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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Was Kotik Dethroned?

We had bad days after Kotik came half dead to us. Not only he had his leg with bites. All his muzzle was cut in pieces, practically. Probably he was dethroned, we thought. There are young cats and Kotik is old enough.

My neighbour told me, the young white-black cat that came to beat Basja when Kotik was ill and who knows where hidden from all the bads, so, that young cat, says she has all the muzzle cut too. He has even one eye closed.

I wanted to remember when he was born and found this post: The short story of Kotik from 2006. So, I was not right, Kotik is not from 2005 and has only 4 years. He was very calm and lazy kitten because the first born and biggest of his brothers. The problòems began for him when his father wanted to catch him from here. At the beginning Kotik run in the house every time father or maybe other cats too beat him but I did not allow him to enter the house. I wanted he affronts them because he was and is a stray cat and has to fight to survive.

Kotik did not want to go away and had to fight. He was young and healthy, could eat good, we cured his wounds, and one day arrived his time when he won his father (Kotik seems to be a winner). It happend in 2007, he was only 1,5 years old.

He was a King only 2 years. If he was dethroned last week.
I've seen him today. He came to eat. It seems, his leg is improving. I hope, he will pull down all his enemies that were happy to see him half dead. Long Life the King!

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