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Sunday, 30 September 2007

This is Science

It's unpossible to read and to see. There are not words to comment.
I post it here because we HAVE TO KNOW it.

In memory of Felix

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Friday, 28 September 2007

Polar bear is so little

photo is from this site
photo from the site Polar bears international

I read and heared in TV different notices about Arctic and polar bears in the last days. Sad notices. The ice is in bad conditions, the bears canot live their normal life because they need ice to hunt.

There were bears on every step 100 years ago, you can see no one for many days today. So I wanted to read more in internet about them. Yes, I wrote different posts dedicated to polar bears, but Ifeel it to repeat this theme.

Ursus maritimus is his name in latin. The world's largest land carnivore, till 3 meters long, 1,3-1,6m high, 300-600 (1000) kg for adult male (half of this for female), skin is black with translucent fur that appears white. Makes 30-40 km a day, easily overpasses 2 meters high ice-hummocks, eats about 50 seals a year. They live 19 years in nature, but in Detroit zoo there was a polar bear that lived 45 years.

The period of hunt is today 2-3 weeks shorter as earlier and bears weight 100 kg less than normal. It's not too good for reproduction. They make often only 1 kid.

There are about 20,000 to 25,000 bears in Arctic (60% in Canada). In 60th they were near to extinction, but now we can see that the fight for the nature is not wane.

Here you can hear the nice voice of the polar bear

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Thursday, 27 September 2007

"Green Expander" against global warming

Did you know, that the extinction of at least 500 species of animals has been caused by man? And at least one specie dies out every year?
Imagin that one of them is...Mandarin Duck and this incredible beauty on the photo ( Black Footed Ferret ) too.

But there are not only sad notices in this blog. There are species saved from extinction and you find photos of them in one of the posts.

Splendid stories with photos of mentioned animals you can find in

Green Expander

As declared by this blog's creators, the site is a wake-up call.
we all need to be part of the solution, write the authors.

It's an amazing blog with many things to learn and to think on. All together we can do this world a little better.

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Do you think it's a true photo?

I found this photo in Grahams Random Ramblings blog's post. The author tells a story of this photo and says it's true. But I don't believe in it, sincerely. We know what is possible to do with photos today and than I don't believe this animal could move so near these persons without moving the water. Comes and goes and those persons do not feel any movement? Mmmm...

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NJ Aid for Animals great idea

On this photo you see Chester, that waits for a friend that will give him a home.

There is a very great organization in NJ, I think. It's an animal welfare non-profit group

They help abused, neglected, stray animals, pick up dogs or cats that need to be altered, educate persons about spay/ neuter and want even to take the informations about abused animals to the highest level and to follow through the prosecution of the question. The group pays all this needs from the donations that is why they ask you about help. Visit their blog NJ Aid for Animals
, help those great people with your donations but with your presence and comments.

Here on the photo a "testimonial" of one of their incredible stories.

They wanted to take this dog from her owner to get her altered, but she had this great ernia too, and they had to pay the surgery because the owner could not do it. Today this beauty feels good and is happy.

Than the animals have fleas, and to Frontline them needs other funds.

The photo of this cat is an other happy story that you'll find visiting the blog of NJAFA group. There were 2 cats, one with AIDS. They were sooo sad and unhappy, but they met NJAFA-people and found home through them and are very happy pets now.

Imagin the work that do those persons! We have to give them our encouragement.
Visit their blog NJ Aid for Animals
Donate money if you can
Leave comments
friend them
tell your friends about this great group.
They are present on MySpace with name NJAFA and there is a NJAFA-site too.

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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Happy day to you! Funny post

Dear friends, I don't have funny posts for many times. So this post is to wish you happy day.

And now this other video I hope you'll like it too.

Funny Animals - Funny blooper videos are here

Happy day to you!

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Animals of Campania. Bats

Photo here and great description of species you'll really enjoy this site

Now I arrived to a story about an other neighbour -bat (Chiroptera ).

I like them. It was a frequent case in my travels that I had to live with these mammals.

When I was a child and lived in Lithuania, we've seen them every night flying in the yards near our houses. There was a sort of little park near one of the houses and I think they lived there.

One evening a little bat landed in my hear and was completly entangled in them. We needed time to free him and so I've seen a bat for the first time.

Here, were I live in Campania, there were many bats some years ago. But this year there were only a few of them. I dont know why. Maybe the poisons that use paesants for tabacoo and other cultures killed them together with insects they eat...
I read in an article of WWF, this group of mammals (the only group of mammals that is able to fly for a long period) is very sensible and in a great danger. In fact. Our zone is the best proof of it.

