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Friday, 21 December 2012

Stray Cat Basja in Winter

Life in winter is too difficult - even if it's winter in south of Italy. November is very rainy and the high humidity  is the best condition for every kind of diseases. That is why the stray cat Basja lives in this period in the best place she finds in her territory - and this place, you can imagine, is the pillow on the stool in front of the fire.

It's not so easy to protect the stool because these humans want to sit there, too. But generally it's enough to put on the claws in their backsides to make them change the idea. After it, the life becomes relatively calm.

The next problem is to wake them up at 2 or 4 o'clock to open the door when the poor stray cat does not want to sleep more and has to go out. There are different possibilities but normally the jumping in the bed from one to other helps them to understand the message.

Next problem to solve is the breakfast. Basja knows the hour of it very well, but they do not want to think about the necessities of the poor stray cat. Here you can nothing to do: they continue to eat and even the presence and the disapproval in the eyes can't help. So Basja limits herself disturbing them to eat.

You can understand that the very clever cat has to be ingenious and find innovative solutions for every situation. At the end, the cunning feline has always what she wants.

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