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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

It's Raining! The Poor Stray Cat...

It's raining. Days and nights, weeks and weeks, and just months and months without stopping. At least two days of sun, oh my dear God, to make these poor beings remember how was the world before! Before this Flood!

Nothing. Nobody wants to listen. And infinite quantities of water fall down in one part of the world. Than you will say me that there are places where all the beings are dieing without water! Why not devide: some days of rain -to them and some days of sun -here?

The climate changed, I say you. We have only one season now: rain. Rain in summer, rain in winter, rain in autumn and in spring.

Cats are the best sign that the weather will not change this day. The poor cinderella that wants to be a stray cat but wants to use all the amenities of the house life. Without duties of a house cat, clearly. Well, at least for weather forecast...

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