I don't know what specie lives here near my house (or maybe inside it?). Wehad 2 stories with them.
Once we found a little bat, mayby a "kid" under wash-stand in the yard. He was very fortunate because I foun him and not our dog, Imir. We thought, it was little and didn't know the way home in the morning.

Other story is brutal. :)))
One night I slept when a bat entered in the open window of the kitchen (the night temperature was too high that year), flew into the corridor and then in my bedroom. I was alone, my husband worked in the night that week. I was very frightened and began to cry, tryed to drive it out, but it didn't want do it. Imagin, next night it entered the second time and came straight in the bedroom. The third night I closed the bedroom door. It came once more and wanted to break off the door. It was unpossible to sleep in this way and I had to close the window in the night.

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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Siberian Tiger

photo from

You have to pardon me. I... I love cats. I think they are the top of evolution. Adore their behaviour and their "rrrrrr".

My hubby said me today, siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica ) is on the way to extinction. But I thought, it was not true and began to look for info. Here I want to tell you what I found about it.

This is the most powerful animal. It can trail a dead horse for 500 meters and reaches 80 km/hr running on the snow. It has 2- kittens every 2-4 years. 4 meters long and 350 kg weight ( and he has to eat 40-50 deers a year). It's a good-natured creature. Normally do not attacks people, even his hunters.

One of many similar stories says, one hunter on his horse shooted a tiger but missed. The animal jumped at him, threw down and stepped on the hunter. Looked at him and went away.

Other story tells about a man that fished on the bank of a siberian river. A tiger came to him, looked for a while what is he doing and than went away and entered the river to pass it. The fishing-rod felt in the river and the water got on the muzzle of the tiger but it didn't turned to see what is happend.

They say, there were killed 100 siberian tigers every year at the end of XIX century, 60 in 1912. There were killed fast all adult animals. Than there were very difficult years too. And in 1940 rested about 30-40 tigers in Soviet Union (there are siberian tigers in China and Korea -probably not more than 20). In 1959 there were 100 and in 1978 -200 tigers. Today scientists think there are about 480-520. There were 844 in 1979 and 450 in 2007 tigers in the zoos.

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Monday, 24 September 2007

Importance of sleep

Nobody can sleep with so great tast as cats, I think. It's incredible how they use every possibility for good relax. Seems they forget everything in this moment.

I watch our cats. They have more difficult life. They live not only in the daytime but in the night too.

So, I wanted to know how much animals sleep and ...
Domestic cat 12,1 h
Tiger 15.8 hr
Lion 13.5 hr
Cheetah 12.1 hr
Jaguar 10.8 hr
Dog 10.6 hr
Pig 7.8 hr
Cow 3.9 hr
Sheep 3.8 hr
Horse 2.9 hr
Giraffe 1.9 hr
(Neuroscience for kids -animal sleep)

I thought, who sleeps much, lives not too long, but I found this:
"On the contrary, long-lived mammals may have some characteristic that enables them to get by with less sleep"

Other interesting thing is that some mammals sleep with open eyes, some sleep while swimming, some sleep part time under water..t

Why mammals sleep?
Seems nobody knows it. We are so wulnerable when we sleep. One of explanations of it is this:
"From a perspective of energy conservation, one function of sleep is to replenish brain glycogen levels, which fall during the waking hours."
"Whatever the reasons for sleeping, in mammals sleep is evidently necessary for survival."
"In humans, lack of sleep leads to impaired memory and reduced cognitive abilities, and, if the deprivation persists, mood swings and even hallucinations. The longest documented period of voluntary sleeplessness is 264 hours (approximately 11 days)"

There are many theories and no one is sure his theory is truth.

I think, it is more simple. If your bow is always strained, it will go bad. We are not able to live always strained. We need relax to survive. This is the reason.

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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Social play

Today I found an incredibly interesting site. I stoped when I've opend the site to read "Why Didn't the Wild Polar Bear eat the Husky?" and there were explanations about behaviour of the animals that want to invite others to play. Husky is signaling an invitation to play to the bear and the bear risponds in the same way too, thinks author.

I don't know, there is something else here.
Husky and bear knew befor this first moment on the photo they have intention to play, I think. If no, husky did not allow the bear to come so nearly to him, waiting in silence that the bear will eat him.

I know from my experience, dogs can communicate when they don't see one another. We've seen it many times. Stassi that was near to us, suddenly turned her head and went to Imir .
Imir was in this moment very long from her, and she could not see him. So he called her from long distance in the way that there were not sounds we could hear. But she could. And they knew we are not able to hear them!
We learned this experience and were very attentive to the behaviour of Stassi next times, to prevent that Imir runs away for an "indipendant walk" to our neighbours.

