nearby? I think it's an egg. Why has she it out from the nest? Or is it not a nest?
This is a closer immage

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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The Song of the Lion

Yesterday we were in the zoo of Naples. It's one of the oldest zoos I think (not sure).
I'll post the report about our visit tomorrow here, now I tryed to create a "video" with some of my photos. The "video" I call "Lion's song" because the lion is singing here. Unfortunatelly I have not the voice registation and I don't know where to find it. I like to listen songs of lions. Maybe if I was in Afrika, I would not say so :)))

The lions in Naples seem to be happy enough.
I hope you like my video, even if I was not very brave to create it. It was my first time with this program.

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Monday, 9 April 2007

Do you know invalid animals?

I saw him yesterday.
He is alive and I feel satisfaction to see him. You can't not to feel respect for him. He is little, ugly and stray. I don't know where he finds to eat, where lives. They are 3-4 dogs resident under our hill. Others are "normal" but this is fast completly blind and he wunded 2 legs some months ago. So now he is blind and lame. A week ago I saw him to lay down like dead. But then he moved and I was glad to see it.
Why I respect him? Because he is very different from humans. Not only he doesn't crys all days about his infermity, he is very active. He goes everywere, he visits every female-dog in heat and trys to seduce her with more insistence that other competitors. He comes even to Stassi and don't leaves the place till the end of heat.He turns back to the place of his residence I don't know for what, to eat maybe, and later you see him in our yard. But you know what it meens? It's one km to raise the hill. Without eyes and with 2 wounded legs.

I know many examples like this.
We, humans, feel often invalid even if we have no external problems. Animals don't have this behaviour. "I'm so, it works so. I have to use what I have."

They don't think: somebody dosen't likes me for this, somebody has to create special conditions for me because I'm invalid. You have to treat me in a special way because I'm invalid...

Is there something that dosen't works in our heads?
(I don't say we have not treat invalids in the way to help them ecc.I speak about how the animals do to not become invalid, when they ARE invalid)

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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

How animals smell? Some facts

Healthy body has healthy smell.
We, human beings, have not very good noses, but we depend from smell too.
Men are attracted from the smell of the women that are in the period when they can conceive.
We choose our partner because unconsciously we like his/he smell.
We don't like to stay in a place that smells "bad" for us.

We buy profume to impress our partner, friends.
Dogs-female do it too. They look for every kaka and roll in it to have this beautiful fragrance. And dog-males have some days particular bad smell, they mark their territory with it, it meens they became adult, fighters.

Cocks when feel the smell of ill hen begin to kill her. Seems they become mad. Have you notice it?

Murka had 4 kittens. One of them, Grey, was the only kitten that had a smell. He had not good health and was starving.

An other interesting fact discovered scientists:
men from different nations have different smell. And women can prefere this or that nation (I don't remember today the list, but it seems the most attractive smell had italian men) because they prefere this or that smell. Scientists said, this smell dipends from the food. Who eats bad quality food, has bad quality smell (and puuu.... too).

If you stay with old person you feel they smell particulary sweet.

Dogs can feel cancer, because cells produce specific fragrance in every life process.

So respect your nose. And the nose of your animal-friend.
Do you remember other facts?

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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Poor mouses and rats

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To have your pet rats healthy and to live happy with them.
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I don't know who is the author of the photo and will be greatful if he says me how to link to him.
This photo I found today in the web, remembered me sad thoughts about these animals.

My husband hates mouses and rats. They are dangerous, says he, and then they destroy everything they find near their teeth. In fact, if you go in our henhouse and see what they do there, you can understand him. Even the cement floor is full of holes. They have a town under the henhouse and walk around it day and night without fear. They are great as a hand.

On the sea-front of Salerno there is not place for rats, but if you are attentive, you'll see them. They live on the trees and palms. They walk on the branches of the trees and ... use leaves of palms to pass from one tree to the other. Well, they become real tree-rats. The same rats that live under our henhouse.

Our rats walk on the branches of the fig-tree that grows near the henhouse too, but this tree hasn't a trunk. It has only branches. Or these are trunks similar to branches, I don't know the right name. What is important, it's easy to rise. But the trees on the sea-front of Salerno are normal trees with trunks. How those animals can rise them -about 2 meters- I don't understand. I've seen only how they walk from one tree to other using branches and palm-leaves.

Now, what I wanted to tell about our rats.
My husband bought a trap for them. He didn't want to use poisons,because other animals could eat it. The trap was so that the rat enters inside and the door closes behind him. In this way he cought them every day for all summer. Sometimes he was at work in the morning and I had to hide the trap with the rat because Imir could destroy everything to have the rat for him.

I was against this practice, but from other side it was pratically impossible to live that summer. They not only destroyed everything, they ate hens too. So we left 2-3 two months chicken every night.

So I could to see the behaviour of these rats in the trap. Normally they run here and there to find the way to go away, threw themself on the walls of the trap. They were as lost the head from the fear.

But one day there was a very different animal in the trap. He set in the center of the box with the "hands" like a hard thinking person. Then he went in one place and tryed to open the trap. Nothing. Thought again and tryed in other place, and so on. His behaviour was perfectly the same as that of a human being in similar situation.
It was very hard experience for me.

More to read:
Pet Rats:complete guide and training tips.
To have your pet rats healthy and to live happy with them.
Pet Rat Care -your step by step practical guide toteach them use the litter box and to do many tricks. Amaze your Friends with your loved Good Rat

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