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Friday, 29 February 2008

Siamese -an other of cat breeds

What can I say you, we become accidentally masters of a pure Siamese cat 3 years ago. She came to us because she did not like persons where she lived before. So I knew that one of the most diffused pure breeds are Siamese.

Did you know that there are about 1 (one) hundred domestic cat breeds? Yes, it's true. But Siamese was one of the first officially recognized and more loved till today.

I want to tell you many interesting things about them.

These are Thai cats. They say the Thai princess went with these cats to swim. Originally they had 2 defects: deformed tail-end (to maintain rings of the princess when she swims) and cross-eyes. Today they are not appreciated in show-cats more.

All these cats have dark spots. They are provoked by a Siamese gene and concentrated in most cold places of the body. Kittens born white and bacome more and more dark with age. That is why Siamese show-cats finish their carrier when they are 3 years old. But these breed has very good life expectancy: they can live till 20 years, it's normal for these breed.

Siamese Cats are very special if we speak about their character. They are similar to dogs in this sense. They choose a master for them and follow him everywere, need great attention and know how to attract it, because they are very loquacious. They have an incredibly quantity of murmurs and mews and if the master don't want to understand they can throw their toy in the air. An important side of their behaviour is that they don't use claws when they play.

Siamese are very clever and ingenious. And this is an other positive side of their character because you can teach them to do many things with easy cat training. They are known for their good heart and because they heal their masters: they feel where he has the pain, lay down on this place and the pain pass.

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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Rat as Pet

Photo from Яндекс.Фотки

The very first time I knew about pet rats many years ago. I came to my friend-photograph to speak about next learning photography session and was shocked when his son came in the room with a rat in his hand, similar to this, on the photo but with more colours.

I could not understand this passion when a son of my other friend told me, he has a family of rats and he had even a very florent "business" selling their kids to other children and telling to them about pet rat training and care.

Now, looking on this photo I have other feelings. Maybe because I live now on the same territory, where many species of mouses and rats live. We have to kill them from time to time while they become so numerous and cheeky. They walk where they want even during the day time and kill chickens in the henhouse.

But when I saw them in the trap, their behaviour so similar to human, their eyes and "hands"... My husband wanted to fire me for it. He says, I don't give him to kill a spider and a fly and to chop down a tree more.

I think to write different posts about these animals and hope you will like them.

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Monday, 18 February 2008

Pet Adoption

More to read:
Pet Rat Care -your step by step practical guide
to teach them to use the litter box, as cats do, and to do many tricks.
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Cat care and behavior training: Complete guide to resolve
problems and to teach many inteesting things to your cat.

What do you think about wild and stray (practically wild too) animal adoption as pets?

I think, I can hear your voices: Oh yes, it's great!!! The poor animal can receive food and roof -and love, first of all!

Are you sure, he needs it?

I'm not sure.
First, I think, wild animal (born and raised wild) loves his life and rarely can see human as "twin-soul".
I watch on my cats. I told you many times about them. There is great difference between Murka and Basja. Their behaviour. Our house is home for Murka and a place with some comfort for Basja. The kittens of Murka, born in our house were at home here. But the kittens of Basja, that she took here when they had about 2-3 weeks, felt better outside, it was not their environment.

Second, wild animals look for something good, when they come to you. Your love they see as your weakness and begin to treat you like a stupid. Because animals respect you if you can show them with good manners their place (if with bad, you become enemy) -it's a law of the nature. You know about problems many persons have with dogs, specially big dogs because they provoke more harm.

I don't say about ALL cases.

