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Friday, 14 December 2007

Kotik seems to be a winner

I told you yesterday, that Kotik has mani existentional problems today too. He has to fight with his father for father's territory. Kotik has his own territory, but we live on the territory of his father. And Kotik can't leave so warm place.

In the last period we saw, that his father bites him and Kotik assumed the position of submission when he saw the father. My husband was very angry with him, because Kotik is greater as his father, he eats good and feels good too. So great and the little father bites him!

Maybe the things were not so serious bfor, but now there is the period of love after one-two months and the father, I think, wanted to drive out the son.

There were different fights in last weeks. Kotik turned to me all covered with dirt ecc. Yesterday there was maybe the final fight. After it the poor Kotik could not even jump on the seat. But today I saw him to mark the territory of his father.... Maybe he is the winner? How have I to ask him?

I made some photos and hope you like them too.

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