So I think, the bear and the husky had a talk befor they meet. They knew befor their intentions. That is why they pass directly to invite one other to a play. The photographer didn't hear their talk and thought they begin their meeting in the moment when he photographed them.

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Saturday, 22 September 2007

New species found

There was an interesting article some days ago. The scientists found a new specie in the Ocean, the "octosquid". Something that was a half-squid, half-octopus. Very interesting specie. And I read that day different articles about this unidentified sea creature.

I was so impressed that wanted to write an entire article about new species found in the last period. For example a new specie of lizard in Vietnam.

Articles about the "octosquid" discovery were written with great passion and told many impressing things about unfamiliar sea-world so deep below sea level. They contained the interview with one of the scientists that discovered this interesting creature.

The article was not new, july, but I read them for the first time that day. So I began to look for other articles about it and found different of them. I don't know, maybe I used SU for the search, but the result was that. You know, SU often offers sites with the same theme on one day. Second day they change the theme, and you have to see many sites about other problem. That is why I think it was in SU.

So, the next day I began to prepare the article, used other search engines to have more info and ... found later articles that said: this "octosquid", a great new specie, was in reality just a rare type of squid that had lost it’s two tentacles...

...and I didn't write my great article about new species found in the last period.

(but the lizard was real new specie)

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Thursday, 20 September 2007

Energy saving UPVC windows for your house

Very important task for every family today is to think about the ways to prevent heat loss in the house. When we analyze the situation, we understand:
The great part of heat loss occurs through the windows.

What can we do?
Think to install high quality replacement windows.
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It is not necessary to renounce on large windows of our dream. Advanced technology offers us all we can desire.

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Other type of replacement window is tilt and turn. These windows offer easy ventilation and cleaning. The window can be opend partially by tilting for ventilation and fully for cleaning.

Traditional type in England is the sash window. Anglian has improved the design. It goes easily up and down, stays open in any position, has the same high security as other types of Anglian's windows and can be tilted for cleaning.

The replacement windows of Anglian are custome-built and have 10-year guarantee.

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Animals of Campania. Barn Owl

This is my preferite neighbour.

I like this bird very much. It's very beautiful and very difficult to see. But some days ago I've seen it fly near our gate.

We have a rock under the gate. The place is enough that a car can turn to go out in the street and then the precipice. It's a very sunny place and there are enough herb that rats and lizards can live their happy life there. I think. Because I see cats that have their pathes there and they visit the rock very often.

And now I can be sure about it.
We were in the street with Stassi and cats that evening. I go for a walk with Stassi every day to make her move her legs and to consume her nails. She don't wants to cut her nails. I could do it to her only with total anesthesia. She is old and we thought she is dieing this summer, but now seems she feels good, and I try to maintain her in health with these walks.

When we go for a walk, cats go out with us. They like do it, you know. I never thought, cats are so pleased to stay with humans. Our cats are not domestic, they are wild in sense they they live their free lives.

So, and when we were out for a walk, I turned to the gate and saw a great bird flying over that rock. Without any noise, any sound. I could see it 'cose the light of the street-lamps illuminated a part of it. It was beautiful, this sylent specific glide.
Maybe it saw me and disappeared in the night.

So I found an interesting site telling about this bird in Campania

Barn Owl (Tyto alba)

That says: it is not very great bird, about 35-40 cm, but with spread of wings about 1 meter (that is why I thought it's great). It has an interesting name in italian "il barbagianni", the beard of Gianni, I could not find why. And you know, the female is bigger as a male. Lives always in the same place and is not afraid of the man (and is killd for this)

So, you see what a beautiful neighbour I have!

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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Animals of Campania. Snakes

Danger! Don't click! Alive Snakes Here:

Exotic Pet Shop

I began to tell you about animals we have here near the house. The first, because the most unknown for me, was scorpion. Now I'll write about snakes.

As said, the first time I've seen a snake here was many years ago. The snake was far from me. I could not imagin to see so anormose one in the nature, that is why I did not believe to my eyes. The snake was very great, about 2 meters long. I thought, I was too afraid.

Normally we have 2 species that we see very often. Black and grey with 4 black lines. Than I've seen one light yellow and other with paintings. I thought, it was viper. But there is a snake with points that is not viper. (photo)

One day I phoned WWF about a bird we found and gave them, and asked about snakes. I wanted to know if it possible to see here a 2 meters long snake. Yes, was the answer. And now I'm glad to present you Elaphe quatuorlineata (photo) named cervone that can arrive 240cm

The only toxic specie is viper aspis.

The sites about snakes in Italy mention about 10 types of snakes that have to live in this zone, but I've seen only those 4. It's sad that persons don't understand these animals are good, they eat rats, and so we see very often snakes killed on the road.

