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Monday, 8 June 2009

Classic Life In The Mountains

When we visited the Amalfitan Coast, we had to turn home trough the mountain pass because my brother was too tired to continue till Sorrento and expressway. The pass-road is much more comfortable and large as coastal road -and surely much more short.

There was a moment when we saw suddenly strange movement on the mountain one deep-lunged torque far in front of us. The girls cryed me: take your photo camera!!! Be ready!!!!
Here is what we saw there:

On the left you see them going down from the mountain here

Жизнь В Горах

And here is the sequence from the beginning:

Жизнь В Горах

Жизнь В Горах

Жизнь В Горах

Valico Dei Chiunzi

Жизнь В Горах

I said, I was in the mountains in different places of the world, but the life is equal everywhere there

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