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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Dendrarium. Sochi. The Best Way To Wash Your Slip

This is one of the beautiful places in Dendrarium in Sochi, where I went for a walk one day. Remember, I wrote about it in my previous post? As I said you it's a park -once property of a rich family, later of a State, where everybody can go for a walk. Once there were many different species of plants here, but today is not time of it's splendor.

Well, here I found only some animals -not animals, birds if we want to be precise. But I've seen a very funny scene.

By the way, I have friends that wanted to grow ostriches. They had some of them -young and of the same color males and females. They could not distinguish them and said they think these are males and those are females. We have hens and cocks and I know to understand "who is who" when they are young (I wrote different hen-stories in this blog in spring). Imagine, it was the same for ostriches too. So I could explain to my friends that they are not right.

Than I went in the low part of the park as I told you and there were many swans there. Two of them were occupied with something strange. They played with something so that it seemed they wash something. They did it for much time and other swans wanted participate too, but then went away. Those 2 continued it even after I passed to the other scene there. Maybe I'm not right but it seems to be a slip...mmm?

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