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Thursday, 5 July 2012

How to Raise Game Birds

Game birds are difficult to raise without experience, I have to say you. My husband, how goes in for birds generally but never had game birds before, decided to try with them this year. He bought different kinds of birds in winter beginning with quails -casually, and now we have something terrible: birds, birds and birds in every corner since they do not want to live together with those they do not know.

Everything is relatively easy with mini-hens that we have now, too. There are not great differences between big, normal and little hen's chickens growing. The only problem we have now with one of very little of them is that it doesn't want to eat anything except boiled eggs.

Game birds are different. Some of them are too little, others born with something wrong. One is born today with legs that it can't take together. Probably it is destined to die. We had just one birdy with the legs this way...

Others, rock partridges, are hooligans. But they lived in peace with the chickens they were born the same period. We had to separate them because the chickens are just walking in the garden but the rock partridges fly away even if they turn than back to the chickens. But cats etc. can catch them.

The best are surely pheasants. Calm and friendly with everybody, even with the newborns.

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