Once I've seen a little snake on the asphalt and it could not find the way. I'm afraid of these animals, but I helped it to go away from there. Now I'm very proud I could do it.

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Saturday, 15 September 2007

A Smile for this sad morning: Water Slide Dog

This sad morning I found a friend that made me smile with many nice things in his blog:
"10 Daily Things". One video I wanted to post here too:

Water Slide Dog - For more funny movies, click here

I wanted to be with this dog, we could slide together with this insouciance...

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Friday, 14 September 2007

Build your online store -you can, it's easy

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Visit the site, you will be surprised to find everything you can imagin.

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Animals of Campania in my house and yard

So, yesterday I began to tell you about animals in Campania. There are different species here, I said, and I want to present you some of my visitors.

The most exotic for me was the italian scorpion. First time I found a female in the center of my kitchen. It was a very warm summer evening and I entered in the kitchen to put some plates on the table. I didn't want to turn on electricity to avoid mosquitos but did it in the last moment. And... saw in the center of the room a scorpion eating a bit of bread.
I was shocked. Nobody said me about this "nice possibility". And it was the very first time for me, I've seen this crature.
My first thought was: it's a great fortune, I'm not barefooted...
Confess, I killed it. I would never do it today, but that evening I did it... Later I found her children in the poison I had near the wall for aints. They were about 1 cm long and white as milk with water.

One or two years after I entered in one of the rooms to raise Venetian blind. And I found a scorpion on the sill. I expected to find a lizard there (one of them bit me befor) but... Nothing, this one was more fortunate in this life. He could go away.

This beauty's name is Buthus europeus or l’Euscorpius italicus.
This article says, there are FOUR species in Italy. And one new, yellow, that is more dangerous.
Oh, no... It's unpossible!

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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Animals of Campania

I write often about pets and wild animals that live in exotic places, but today I decided to remember conditions of wild life in the region I live, Campania/Italy.

We live on the hills, far from the little towns of the valley and we see often different species of animals.
We have for example 3 or 4 race of snakes here. One of them can reach 2 meters. I've seen one very great many years ago and my neighbour said me today, near the hous of her mother was killed a snake about 2 meters long this days. It was on the tree. We've seen many of them about 1,50 m long. And there is 1 viper that can reach 60 cm said me a man from WWF.

2 times I found scorpions in my house. I had never seen an alive scorpion befor. They were about 4 cm long. They say, their poison is not very toxic in Italy. And we had a great quantity of little scorpions then. They were like drops of milk with water.

We have then different birds of prey like eagle-owl or buzzard. This last I found once and gave it to the WWF-men to save.

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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

What happens with gorillas?

Yesterday I read about gorillas.

I liked to know a year or two ago these animals are alive after the war and then after the eruption of volcano. But the notice of some days ago seems to leave us, who admires these animals, without hope.

Scientists say, the hunters kill about 100 gorillas every year and today they, scientists, are sure, gorillas have no chance to survive.

Is it really true?
Maybe not perfectly so is the truth.
I found a blog of Gorilla Protection site of Virunga National Park. Here is a real war on the territory of gorillas. It began September 8th and is still not finished.

There is a YouTube chanel WildlifeDirect where you can see many beautiful videos. WildlifeDirect is established to provide support to Conservationists in Africa through blogging. You find different blogs and many interesting info on the site Endangered Animals in Africa

And I want to try now to send my question directly in Africa... and then write here the answer. If it will be.

this map

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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Have a nice day! (funny animals videos)

This is an old video, but I like it very much and that is why I post it here

Now it's a compilation of funy situations with different animals:

And now once more about cats...

Have a nice day!

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Blog for money opportunity

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Some days later you'll see your earnings on the same members page.

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Friday, 7 September 2007

Nobody wants to play with Matilda

As I said you earlier, Kotik has 2 kittens with one of his brides, B'asja.

Basja brought them to us and now we have to be grandies, because she left them wuth us and goes for a walk all days round. One of the girls is very interesting and we gave her a name, Matilda.

She is a very audacious. Nobody can do something like this in the house

Here I tell you about a sad day of Matilda,when nobody wanted to play with her.
As you see on the photo, it's very difficult to play with these enormous beeings. Even if you are three together with the father.

Somebody prefers to play with everything is possible to find nearby,

but Matilda wants to play with friends... Tryes with the father... and what a look at her!!! Oh those fathers! Nothing to do obviously.

Tryes with the grandmother... It's a great fortuna she don't beat you. She gives kicks to every cat that comes near to her.

So at the end she has to leave this idea and... Meditation and Dream Yoga is the best way to resolve problems. Believe to Matilda.

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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Happy birthday!

It's so good, when your friends come to you on your birthday! They remember to bring you your preferite sweeties too!


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