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Friday, 24 May 2013

Cats are the Best Manipulators

This is very unusual view for the place where I live, in Italy. In fact, the locals do not have such "cat-dependence" as many of us have. Young persons can allow something like this to their cats - as the owner of this cat do. But it's not normal for most of them. 

I could not understand these persons which did not take in arms, did not caress a cat in their life. And... they can't understand me, who thinks animals are the same as we are. Different species.

My husband could not take a can in his arms, too. Till, one day, he fall in love with this one:

Now, she can do what she wants. And -believe or not believe- she is always a stray cat.
Interesting is that -even if she was spayed, it seems to us she helps other cats to grow their kittens.
Now, she has about 7 years and it seems, she is the only alive from all their generation. Stray cats do not live more than 2-3 years here...

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