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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Once More About Kakapo

This beauty is called Strigops habroptilus o Kakapo that means in Maori-language "nighttime parrot". The photo on the left is from the Kakapo Recovery Programme that I visit from time to time to have the newest notices about this bird. You know that I follow 2 programs: the Gorilla Saving Program too. So, these 2 sites about the 2 of the most endangered animals.

Imagine that is possible to go to work as a volunteer there (there is a special page for those who wants to try this way to help this incredible parrot). Sincerely I would like to do it. As you know, I live all the life with animals and birds, am mother, veterinarian and everything and everybody for them, and am not afraid to remain completely alone day and night. But there are many other terms and conditions... And it's too far...

So, the only thing I can do for them is to tell about to all you who reads this blog. And hope you enjoy to read about them.

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