Having Bears as Pets in Your Backyard

More to read:
Pet Rat Care -your step by step practical guide
to teach them to use the litter box, as cats do, and to do many tricks.
Amaze your Friends with your loved Good pet Rat
Cat care and behavior training: Complete guide to resolve
problems and to teach many inteesting things to your cat.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Clean your PC

This is a very cute link.
The autor explains you what to do to take your monitor clean.
I saw different pages with similar videos, but did not remember the addresses today.
So, I can give you only this today...
Enjoy. :)))

More to read:
Pet Rat Care -your step by step practical guide
to teach them to use the litter box, as cats do, and to do many tricks.
Amaze your Friends with your loved Good pet Rat
Cat care and behavior training: Complete guide to resolve
problems and to teach many inteesting things to your cat.

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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Irina looks for a kitten

Irina is my friend and ex-pupil. She loves cats from her childhood and had always some of them in the house. As I know, she had special relations with the cats and they were never toys for here, even when she was a little girl.

Today she is great, has own family, own house but... no one cat. They moved different times in the last years, and they had not possibility to think about animals. That is why she visits sites where she can find kittens for sale in this period.

Sincerely, I thought, she will adopt the first kitten she finds in the street, but somebody told her about maine coon cats. I did not know about this cat breed till she said me about. So I wanted to find more info and read that it's one of the largest breeds between domestic cats. When I saw photos, I understood my friend. Not only they are large and have from 6 to 12 kg and are till 1 m long (double all the flexibility, mildness and rumbling of the cat you have now). They have long, dense fur and a mane similar to a lion.
What can you desire from a cat more?

That is why she looks now only for maine coon cats for sale. Now I envy her because I have not this possibility to add other animals to the zoo we have in our house. It could be so incredibly to have so great and mild feline with me!

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Mother-caecilia as film-star

My first thought, when I saw the film, was: "What a disgusting look!" But then the movy arrived to the place where the kids yawn.

This beauty is an amphibia without legs named Caecilia. Really amazing face, mmm? It's is very similar to earthworms. Specially the most little species, about 10 cm long. (both photo are from Wikipedia) Those longest arrive till 1,5 m and are similar to snakes.

Caecilias live in the humid soil in tropical parts of our planet near water, eat worms, sometimes termits, and plants too. Scientists know not much about them because they have so hidden life.

Some of species are even toxic. They produce poison that kills all other animals that live in the same terrarium.

Their eyes are covered with skin and they have to be able to see only light and dark.
Most of them have only one lung. And some of tem have external lungs at the birth.
Sometimes they give birth to alive offspring, other times make eggs.

Interesting is that the mothers take care about their kids. And some mothers nutrish them with own skin. Imagin, this skin is so rich on nutrient elements, that the children grow 10 times in one week! And this moment could film a BBC crew.
The babies (you will say the same word when you see them in video) have special teeth for this meal.

Who has BBC One can watch the film on 11 February. Those who hasn't it can open this page and click "watch" under the photo.

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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Virgin birth

Daily Mail published on 7 February an incredible article about Shark's virgin birth in Hungary/ Nyiregyahaza Centre. A shark that lives alown, without seeing any male, in the center's tank for 7 years made one day a perfect pup.

Virgin birth is named parthenogenesis. It happens when females are not fertilized by male.
There are different speciesthat have this way of reproduction
some plants (reproduction is called parthenocarpy)
insects like bees, fleas, aphids, wasps, ants (=in many social insects)

Very often the offspring is absolutely equal as the mother (clones. Related post Stick insects -so interesting!)

Natural parthenogenesis is known in birds and sharks too, but happens very rarely. As in this case of this disperate female in acquarium (the team, sad from shame, thinks now to present her a beautiful male).
Artificial (mechanical and chemical) parthenogenesis was tryed with almost all groups of animals ( humans too) but produced incomplete results.

Parthenogenesis in humans is known in many religions (christianesimus, islam). But these stories can't be real because with Virgin birth come out ONLY females.

Daily Mail
Asexual reproduction

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Friday, 8 February 2008

Ducks in the town

Do you think, it's a zoo?
No, this is a normal town, new region of Mercato San Severino. It was projected in the way to give place for some ducks and geese. In the center between some buildings there is this "lake", there are benches and a low fence, maybe for little children. On weekends many families come there, eat their pizza or ice-creams in one of the beaneries, bars or ice-cream parlour situated on the ground floors of these buildings. Really very beautiful place.

