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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Cats Make our Life More Happy

The weather is not good in this period: rains do not stop more than for 3-4 days and the cats prefer to sleep... on my PC and on my legs. That is why writing the articles becomes harder and harder: try to write when you have half a cat on the legs and the other on the arms and on the hands that have to write... No, I tryed to lay her in other places but without any success: in the moment when I sit down on my chair near the PC, Basja is just waiting here. So, this time I want only to show you other cats that will make you smile, too.

Шаланду целую кефали, у Кости кошки отобрали!

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аллё! обслуживающий персонал ! мое высочество готово для омовений!

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Висячесть рыбы не была рассчитана на прыгучесть кота!

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...А завтра - что?.... ...Шубку из леопарда?! ....Вчера ей туфли из крокодила... Сегодня сумочку из питона...

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