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Friday, 31 October 2008

Unknown Animal In The Park

I visited only 2 places for tourists when I was in Sochi. One of them was "Arboretum" (Dendrarium). More information and photos of this park I will publish in other blogs later. Here I wanted to tell you about a strange animal I've seen there.

The lower part of the park has a very nice fenced part with a sort of river. There live some species of animals. Swans, little hens and... look at the right side of the photo. Here is it!

There was an entire family of black mammals. My photocamera is not very good and I could not make good photos there in that dark forest, so I tryed to come nearere and nearer...

At that moment one of that animals wanted to visit it's neighbours.

There were some hen from the other side of the bamboo. Interesting is that the hens was not afraid of these terible and big neighbour. They only went a little aside from it.

Somebody of the visitors said: It's Nutria! But I thought, nutria has a tail and is a sort of rat. And than I did not understand why the hens are not afraid of this rat.

Today I found this one between my photos when I wanted to show them to my husband. And it is possible to see the tail of the rat on the photo here. Yes, it is a nutria, my husband said.

So, I have seen this animal for the first time in my life.

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