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Thursday, 12 May 2011

New Members in Our Factory

Well, the life is not always roses and flowers. This spring began with the foray of the robbers-foxes that took the life of 2 hens as you will remember, and it was just the second case. It was MY fault because I left the door of the henhouse open for the night. The foxes came in the very morning and killed two old hens that laid eggs. Than they took one young hen but she has the new pens and the fox did not take it good, I think. So she could escape the terrible fate.

Here what we have today -the rests of the happy family.

My husband decided to take and to kill the fox this time. And he wanted to attract the fox in the trap with an alive bait. A Quail.

He bought one male and one female. Took them home... and decided to buy other 2 females to have a complete quail family and to eat quail eggs that are healthy and without cholesterol. So, we have a new toy now. Yesterday we went to the sea to take sand for them and everybody goes to observe them how they pass time in the sand.

Very interesting was to see hens and cocks standing in circle around the cage of the quails and observing them playing in the sand. Unfortunatelly I had not the photo camera with me to show you this circus.

The quails are very calm, they allow you to take them, to do everything you want. But they jump all the day like the fleas.

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