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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Terrible Ants

«главное-дети!» на Яндекс.Фотках

You probably think that this is a little nice animal, an insect and that I'll tell you a fable or a nice story...

You are wrong. I have now not photos but I think I'll have the possibility to take them n the next days. This insect is a real problem for us this summer.

Not only they eat all the wooden parts of the house. All parts of the house are covered with the carpets of the ants.
First, till some days ago, they were many but walking in a queue here or there. If you kill them here they go out there. I did not want to kill them, they are alive beings. My buddhist friends told me they don't like talk. And I put it everywhere they went out.

Than they became more numerous. And went out from everywhere. But it was possile to do something.

Today we have a real invasion. Enter in the room and see all the table covered with ants! I called my husband and scold him because I thought he left a piece of bisquit on the table. But than I enter in an other room and see an other surface completely covered with the ants!

Ants, ants and ants everywhere... I feel so that I'm covered with ants too...

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