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Monday, 11 March 2013

Bianca Begins to Fly!

This one is the new fiance of Perla (behind her). I bought her on Feb.10 and they were in the cage till some days ago. Now, since Caruso became too aggressive I decided to change the couples: Caruso with Cannella  live now in this little aviary and Perla con Bianca (I decided to call her so for her white color) went in the great aviary. I was sure, the situation will be normal because she is still little and does not think about the family.

Everything was all right with the exception that she was all time walking on the floor of the aviary. With my great surprise I understood: she does not know to fly... Terrible! Probably, she lived all her life in a little cage... And if she does not fly, she will not eat. She is so little and fragile - she will die.

I tried to teach her... But she seemed to have even not all feathers. I was desperate. I have not an other cage  for her. And I wanted to see her flying with the other birds. But what can I do? In the evening I've seen her sitting on one of the branches. Oooo!!!! Great! I cried.

Today, I've seen her flying. Not very sure flight but she was flying! It was so beautiful!

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