There is a place like this in Nocera too, very very little. There live some ducks too. I asked in bar how is it possible that those ducks are aliwe else. "Oh, it's a problem! These ducks are of all the people of the place. For the first time we bought 15 of them and wanted they live here, but some criminals stole them! And not one but different times. Now, this time they live here for 7 months. We hope, they rest here with us." said me the owner of the bar.

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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Looking for a puppy

More than 3 years passed after the death of Imir. Stassi is old and I began to think about a new dog. It could be better if we bring him in the house before Stassi dies. She could help us in his education, because puppies are able to create so many problems till they learn the rules of the life.

So I began to look for rottweiler puppies for sale. It's not so easy to find a good dog to buy. There are different problems, when you want to buy a dog from a good breed. One of the very painful is, you become a wish to show him to referees and to win prizes in dog-shows. It's something that doesn't depend on you. You give all your soul to grow and educate this dog and you want to know, it's the best.

Maybe we have to change a breed.
I've seen many times Golden Retrievers in documentaries and books about dogs. This breed seems to me not so solid and steady as Rottweilers. They have to be more nimble and light-hearted. But golden retriever puppies need more cures because they have to be brushed, every day. And our animals live not in the house.

Rottweiler is good, but maybe we are too old to buy a dog like this. He needs to feel a hard character, an athletic person, so that he can respect you for the power of your soul and body, if it's so, you can dominate him as his God.

Oh, so many questions are to consider when you decided to buy a puppy...

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Monday, 4 February 2008


Danger! Don't click! Alive Snakes Here:

Exotic Pet Shop


You can sentence and condemn me, but I don't like snakes.

They live here together with me (and with scorpions too), but I don't like them.
Once I killed one little black snake and I don't like me for this gesture, once I saved one yellow snake, many times I told to different persons that they have not kill poor snakes... but I don't like them the same.

And maybe for this reason I wrote here about them many times.
Animals of Campania. Snakes
Anaconda and great snakes -part 1
Anaconda and Reticulated Python
Giant spitting cobra found
The luckiest cat of the world

Today I want to write a sort of summary about snakes.

Did you know that
>snakes live in any climate and soil on the Earth?

>More than 2500 species, 55 of them live in sea, one of them is "flying" (from one tree to the other).

>Every of them has optimal length and own optimal t°. More is it long (the snake), more fast is absorption of heat.

>they are the most efficient predators on the Earth

>The form of the body depends on the soil where the snake lives.

>Some of them can move with the speed 24 km/h -faster than the man, make 20 m in one jump and rise 1/3 of the body even in movement (mamba black that can bite the face of a man standing in feet)

>they can have from 100 to 600 ribs

>and they lived just 250 mln of years ago -when dinosaurs lived!
(buy any species of python and other snakes and reptiles)

Second Photo from Flickr of dansar

Danger! Don't click! Alive Snakes Here:

Exotic Pet Shop

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Saturday, 2 February 2008

Dolphin's games

This video is fascinating.
The dolphin makes bubble rings by exhaling the air and plays with them.
And there are persons today that say only humans are able to think ecc

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Friday, 1 February 2008

Did you know about Glyptodon?

These photos are from Wikipedia

It was the first time in my life that I saw this animal and share my astonishment with you. This is a pre-historical mammal. Look at the picture in the bottom to see how big it was! In Wikipedia I found great articles in all languages about it.

What I heard in TV is that it was like Logo. His shell was made from pieces. And he had not to be flexible enough as armadillo. He lived in pampas till about 10 000 years ago, and the aborigenes say, they fables remember, they hunted him and used his shell for household. So, the picture is historically right. The only thing is he could maybe have a proboscis like elephant.

How ingenious is the nature!

And here you can see them how they moved:

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