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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Put Down The Dog

I thought much about it in the last days because we have to ut down Stassi. She has a cancer tumor in the leg bone and it produces great pains. I thought, it's arthritis and cured her with pain relieving medicines, but I did only bad to her. The little knots of mastitis she had ever became suddenly enormous. So we took her to the vets and they found that tumors in the bones.

You can imagine my state of the soul in this last period. Specially these week. I only cry. She understands everything. And we needed all our forces to pull her in the studio. She did not want to go there! She did not want to die!

Now, you know, I think different about euthanasia.
Well, when a living being consciously desires it AND the agony just began -it is one thing. An other thing is to blow out the light of the life in the eyes as prevention of the future more grave problems.
No, if it was about me, I would like the same.

Our decision about Stassi. We decided to leave her to continue this way till she can walk herself. Do you know, we were all happy today.
On the photo Stassi before New Year.

Стасси перед Новым 2010 Годом

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