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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Whales in an Aquarium

My dear friends, Ihave to ask you to pardon me that I do not write for so much time in this blog that you like so much. That is why I do not cancel it - for your love to it. But the life is now so that I have not time neither wish to write. Specially about animals. I think, you understand me.

StumbleUpon sent me this interesting video now and I want share it with you. It's nice. I was once in Aquarium in Genoa (Italy) and have seen there seals that were very asmused to play this way with visitors. There was nobody who could influence them. When I came to their bath, one of them swam to me and when I moved the hand it moved with the hand. When I moved the head it moved too. I understood the game and we played for some time. Than little children came near me, saw what we did and began to play too.

I hope to go in Genoa this year if I will be paid for my work. So, maybe I will tell you more about it .

I invite you to visit my new blog about travel (I had to open a hosted blog near my old free blog. So I invite you to visit it. Specially after march,25 I will report you about the manifestation presenting local wines. Here is it The Marvelous World Of Travel I would be very happy if you share your impressions about it.

Whales Blowing Bubble Rings
Caricato da DiagonalView. - Cuccioli divertenti.

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